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Arle Nadja
Arle PuyoPop.png
Arle, as she appears in Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop.
RomanizationAruru Naja
IPA/'ɑːrl ˌnɑdʒə/ (ARL NAH-djuh)
/'ɑːrli/ (AR-lee) (Puyo Puyo Fever only)
Other NamesSilvana ('92EN)
Arly (by Satan, Puyo Puyo Tetris English localization)
Chinese 亞魯魯 (Yàlǔlǔ)
Hangul 아르르 (Areureu)
Russian Арль (Arl')
Personal Info
BirthdayJuly 22
Blood typeAB
Age4 (Madou Monogatari A)
6 (Madou Monogatari 1)
16 (Madou Monogatari (Saturn), Madou Monogatari 2)
Height158 cm / 62 inches
Weight53 kg / 116 pounds
Notable Appearances
First appearanceDisc Station #7 (Trailer)
Madou Monogatari 123 (Game)
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo Puzzle Pop
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseReiko Kurusu (Madou Monogatari 123, Puyo Puyo, Super Nazo Puyo: Rulue no Roux)
Kotono Mitsuishi (Puyo Puyo CD, Puyo Puyo CD Tsu, Madou Monogatari I Honoo No Sotsuenji)
Mami Inoue (Puyo Puyo Tsu arcade/Saturn/SFC/WS, Madou Monogatari III Game Gear, Madou Monogatari A Game Gear, Madou Monogatari I Mega Drive)
Minako Ozawa (Puyo Puyo Tsu PSX/PC, Puyo Puyo Sun, Madou Monogatari Saturn)
Emi Motoi (Puyo Puyo~n, Puyo Puyo DA!)
Hiromi Miura (Puyo Puyo Tsu PS2)
Mie Sonozaki (Puyo Puyo Fever - present)
Misako Uno (Puyo Puyo Chronicle DLC voice)
Ali Johnston
(Puyo Puyo Fever)
Erica Mendez (Puyo Puyo Tetris - present)
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Arle Arle ver. PuyoTet Santa Arle Arle ver. Winter Break Celebration Arle Crowned Arle Arle ver. Battle Arle ver. PuyoChron Arle ver. Sakura Arle ver. PuyoTouch Arle ver. PuyoEVA Gugugugu Arle Make Up Arle Ace Pitcher Arle Arle ver. PowerPros Undark Arle Seabreeze Arle Arle ver. Sakura Kinomoto Arle ver. PuyoTet2 Arle ver. Kagura Arle ver. Doraemon Arle ver. Jujutsu High Ministop Arle Valkyrie Arle Coffee Shop Arle Kitty Arle Arle & Carbuncle Steam City Arle Valkyries Arle & Carbuncle Primp Town Arle Adventuring Sorceress Arle Magnificent Curry Arle

Arle Nadja is a young girl with magical powers. As she is the main protagonist in Madou Monogatari, she is also the main protagonist of the early Puyo Puyo games and is generally accepted to be the main protagonist of Puyo Puyo in general. She is described to be cheerful, but prone to making snarky comments. She attacks with elemental magic such as Fire, Ice Storm, and Thunder, but also knows some other magic such as Diacute, Heaven Ray and her signature Bayoen. Despite her design changing throughout the series, Arle states that she wears the same clothes 365 days a year. She has a pet, or creature friend named Carbuncle or its nickname, Carby. She is desired by Satan.



Personal History

In some early games set during her childhood, Arle has a mother and grandmother she lives with. It is unknown what has happened to her father, though his background is touched on in some continuities. This is most notable in True Madou Monogatari, where he went missing when she was 5 years old.

Arle's parents, as depicted in an issue of Compile Club.


Arle's appearance between games have minor differences, but there are several details that are consistent between depictions. In the Compile games, both her hair and eyes were brown, while in the SEGA games starting with Puyo Puyo Fever 2 her hair is orange while her eyes are a golden brown (curiously, her eyes were blue in Puyo Puyo Fever). Regardless, her hair is constantly tied together with a blue band to form a ponytail. Her clothing always puts an emphasis on blue and white colors, commonly sporting a blue skirt, blue boots, a T-shirt, blue wristbands, and a blue breastplate. In True Madou Monogatari, it is said that she wears these colors in honor of her father, who went missing after an encounter with a necromancer. These pieces of accessories and clothing would receive minor changes in later games; for example, adding a white stripe to her wristbands and boots starting with Puyo Puyo Fever, and her breastplate covering her whole chest starting with Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary.

Puyo Puyo~n would give Arle several additional characteristics that would later be used in some later spin-offs or adapted in later SEGA games. She sports a heavier emphasis on armoring with bulkier shoulder padding and a breastplate that covers her chest and neck. Her blue band in her hair is replaced with what appears to be a type of tiara, however she still sports a ponytail. Puyo Puyo~n would start a trend of Arle wearing a type of cape, a red cape that reaches to her legs in this game. Later games would revive the characteristic of Arle wearing capes starting with Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, where she wears a blue cape with a white rim. Her boots would gain a golden band with blue socks, and her wristband changed to a type of fingerless glove that covers the top of her hand similar to a gauntlet.

In Puyo Puyo DA!, she receives a dramatic makeover. Her normal attire was replaced with a red and black hoodie with a long-sleeve shirt underneath, a grey beanie, black sweatpants with a chain, and a pair of red, grey, and white colored sneakers, overall giving her an appearance that invokes hiphop or rap. Her ponytail is also missing.


Between games her characteristics receives minor changes, but overall she's a cheery girl who's somewhat of a tomboy. In Puyo Puyo Tetris, it's been stated she hates proper etiquette such as hand sanitation and being told not to play with your food. Although she's normally optimistic, she has her limits and will start scolding others if irritated. She typically acts as the "straight man" of the cast, often being bewildered by the many weirdos and jerks she encounters. A common example is with Satan, who often comes up with out there schemes to marry her, which often causes Arle to respond with annoyance, anger, or disappointment. Because of this, she can sometimes come off as surprisingly mean-spirited, either intentionally ignoring her opponents or flat out mocking them. Regardless, she doesn't hold personal grudges towards anyone, even for her many enemies and rivals. However, starting with Puyo Puyo Fever, her mean attitude is heavily downplayed or ignored, focusing more on her being peppy with a love for playing Puyo Puyo. This mean attitude is touched up upon lightly in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, where in her story, Arle gives some mildly-scolding remarks to her opponents before battling them. In the "Final Story" of the same game, she breaks down and scolds Satan for his actions, even physically attacking him before engaging in a Puyo battle with him.

Her tomboyish traits are occasionally touched upon, the leading trait being that she uses the masculine pronoun, "ボク (boku)" to refer to herself. It's implied occasionally that she's oblivious to typical feminine interests, or flat out has no interest in stereotypical feminine hobbies and behaviors. For example, in Puyo Puyo CD, she goes on a tangent about "not being ready for love", in certain versions of Puyo Puyo Tsu she panics when Draco challenges her to a swimsuit contest, and in Puyo Puyo Tetris she was upset when Zed tried to force her to do "prim and proper" tasks as she wasn't used to them.


Arle's notable ability is that she's an expert at using varies types of spells, even when she was in kindergarten. Throughout both Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo she's been shown using many kinds of spells each with their own properties. Her most common spells are Fire, Ice Storm, Diacute, Brain Dumbed, Jugem and her signature move Bayoen, commonly appearing as standard spells in both Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo. However, as revealed in Madou Monogatari III, she still has a limit on how often she can use these spells. On one occasion, her finger started bleeding after abusing Ice Storm too much. Other commonly used spells include Thunder and Heaven Ray.

In addition to the powers listed above and below, Arle can apparently also sense the feelings of Puyos, as stated in Arle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel.

The full list of Arle's magical abilites can be seen here. Bold means it appears in a Puyo game (names are based on the English localization of Puyo Puyo Tetris/Puyo Puyo Champions), while italics means that's the old name, or direct translation of Japanese/English Puyo Pop Fever name.

Spell Description
Name Effect (Notable) Appearances Element
Flame-based magic that can be used
for both offense and heating up water.
MSX2 Madou Monogatari 2
Madou Monogatari A
Waku Puyo Series
Fire (Japanese, English Fever)
Flame-based magic that can be used
for offense. In most apperances, it
shoots out fireballs.
All appearances of Arle,
Except for Puyo Quest
Fire Arrow
Flame-based magic that projects fire
in the form of an arrow.
Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise Fire
Fire Storm
Flame-based magic that projects fire
in a more powerful attack. It creates
a whirlpool of flame.
Waku Puyo Series Fire
Fire Blast
Flame-based magic. However, the effect
is unknown.
True Madou Monogatari Volume 2 Fire
Earth and flame-based magic capable
of bringing lava out from underground.
Empowered by Yellow Puyo.
Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise Fire
Flame-based magic capable
of using lava as a bullet to shatter
the enemy. Inherited from Lilith.
True Madou Monogatari Volume 8 Fire
Ice-based magic that can be used for
offense as well as cooling down water.
MSX2 Madou Monogatari 2
Madou Monogatari A
Waku Puyo Series
Ice-based magic that serves as the ice
counterpart to Fire.
MSX2 Madou Monogatari 2
Waku Puyo Series
Ice Storm
Ice-based magic that serves as the ice
counterpart to Fireball. Often depicted
as a snowflake attack.
It appears as alternative effect variant of Fireball in Puyo Puyo 7.
All appearances of Arle
Quest: Chronicle AS
Ice-based magic that serves as the ice
counterpart to Volcana.
True Madou Monogatari Volume 8 Ice
Winter Magic
Presumably Ice-based magic with no known animation.
Adds 5 to trace capacity for 1 turn
(same-time coefficient increases to 2×).
Quest: Winter Break AS Ice(?)
Electricity-based magic that stop foes. Waku Puyo Series Electric
Electricity-based magic that
serves as the electric counterpart
to Fireball & Ice Storm. Depicted as
a bolt of lightning.
Big Kindergarten Kids
Waku Puyo Series
Puyo Pop Fever
Electricity-based magic that
strikes lightning over walls.
Game Gear Madou A
Waku Puyo Series
Saturn Madou
Lightning Arrow
Electricity-based magic that
serves as the electric counterpart
to Fire Arrow.
True Madou Monogatari Volume 8 Electric
Lightning Burst
Electricity-based magic that
shoots several smaller bolts that
shoot the enemy and explode.
True Madou Monogatari Volume 8 Electric
Earth-based magic that attacks
with falling stones.
i-mode Madou Monogatari Earth
Wind-based magic that can be used
to do things such as gather leaves.
Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise Wind
Wind-based magic that can be used
to generate a large tornado.
Empowered by Purple Puyo.
Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise Wind
Sonic Ball
Non-elemental magic that can attack
with a light pink orb.
Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise Miscellaneous
Holy Laser
Holy-based magic that can attack
enemies with a ray of light.
Cannot penetrate walls.
Waku Puyo Series Holy
Heaven's Ray
Heaven Ray (Japanese, English Fever)
Holy-based magic that causes Arle to
be lifted in or by a beam of magic.
Formerly, it was a bullet that
exploded on contact with an obstacle.
It appears as alternative effect variant of Mind Blast in Puyo Puyo 7.
It shares the motion with Bayoen in Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Mind Blast in Puyo Puyo Chronicle.
Waku Puyo Series
Fever 1 to Puyo 7, Tetris, Chronicle, Tetris 2
Quest: Valkyrie AS
Extremely powerful magic inherited from Lilith. True Madou Monogatari Volume 8 Unknown
Rudimentary attack magic. Fires bullets,
which can cause explosions.
True Madou Monogatari
Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise
Jugem (Japanese versions)
Non-elemental attack magic that is
extremely powerful. Often obtained late game, and not
guaranteed to succeed in RPGs.
In Puyo Puyo Tetris, it shares the motion with Ice Storm.
Madou Monogatari 1/2/3
Puyo 2 - Minna
20th Anniversary onwards
Quest: Original ★4 AS
Magic Missile
Attack magic that fires a semi-transparent
arrow. Always hits due to tracking the target.
Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise Miscellaneous
Holy Night Present
Christmas magic(?). Deals colored explosive damage with
10× Attack centering one enemy at *6.
Quest: Santa AS Misc./Ice(?)
Magic that can make enemies fall
MSX2 Madou Monogatari
Madou Monogatari A
Big Kindergarten Kids
Unused in Puyo 2 Arcade
Magic that can make enemies fall
PC98 Madou Monogatari
PCE Madou 1
Waku Puyo Series
Unused in Puyo 2 Arcade
Magic that can blind the enemy. Waku Puyo Series Status
Magic that can intimidate the enemy.
This lowers their magical power.
MSX2 DiscStation Madou Monogatari Status
Mind Blast
Brain Damned/Dumbed (Japanese versions)
Magic that can induce stupidity into
those who listen to the incantation.
Takes many forms, and can either
lower attack power, or even
prevent the enemy from doing anything.
In Puyo Puyo Tetris, it shares the motion with Ice Storm.
Most Madou Monogatari games
Puyo 2 - Minna
Fever 2 onwards
Quest: Original ★3 AS
Magic that causes a feeling of distant aging.
Weakens physical attack power.
MSX2 Madou Monogatari
Madou Monogatari A
Game Gear Madou 2
Lwark Woid
Dark-based magic that drains the target's defense. PC98 Madou
Madou Monogatari A
PCE Madou 1
Speed Down
Magic that causes Arle's target to slow down. Waku Puyo Series Status
Speed Up
Magic that causes Arle to move faster. Waku Puyo Series Status
Diamond Cutie (English Fever)
Magic that when used, increases the power of
any spells used after it. It also usually causes
Arle to stutter the name of the spell.
It using Mind Blast's motion when you playing
Mega Puyo Rush/Mini Puyo Fever rules in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary and Puyo Puyo
All appearances of Arle
Quest: Celebration AS
Unnamed in English Tetris ("Want more?")
Dark-based magic that enhances Arle's defense. MSX2 DiscStation Madou Monogatari Darkness
Creates a shield to defend Arle from various attacks. MSX2 DiscStation Madou Monogatari
Waku Puyo Series
Unnamed in 15th/20th (Good!よーし!)
Unused in 15th
Magic that generates a barrier to protect Arle. Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise Defensive
Works similarly to Barrier, but Arle cannot attack with it up. MSX2 Madou Monogatari Defensive
Magic that lessens the damage Arle takes.
Usually also reflects damage.
MSX2 Madou Monogatari
Big Kindergarten Kids
Genesis Madou 1
Magic that retaliates any damage Arle takes
to whomever it was that attacked her.
In Puyo Puyo Chronicle, it reusing the motion of Shield in the past games.
PC98 Madou Monogatari
Big Kindergarten Kids
Tetris & Chronicle
Unnamed in English Tetris ("Counter!")
Allows Arle to warp herself to the front of
the current floor that she's on.
MSX2 DiscStation Madou Monogatari
Game Gear Madou Monogatari
PCE Madou Monogatari
Magic that when used, allows transport
of four being with the same color.
This is used to power Puyo matches.
Michikusa Ibun
Implicitly all Puyo games
Explicitly mentioned in Fever 2
Allows Arle to take the form of a dragon
and get out of encountering enemies.
MSX2 Madou Monogatari
Madou Monogatari ARS
Rally Puyo 2
Lights up the surrounding area.
Also, it makes Arle more likely to encounter enemies.
MSX2 Madou Monogatari
Game Gear Madou Monogatari 2
PCE Madou Monogatari
Allows Arle to cure her current condition.
Occasionally, it can only heal certain statuses.
Waku Puyo Series
Arle's Adventure
Allows Arle to cure her current condition,
given that it is not poison.
Waku Puyo Series
Saturn Madou Monogatari
Allows Arle to heal herself in battle. Waku Puyo Series
Saturn Madou Monogatari
Quest: Tetris AS
Unused in Puyo 4
Gaia Healing
Allows Arle to heal herself in battle
for more than what Healing can do.
Madou Monogatari A Healing
"Buchi" Healing
Allows Arle to heal her team. Daimadou Senryaku Monogatari Series Healing
Allows Arle to resurrect herself or her teammates. Waku Puyo Series
Saturn Madou Monogatari
"Arle Shield"
A spell that has several, random effects.
Best known for being able to prevent garbage
Puyo from falling for 15 seconds.
Game Gear Madou Monogatari
Genesis Madou 1
Puyo Puyo 4
Defensive (Puyo 4)
Misc. (normally)
Allows Arle to summon people to fight for her.
These include: Honey Bee, Kodomo Dragon,
Archan and others.
Daimadou Senryaku Monogatari Series Miscellaneous
Unlocking Magic
Allows Arle to unlock anything she desires. Saturn Madou Monogatari. Miscellaneous
It is unknown what this spell is like.
Attack of blue cards increases to 4× when attacking with blue color
for 3 turns, but can be powered up to 5x.
Quest: Steam City AS Unknown
Cutie (English Fever)
Arle's most legendary move, and her signature ability.
It rends the hearts of those nearby, allowing her
to paralyze or otherwise distract them
with flowers. Occasionally, it takes a
more offensive form, being a collection of random objects such as
planets and stars or lots of Puyo, and
can even be used as a burst move.
All appearances of Arle
Quest: Original ★5~ AS
Arle's Personal


From Puyo Puyo Fever 2 onwards, Amitie and Arle are friends who frequently hang out with each other and play Puyo together. They trust each other and rely on one another when the situation calls for it, though Arle sometimes struggles to follow Amitie's zany behavior.
Out of every character, the strongest relationship Arle has is with Carbuncle. Ever since Arle met Carbuncle in Madou Monogatari, they have been the best of friends, and when he isn't off on his own adventure, he is with Arle. Despite Carbuncle going off on his own in Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary, Arle states that she'd be devastated if Carbuncle ever went away. In Puyo Puyo! 20th Anniversary, Arle's story begins with her happily exclaiming that she finally gets to take a relaxing walk with Carbuncle. She also says that when she's with Carbuncle, everything is fun.
Draco Centauros
Draco Centauros is another one of Arle's rivals, though this is mostly for competitive reasons such as beauty contests. Arle expects to be challenged in a beauty contest by Draco so much that she sarcastically shows concern when she was denied a beauty contest in Minna de Puyo Puyo and switches roles with Draco by being vain in Puyo Puyo Tsu.
Arle was possessed by Ecolo during the events of Puyo Puyo 7. She seems to find them troublesome and annoying, similar to how she sees Satan.
Arle and Ringo first meet in Puyo Puyo 7 where Arle explains how Ringo has the power to pop Puyo because she was affected by the otherworldly light before being possessed by Ecolo. Ringo seems to envy Arle's adventurous lifestyle and wishes to go on adventures as she does.
Rulue considers herself to be Arle's rival in gaining Satan's affection. In spite of this rivalry, she accompanies Arle to her magic school so she may learn how to use magic in Madou Monogatari III. Generally speaking, while Rulue sees Arle as a rival, Arle doesn't reciprocate the rivalry and sees her more as a friend. They are at least reasonable enough to rarely team up together for a similar goal. Arle worried about Rulue's well-being after being told she and Schezo were in danger in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2.
The original antagonist of the series, Satan, is in love with Arle and does various things in order to be with her. In Puyo Puyo Tsu, he wants to have a date with Arle under the starry night sky. In Puyo Puyo Box, Arle meets Satan, who is wearing a tuxedo, in a Carbuncle-themed room in his castle. In Minna de Puyo Puyo, he wants to have a date with Arle, this time being a three-day two-night stay for two at the Love Springs. However, Arle normally expresses embarrassment or disappointment at Satan's attempts at trying to marry her. In spite of this, Arle does not hate Satan, and occasionally shows concern when he's in peril.
Schezo Wegey
Her relationship with Schezo Wegey is rather ambiguous, as Schezo's poor choice of words allow for romantic subtext rather than directly telling her he wants her power. She often calls him a pervert for this, and sometimes corrects his sentences for him. Sometimes she intentionally messes with him, for example ignoring one of his boasts in order to irritate him, or comparing Schezo to fungus and moss in Puyo Puyo Sun. She is somewhat able to tolerate him accompanying her whenever they share the goal of foiling Satan's schemes. She is later friends with him. Arle worried about Schezo's well-being after being told he and Rulue were in danger in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2.
Similarly, Witch is a competitive rival over having the strongest magic, occasionally going so far as to try and land a cheap shot while Arle is distracted. In Puyo Puyo Sun, she is seen assaulting Arle while in her sleep, proclaiming "I love you" and implications of molestation. However, due to the ambiguous nature of the cutscene, it's unknown if Witch genuinely loves Arle or if she was thinking of someone else, (in the Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary/Trivia, it is said that "Witch has a crush with a prince, and often dreams that she dances with him").


Madou Monogatari series

Madou Monogatari 123

Arle makes her debut to the gaming world in Madou Monogatari 123, where she is the main protagonist. Each of the three episodes has been remade for another platform at least once, and finer details of their stories vary between versions.

In Episode I, which was retold on the Mega Drive, PC-Engine, Game Gear, and Super Famicom, Arle is 6 years old, and must scale a tower while gathering three magic spheres in order to graduate from kindergarten.

In Episode II, retold on the Game Gear, a now 16 year-old Arle makes her first encounter with Schezo Wegey. After a misunderstanding of Schezo's words, Arle is warped into his dungeon, and from there makes her escape. Afterwards, she ventures to Lyla's Ruins in search of a valuable jewel she was informed of by Millu. It is here that she meets Satan and, after defeating him, Carbuncle, who was the treasure of the ruins. The two of them become friends, and the rest is history.

In Episode III, retold much differently than the other episodes on the Game Gear, Arle and Carbuncle cross paths with Rulue for the first time. Recognizing Carbuncle, Rulue believes that Satan must have married Arle, who is clueless about her jealousy. Rulue sends Minotauros after Arle, chasing her into a forest dungeon. Arle escapes, but has frostbite on her hands from overusing her Ice Storm spell. Heading to a pharmacy in a nearby town, she learns that the materials for a cure are in Mokemoe Labyrinth, and makes her way to collect them. It becomes apparent that Rulue is who unleashed monsters into the labyrinth, as she claimed it as her territory and wanted common people to stay away. Arle and Rulue strike a deal to let Arle get her cure, but only if she lets Rulue attend her magic school in order to become a mage impressive enough for Satan.

Madou Monogatari: ARS

In Madou Monogatari: ARS, Arle's story makes up the A in the title, and was retold as a standalone game for the Game Gear. Arle is 4 years old, living with her grandmother, and is wandering the forests surrounding their house. After being distracted by her first encounter with Carbuncle, she becomes lost and must find her way home. It is in this story that Arle first uses magic after being granted the ability by the forest fairies.

Madou Monogatari: Chaotic Final Exam

Main article: Madou Monogatari: Chaotic Final Exam

Madou Monogatari: Chaotic Final Exam takes place after the original trilogy, and sees Arle taking the final exam of her magic school alongside Lala and Rulue. She meets the Gem Guardians and a mysterious person with a bizarre resemblance to her named Lilith, and faces the Phantom God with Rulue and Schezo.

Madou Monogatari (Saturn)

In Madou Monogatari (Saturn), Arle and Rulue are the two main playable characters. Together with many others along the way, they must drive the otherworldly force of Ragnus Bisashi's arch-enemy, the Yoggus, and his Yogs out of the Madou World.

After Ragnus is sent to the Madou World by the Yoggus, he takes on the job of an anonymous, cloaked storyteller in a town, telling of his experience facing the Yoggus at the Grand Sealing Tower. It is after he finishes the day's session that Arle meets him, as she was in town for a shopping trip.

True Madou Monogatari

Main article: True Madou Monogatari

In the timeline provided in True Madou Monogatari and the Madou Monogatari Fanbook: Illustration & Others, after a long-waged battle with The Creator, she emerges victorious but badly wounded. Satan rescues her soul, but only half of it: the rest of it would go on to become Doppelganger Arle as she appears in Puyo Puyo~n. True Madou Monogatari itself, in compliance with its accompanying timeline, tells of how Arle first met Ragnus Bisashi, before he met her current incarnation in Madou Monogatari Saturn. Together with Ragnus, Rulue, and Schezo, Arle faces the forces of Duke Harmagge.

Madou Monogatari: Michikusa Ibun and Puyo Puyo (1992)

Arle learns a spell called "Owanimo," which allows her to use Puyo to battle her opponents. She defeats a variety of opponents before ultimately besting Satan, whose fate is left unknown.

In the English version, she is named Silvana. She battles against the forces of the Black Kingdom to protect her home, culminating with a duel against the Kingdom's Dark Prince.

Puyo Puyo Tsu

Arle takes on a tower filled with Puyo Puyo opponents. Upon reaching the top, Satan unsuccessfully attempts to force Arle to marry him. She escapes with a parachute when the tower flies off.

Puyo Puyo Sun

Arle goes on a quest to reverse the climate changes caused by Satan, starring in the game's Normal course. In the Normal course, she goes on to defeat Satan; in the Difficult course, she is defeated by Schezo in the penultimate battle.

Puyo Puyo~n

In this game, Arle goes on a quest to find the missing Carbuncle, who vanished during a circus act by Satan. Her chase leads her through the entire plot of the game, battling everybody and making friends with Draco, Seriri, and Chico (Witch also tags along, but for reasons other than friendship). She ends up encountering Doppelganger Arle, who challenges her for the right to exist. When Arle comes out victorious, she is also reunited with Carbuncle.

Puyo Puyo Box

Arle is the player character of the Quest mode and Scramble mode courses. In Scramble mode, she herself can be fought: this appears as an optional battle in the Quest mode.

Minna de Puyo Puyo

Arle appears as the protagonist of Minna de Puyo Puyo. In this game, Arle gives chase to Carbuncle after he ate a golden rune and ran off towards a gate that mysteriously appeared out of thin air. After Arle defeats Satan in his castle, it turns out that Satan set up the whole thing in order to go on a date with Arle. It is revealed that Satan had tickets for a three-day two-night stay for two at the Love Springs. Arle suggests that she go with Carbuncle before promptly rejecting the tickets.

This is the final game where Arle exclusively is the main protagonist.

Puyo Puyo Fever

In Puyo Puyo Fever, Arle is no longer the protagonist. In this game, she is simply a girl who was warped to Zigzag Peak with magic that sent her "way off the map." It is here she is met by Amitie. After explaining her situation to Amitie, Amitie suggests that Arle should use her magic again in order to return her back to her world, but right after they play a round of Puyo Puyo first.

Puyo Puyo Fever is one of the few games where there is no relationship shown between Arle and Carbuncle.

Puyo Puyo Fever 2

In Puyo Puyo Fever 2, Amitie tries to help yet again with ideas to return her to her world, but still comes up with ideas that would never work. For some reason, a pot from the sky hits Arle on the head. She also encounters Sig and Raffina in their courses, learning more about them. Starting with this game, her character type is changed to "Loves Chains", instead of "Well-Balanced Player" in Fever.

Puyo Puyo! 15th Annniversary

In Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary Arle changes her mind of returning to her world and instead wishes for a way to warp between the two worlds.

Arle's Story


Her first opponent is Klug, who notes that she's happy, which she says is because the champion of an ongoing tournament at the Primp Magic School gets a wishing medal. Klug mocks her for relying on a wishing medal, but Arle says she can't cast whatever she pleases yet, while saying your own power makes it work. Klug admits she's right, but says he should get the medal due to being most qualified.


Her second opponent is Baldanders, who immediately reminds her of Zoh Daimaoh and Minotauros. She finds out Baldanders also came from far away, and becomes friends with him, and plays Puyo with him in celebration.


Her third opponent is Raffina. Arle asks Raffina if she has any ideas about returning to her world, saying Amitie's ideas didn't work. Raffina says that's no surprise because they were Amitie's ideas, but that she has an idea, challenging Arle to a Puyo match.


Her fourth opponent is Schezo, with both being surprised to see each other again. Arle is happy to see Schezo again, with Schezo asking if she will grant his request, asking her to "be my desire". Arle calls him a creeper again, but asks him to say it again, missing hearing that. Excited, Schezo tells her "I want you", with Arle cheerily playing Puyo with him.

Dapper Bones

Her fifth opponent is Dapper Bones. Dapper Bones criticises her fashion sense, with her admitting wearing them for 15 years. Dapper Bones calls her a "fossil", and tells her she needs a makeover. He tells her a cap would compliment her clothes, but Arle mentions borrowing one from Amitie, angering Dapper Bones, who then challenges Arle.


Her sixth opponent is Feli, who senses Arle has worries. Arle says they're no big deal, but Feli says she will eventually feel terrible. Arle says she'll deal with it when it comes, with Feli saying her bad fate is inescapable. Arle says she'll accept her fate, with Feli asking if she's as brave as her speech and challenges her.


Her seventh opponent is Akuma, who detects Arle isn't of this world. He asks if she wants to return to her world, to which she replies wishing there was a way to travel between the worlds. Akuma says it's not easy, but Arle says she saw Schezo around, with Akuma saying that must've been a special case. Arle says it could happen to her, before challenging Akuma.


Her final opponent is Satan. Satan says everyone at her world was fine, but he was worried about her. Satan notices she's more tolerant, and asks if she wants to go on a honeymoon. As normal, Arle turns him down, with Satan threatening to crush her under garbage Puyo. Arle tells him to "try it" and challenges him to their usual final battle.

The only modes avaliable fighting Satan are Puyo Puyo, Puyo Puyo 2 and Puyo Puyo Fever, and the drop speed is massively increased.

In Arle's ending, Ms. Accord gives her the wishing medal. Ms. Accord assumes her wish is to return to her world, before Arle tells her she changed her mind. Arle says she grew to love this world and everyone she met, and wishes to freely travel between this world and hers. Her wish is granted, as Arle says she'll try to return later.

Other Characters' Stories


Arle is Amitie's fifth opponent. Amitie asks how Arle got to Primp Town, wondering if she flew with Puyo, with Arle saying she ended up here playing Puyo, wondering if the tournament will take her back to her world. Amitie battles her and wonders if she'll return home by flying.

In her win quote, Amitie is disappointed to see Arle isn't flying.


Arle is Sig's second opponent. Arle asks Sig for a match, as he agrees. Arle asks if Sig likes blue, to which he confirms, because it's seen in the sky and the ocean. Arle agrees, saying they're always clear and talking about how looking at them has her mind wander, reminding them of her world. Sig asks if Arle wants to return home, with her saying she's homesick, wishing she could come and go freely.


Arle is Lemres's second opponent. Lemres asks Arle what the secret to her vigor is, to which she replies it's Carbuncle. Lemres asks what Arle would do if it disappeared, with the thought alone saddening Arle. Lemres tries to make it up to her by saying if he wins, he'll give her chocolate-coated candy. Arle says Carbuncle would only want curry-coated chocolate.


Arle is Suketoudara's seventh opponent. Both are surprised to see each other, with Suketoudara saying he thinks Arle left her world to escape Satan. Arle says she accidentally got teleported to Primp through a Puyo match, with Suketoudara saying he got teleported the same way. Suketoudara wonders if they can get back by playing Puyo. Arle almost says something doubtful, before Suketoudara interrupts her, saying they're too gloomy, telling her to do something more like her. Arle accepts his Puyo match challenge.

Zoh Daimaoh

Arle is Zoh Daimaoh's first opponent. Happy to see each other again, Zoh Daimaoh gets overexcited, with Arle telling him about the Puyo tournament. Zoh gets even more excited, as does Carbuncle, with Arle trying to calm them both down.


Arle is Satan's final opponent. Arle is surprised that Satan got so far in the tournament and says they always encounter each other. Satan says after he wins, they'll have their honeymoon, with Arle denying his request. Satan says Carbuncle agrees with him, but Arle says he doesn't. Satan tells Arle to overcome her shyness and fall in love with him, with Arle still denying. When he says they should return to the night sky together, she says she doesn't want to return with him. Annoyed she's "playing hard-to-get", Satan challenges her.


Arle is Schezo's final opponent. Schezo says her power will finally belong to him, and Arle is relieved and relaxed he hasn't changed. While talking about cafe au lait and coffee, Schezo notes Arle is acting odd. Asking her to "be my desire", Arle reminds him they have to fight.

In one of her win quotes, Arle asks if Schezo is losing to her on purpose.


Arle is Rulue's final opponent. Rulue says she got to Primp Town by playing Puyo while watching Satan by her, and she suddenly found herself here. Admitting she doesn't know where Satan is, Arle hopes she isn't at Primp Town to cause trouble, comparing her to a hurricane, as Rulue says Arle makes her as furious as one. Angry that Satan wants Arle as his wife, she says she doesn't want to be. Rulue challenges her and says she'll find Satan after.

Puyo Puyo 7

Arle plays a more prominent role in Puyo Puyo 7 than in the previous Fever-era games. She teaches Ringo how to play Puyo after a large amount of Puyo fall into Ringo's world. Over the course of the game and for the majority of the story, she is possessed by Ecolo and is transformed into Dark Arle. Near the end of the game both Ringo and Satan manage to free Arle from Ecolo. For the final battle, Arle teams up with Amitie and Ringo to defeat Ecolo once and for all.

Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary

In Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, Arle returns to her role as one of the major characters in the game. In story mode, she is unlocked after completing Ringo's story.

Arle's Story

Arle is taking a relaxing walk with Carbuncle when her peace is rudely interrupted:


Arle's first opponent is Satan. Satan addresses her as "fiance" and announces that he has made a beautiful castle from lightning and storm for his empress. He wants Arle to come enjoy their "honeymoon", which Arle greatly refuses. Despite her protests that she is not his fiance, Satan tells her that he'll be waiting for her, and leaves. Although it's troublesome, Arle figures she has to beat him up again, so she sets off to find Satan.


Arle's second opponent is Draco. Despite his insistence that Arle join him, Satan does not actually mention the location of this castle, so Arle does not know where to go. Luckily, she comes across Draco, who has seen him. Draco challenges Arle to a "beautiful girl" puyo battle before giving directions.


Arle's third opponent is Suketoudara, whom she finds dancing on the beach after getting lost. Suketoudara continually insists that she dance with him, so she distracts him with a Puyo match and runs away.


Arle's fourth opponent is Schezo, whom she encounters in a cave. Schezo wants her magic powers as usual, and challenges her to a Puyo battle. Afterwards, he asks what Arle is doing around the cave, and Arle explains that Satan made a castle that she needs to get rid of. Schezo decides that he'll accompany Arle to make sure Satan does not take her power before he does. Arle tries to convince him otherwise, but Schezo insists, so she reluctantly accepts this addition to her party.


Arle's fifth opponent is Witch. For some reason, Witch has decided that the pathway is hers and that Arle must defeat her in order to pass.


Arle's sixth opponent is Carbuncle because Carbuncle has gotten bored and wants to go home. In order to convince Carbuncle otherwise, Arle wages a bet with the outcome of a Puyo match.


Arle's seventh opponent is Rulue. Rulue exclaims that she is Satan's rightful empress and that she will not let Arle meet Satan. Arle begins to ask what Rulue even sees in Satan, when Schezo interrupts to tell Arle not to agitate her. However, he insults both Satan and Rulue, which angers Rulue more. Unfortunately, Arle is the one who has to battle her. Afterwards, Arle tells Rulue not to worry, because she will not become Satan's empress. Schezo also tells Rulue not to worry because he will not hand Arle over to Satan. Rulue is confused and angry, but the two have already left.


Arle's eighth and final opponent is once again Satan. Satan is excited to see her and Carbuncle, but Arle finds the heart-filled room to be in bad taste. Schezo declares that he will not give Arle to Satan while Satan declares that Arle is his. Arle exclaims that she belongs to neither of them and that she came to beat up Satan to stop his troublemaking. After she wins, she orders Satan to dismantle his castle.

Ecolo appears at the end of this route and states that it would be fun to have Satan's huge power.

Other Characters' Stories

Ringo's Story

Ringo asks if Arle knows how to return to her world, but Arle is lost as well. Arle mentions that she saw Ecolo around and is worried that Ringo could be possessed by Ecolo. In order to prove that she is not, Ringo challenges Arle to a friendly Puyo match.

Amitie's Story

Arle helps lead Amitie to Witch to take a look at Amitie's mysterious red puyo hat.

Schezo's Story

Arle crosses paths with Schezo thanks to Carbuncle, while on her way to Satan's castle. She gets defeated by Schezo in a puyo match as proof of power, but accompanies him nonetheless, finding it dangerous for him to go to the castle alone.

Carbuncle's Story

She finds Carbuncle after his huge curry hunt. To forgive him, she Puyo battles Carbuncle.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Arle, in this game, splits the role of protagonist with Ringo, Tee, and Amitie.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle

Arle is the primary playable character for the first time since Minna, though she shares the spotlight with Ally. She and Carbuncle are taken into Ally's world by a book at the Precise Museum.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2


  • Arle is named after Arles, a city in France, via the music "The Girl from Arles" by Georges Bizet.
    • Her surname, Nadja, is named after the titular femme fatale from the novel "Nadja" by André Breton.
  • Arle is the first and one of the few characters with an asymmetrical design (though it's her clothing rather than a physical feature). She is also one of the only asymmetrical characters not to have a second set of art.
  • Arle's theme is 時空を超えて久しぶり! (Jikū o koete hisashiburi! lit. Long Time No See Across Time and Space!)
  • Arle's ★5 form in Puyo Puyo!! Quest was redrawn in Version 3.0.0, along with Ringo's ★5 form.
  • Her signature spell, Bayoen, is based on a specific performance of the song "Boyoyon Rock" by the comedian Hikaru Ijuuin.[1]
  • One of Arle's spells, Ru-i-pa-n-ko (るいぱんこ), is the reverse spelling of Japanese kana, Ko-n-pa-i-ru (コンパイル, Compile).
  • Amitie shares many traits with Arle; namely, she is a primary protagonist and uses similar (or, in the case of Bayoen, outright identical) spells.
  • In SEGA's Puyo Puyo games, Arle's chants have a unique quality in that her repeater, Diacute, will cause the chant for whichever spell follows its conclusion to have a stuttering effect. This reference's Diacute's function in Madou Monogatari, where the spell following its use will have the same stuttering effect to emphasize its increased power.
  • Alternate Voice notes:
    • In Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, her voice becomes lower-pitched, and more reminiscent of Doppelganger Arle.
    • In Puyo Puyo Tetris, she is whispering. Many lines of dialogue are also changed.
      • In the English version, she speaks with a bit of a more serious tone.
    • In Puyo Puyo Chronicle, The end of the sentence is raised and there is more emphasis on the pronunciations. She has an atmosphere with heart mark attached to the end. Like Puyo Puyo Tetris, there are many changes to her dialogue.
    • Chronicle also features a special guest voice for her, which has the exact same dialogue as her regular voice. The same applies to Ally.
    • In Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Arle sounds drowsy, akin to Rulue in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, Raffina in the original Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Ecolo in Puyo Puyo Chronicle.
      • In the English version, she speaks with a more "villainous" tone, somewhat reminiscent of Dark Arle.
  • In the English version of Puyo Pop Fever, her name is pronounced "Are-lee". The English version of Puyo Puyo Tetris changed to "Are-ll" (as in "R"), which is similar pronunciation with Arles above, make sounds more accurate than "Are-lee". However, Satan exclusively uses "Are-lee" as the pronunciation of his pet name for her, "Arly" in the English version of Puyo Puyo Tetris.
  • As Fire, Bayoen and Diacute have all been called something else (Fireball, Cutie, Diamond Cutie), Ice Storm remains Arle's only spell to stay consistent between not only every game she appears in, but also between English and Japanese.
  • The intro of Madou Monogatari: ARS associates each of its three main characters with a type of flower. Arle's flower is the sunflower, which is featured prominently in the artwork for Madou Monogatari A: Doki Doki Vacation.


Being the most important character in the series, Arle has appeared in all Puyo Puyo except for some spin-offs.

Puyo Puyo

Puyo Puyo Spinoffs

Madou Monogatari

Character profiles

Img270803 l.png See the respective PPQ-namespace card pages of Arle for the character's in-game description in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.
Game Profile
Puyo Puyo 2 (Nintendo Switch Sega Ages) "A very energetic young mageling. She often gets into trouble."
Puyo Puyo Tetris (as Arle & Carbuncle) "The apprentice mage and her sidekick. She and Carbuncle are
always getting into wild misadventures!"
Puyo Puyo Champions "A girl from an alternate world full of Puyos. A bright and energetic
young magician who loves adventure."
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 "The apprentice mage. She and her sidekick, Carbuncle, are
always getting into wild misadventures!"

Character-specific attributes

Puyo Puyo/Tetris

Game Mode
PPT1 English Logo.png PPT2 Puyo.png
PPT2 English Logo.png

Puyo Popping Effect

In all of her appearances, Arle has the series standard Puyo popping effect.

Puyo Puyo 2
Standard effect.
Puyo Puyo SUN
Standard effect.
Puyo Puyo~n (all consoles)
Standard effect.

Super Attack/Skills

Puyo Puyo~n
Ruipanko (Arle Shield): Prevents Nuisance Puyo from falling for 15 seconds.
Pocket Puyo Puyo~n
01-Nuisance Barrier: A wall is built across the player's entire top row. Nuisance Puyo can still drop into the hidden row.
Puyo Puyo Box
Barrier: Nuisance Puyo do not fall into the player's field for 5 seconds.
Puyo Puyo Chronicle
Heaven Ray (ヘブンレイ) MP 30
Lv. 1 2 3 4 5
Change bottom 2 rows into blue puyos
Defense of red enemies -???%
Magic User In The Making (魔導師のタマゴ) Anytime
Lv. 1 2 3 4 5
Attack of allies +10% +12% +15% +20% +25%
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2
Type Skill Parameters Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3
Attack Up (こうげきアップ) Rate 10% 15% 30%
Skill 1
PPT2 Puyo.png
PPT2 Tet.png
Fighting Spirit (とうこん注入)
Self Attack up
MP cost 30 50 70
Duration 30s 20s 15s
Rate 20% 30% 40%
Skill 2
PPT2 Puyo.png Recycle (ばけおじゃま)
Transform Garbage PuyoBlue Puyo
MP cost 30 50 70
Cooldown 5s
Number 10 16 24
Skill 3
PPT2 Puyo.png
PPT2 Tet.png
Power Reserve (???)
Self Defense/Recovery up
MP cost 30 50 70
Duration 30s 20s 15s
Rate 10% 20% 30%


Character type: Strongly Balanced! (Fever 1)→Uses Small Chain! (Fever 2 - present) / Throws Garbage! (Party)

Arle's dropset contains only pair pieces, like that of the Madou-era Puyo Puyo games and rules. Because of this, Arle has the smallest dropset in every game she appears in.

Pieces Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Dropset 2.png Dropset 3.png Dropset B.png Dropset 4.png Puyo
Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png 16 0 0 0 32


Pieces Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Dropset B.png Dropset 31.png Dropset 4.png Dropset 211.png Dropset 14.png Puyo
Dropset 4.png Dropset 211.png Dropset 14.png Dropset B.png Dropset 31.png Dropset 211.png Dropset B.png Dropset 31.png Dropset 14.png Dropset 31.png Dropset 211.png Dropset 211.png Dropset 4.png Dropset B.png Dropset 14.png Dropset 31.png 3 4 2 4 3 64


Puyo Pieces Tetrimino
1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 SP
Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset TX.png Dropset TX.png Dropset TO.png or Dropset T1.png or Dropset T2.png

Fever Chaining Power

Outside Fever

Character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19+Tier
Puyo Puyo Fever 4 12 24 33 50 101 169 254 341 428 538 648 763 876 990 999 999 999 999-
Puyo Puyo Fever 2 4 13 27 36 55 110 185 278 373 468 588 708 833 956 999 999 999 999 999-
Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary 4 12 24 33 50 101 169 254 341 428 538 648 763 876 990 999 999 999 999-
Puyo Puyo 7, Arle 4 12 24 33 50 101 169 254 341 428 538 648 763 876 990 999 999 999 999-
Puyo Puyo 7, Dark Arle 4 11 23 30 45 96 162 252 336 420 526 632 743 852 968 999 999 999 999-
Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary 0 8 17 23 35 71 118 178 239 300 377 454 534 613 693 699 699 699 699-
Puyo Puyo Chronicle 0 8 17 23 35 71 118 178 239 300 377 454 534 613 693 699 699 699 699-

Inside Fever

Character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 192021222324+Tier
Puyo Puyo Fever 4 10 18 21 29 46 76 113 150 223 259 266 313 364 398 432 468 504 540576612648684720-
Puyo Puyo Fever 2 4 10 18 22 30 48 80 120 160 240 280 288 342 400 440 480 520 560 600640680720760800-
Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary 4 9 16 20 27 43 72 108 144 216 252 259 308 360 396 432 468 504 540576612648684720-
Puyo Puyo 7 (Arle!Fever Mode) 4 9 16 20 27 43 72 108 144 216 252 259 308 360 396 432 468 504 540576612648684720-
Puyo Puyo 7 (Dark!Fever Mode) 4 9 17 22 29 46 75 112 150 228 267 279 326 378 412 450 488 530 564608644672698720-
Puyo Puyo 7 (Arle!Mega Puyo Rush) 1 7 13 19 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 49 51 535559657176-
Puyo Puyo 7 (Dark!Mega Puyo Rush) 1 7 13 19 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 50 52 545660667278-
Puyo Puyo 7 (Mini Puyo Fever) 1 2 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 19 23 27 31 39 47 54 62 70 788694101109117-
Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary 0 6 11 14 19 30 50 76 101 151 176 181 216 252 277 302 328 353 378403428454479504-
Puyo Puyo Chronicle 0 6 11 14 19 30 50 76 101 151 176 181 216 252 277 302 328 353 378403428454479504-

Ice Blocks Nuisance Pattern

Iceblock R.png Iceblock G.png Iceblock B.png Iceblock Y.png Iceblock R.png Iceblock G.png
Iceblock R.png Iceblock G.png Iceblock B.png Iceblock Y.png Iceblock R.png Iceblock G.png
Iceblock G.png Iceblock B.png Iceblock Y.png Iceblock R.png Iceblock G.png Iceblock Y.png
Iceblock G.png Iceblock B.png Iceblock Y.png Iceblock R.png Iceblock G.png Iceblock Y.png
Iceblock R.png Iceblock G.png Iceblock B.png Iceblock Y.png Iceblock R.png Iceblock G.png


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