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Character DoppelgangerArle FinalExam.png
Lilith, as she presumably appears in Madou Monogatari: Final Exam
Personal Info
Notable Appearances
First appearanceMadou Monogatari: Final Exam

Lilith was the wife of Satan, and is currently deceased. She makes only a few appearances in Shin Madou Monogatari and Madou Monogatari: Final Exam, but is extremely important to the world of both Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo as a whole.


Shin Madou Monogatari

Well before the start of Madou Monogatari, she is known as the "Protector of Man", and is an extremely powerful magician on the human side of the war. At some point, she gets romantically involved with Lucifer, later known as Satan directly because of this relationship and traitoring. To this end, Satan makes many sacrifices for her, however eventually she passes away. In life, she was the user of the Seraphim Orb, a very powerful artifact. Her great resemblance to Arle is partially implied to be another factor in Satan's endless pursuit of Arle.

Madou Monogatari: Final Exam

A particular doppelganger of Arle appears as a boss fight and recurring character throughout the game, though it is all but explicitly stated to be none other than Lilith. She asks Arle what she intends to do with the Seraphim Orb: Arle only intends to use it to save her friends, not to do drastic things such as remake the world in her image or even taking it over, which pleases Lilith.