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Img318007 l.png
Seo, as she appears in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.
Other NamesHangul 세오
Russian Сео (Seo)
Personal Info
Notable Appearances
Only appears inPuyo Puyo!! Quest
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseYuka Adachi
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Seo Resort Work Seo Primp Town Seo

Seo is a character introduced in the Puyo Puyo!! Quest 10.0.0 version update. She is the CEO of the Spacetime Detective Agency in Intral City and Atari and Roquier's employer.



Seo appears to be a young woman with long pink hair and turquoise eyes. Her usual wears consists of a white suit with pink lapels and blue heels. She has a hairclip shaped like a double arrow which is the logo of the Spacetime Detective Agency.


Seo is a confident and outgoing woman who is always looking for new business opportunities. She is noted to have a seemingly permanent cheerful smile on her face that never drops no matter the situation.



Atari is Seo's newest employee at the Spacetime Detective Agency. She reminds Seo a lot of how she acted when she was her age. When Atari was a child, Seo saved her from a Spacetime Tunnel and gave her a Wishing Pendant as well as treated her to Onigiri before leaving. While Seo has already realized the identity of her new employee, she has decided to let Atari find the opposite out herself. Atari also reminds Seo of how she used to be when she was younger.
Seo and Accord are old close friends that met on a case when the former was still doing field work. Accord notes that she often had to remind Seo to eat and take care of herself due to her workaholic nature.
Sometime before the events of Puyo Puyo 7, Ecolo and Seo first met and an unknown set of circumstances caused them to majorly dislike one another. When they met again a long while later, Seo was surprised to see that Ecolo's personality has vastly changed since their last encounter. Curiously enough, Seo is one of the few people who can remember Ecolo's existence, much to her dismay.


  • Her name is likely derived from the term "CEO", as she is the leader of the Spacetime Detective Agency.


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