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Puyo Puyo!! Quest
Puyo-Puyo-Quest logo2.png
DeveloperSonic Team
PlatformsiOS, Android
Players1 player
Release dateiOS
Japan April 24th, 2013
Taiwan May 15th - Sept 30th, 2015
South Korea May 15th - Sept 30th, 2015


Japan June 11th, 2013
Taiwan May 15th - Sept 30th, 2015
South Korea May 15th - Sept 30th, 2015

Windows (DMM Game Player)

Japan March 1st, 2018 - June 27th, 2019

Puyo Puyo!! Quest, (ぷよぷよ!!クエスト Puyopuyo!! kuesuto) not to be confused with Puyo Puyo!! Quest Arcade or Puyo Puyo Quest (the RPG-styled quest mode in Puyo Puyo Box), is a Puzzle RPG spin off of the Puyo Puyo series. The game features puzzle elements that is never before seen in the franchise, and uses a card system similar to other mobile RPG such as Puzzle & Dragons. The game is also renowned for reviving many older characters from across the franchise, and introducing many new original characters.


Puzzle Element

The field is 8 Puyo across and 6 Puyo tall, filled with Puyo. Like all of the main-series games, Puyo pop when 4 of them connect, but instead of moving a falling piece, the players slide with their finger to "Touch-Pop" the pieces. Up to 5 Puyo can be cleared with one slide.

Large Chain Chance

Once the player makes a 6 chain or higher, or clear 16 or more pieces at once, one Puyo that fills the field will be a shiny Chance Puyo. Using Chance Puyos in chains will trigger the Large Chain Chance event after the main chain ends, in which the player touch-pop further Puyos within 10 seconds and set off another chain. All Clearing the field in Large Chain Chance recovers HP for all cards.

Some beginner quests will provide one Chance Puyo at the start. Certain cards' active skills can also turn normal Puyos into Chance Puyos.

The intended chain in a Large Chain Chance is at least a 5 chain, and contains all five Puyo colors except in a selected few. A larger main chain and more Chance Puyos cleared in the main chain results in a larger chain in the subsequent Large Chain Chance, up to a maximum of a 10 chain. Note that certain Large Chain Chance patterns may have more than one solution that leads to an All Clear.

When entering Large Chain Chance, voiced characters will uses the same line as when they are selected in character select in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary.

The Large Chain Chance can be considered as a Fever expy, with it providing a preset chain and its similar background.

Character Cards and Deck

A main feature of the game is character cards, being the key enablers of attack in the game's various modes and levels. Cards can be obtained by card drop in quests, using gacha or participating in events and special grants.

All cards are given a color out of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple. Cards attack and charge for their active skills when Puyos of the same color are popped. Certain colors are more effective in attack other colors.

Cards come in four main types, namely Balance Type, HP Type, Attack Type and Recover Type, indicating how the card stats distribute. The card also indicates whether it normally deals Single or Mass attack.

To participate in the game's various modes and levels, a player must create a deck using cards in his/her inventory (called Card Box in-game). In actual gameplay, the number of Puyos popped in the puzzle element translates to attack dealt to enemies and HP recovery for team members.

A deck can make up of at most 9 cards, including one leader card (whose leader skill will be active), four subordinate cards and four back-up cards. When cards are knocked out in game, the latter cards will move forward and fill the vacated spots.

Combination Bonus

Combination Bonus is activated when there are 3 or more different cards with a common trait next to each other in the deck (excluding the supporter). The cards involved will receive an additional 20% bonus on all stats while Combination Bonus is in effect.

All character cards will have at least one combination, while many have multiple. Combinations source their ideas from character lore in the main series (e.g. Magic School students, Suzuran residents, merchants, characters unknown of their origins), their roles in the main series (e.g. final bosses, key members of OPP cast) and visible elements (e.g. girls, boys, wearing glasses, relating to plants or animals, horned).

Note that repeated cards, including different versions of a same character, do not count double. Also at most one Combination Bonus can be in effect at any time, the preference being determined by the number of cards involved, the position of the streak in the deck (leftmost first), and the nature of the combinations (more specific first).


Guilds can be made with other users. In a guild, a player can support other players, or get support from them. Tower bosses can be beaten with multiple players playing at the same time in the same guild.

Guild Tower

Using fairies obtained in quests, the players can construct a Guild Tower. As a Guild Tower grows, so do the ability points of the party members.

Returning Characters Roster

Character Color Notes
Akuma Purple
Amitie Red Alt: Sweet Amitie (event reward)
Archan Red
Arle Blue Alt: Santa Arle (event reward)
Alt: Arle ver. PuyoTet (special grant)
Baldanders Blue
Banshee Trio Purple
Baromett Red
Black Sig Blue and Red Limited from gacha
Butler Green Alt: Serious Butler (special grant)
Cait Sith Yellow
Carbuncle Yellow Event reward
Chico Yellow Event reward
Cockatrice Purple
Donguri Gaeru Green
Dark Arle Purple Not as an alt of Arle
Limited from gacha
Doppelganger Arle Red Not as an alt of Arle
Special grant
Draco Centauros Green Alt: Spirited Draco (special grant)
Ecolo Yellow Limited from gacha
Feli Purple Event reward
Alt: Lovestruck Feli (event reward)
Frankensteins Yellow
Fufufu Green
Gogotte Red
Harpy Green Alt: Songstress Harpy (event reward)
Hohow Bird Red
Honey Bee Yellow
Incubus Purple Event reward
Jan Blue Event reward
Kikimora Red
Klug Purple
Kodomo Dragon Blue
Lagnus Purple Alt: Powerful Lagnus (event reward)
Lemres Green Event reward
Alt: Chef Lemres (event reward)
Lidelle Green Alt: Furisode Lidelle (event reward)
Lycanthrope Blue
Maguro Blue Event reward
Mamono Purple
Mandrake Green
Minotauros Yellow
Momomo Yellow
Ms. Accord Blue Limited from gacha
Mummy Yellow
Nasu Grave Purple
Nohoho Green
Ocean Prince Yellow read: Ocean Prince (Fish)
Oniko Red
Onion Pixie Yellow
Oshare Bones Red
Owlbear Blue
Pakista Blue
Panotty Green Event reward
Parara Blue
Popoi Purple Alt: Black Popoi (event reward)
Prince Salde Yellow read: Ocean Prince (Human)
Raffina Yellow Alt: Sakura Raffine (event reward)
Red Amitie Red and Yellow
Ringo Red Event reward
Risukuma Yellow Event reward
Rulue Red
Satan Green Limited from gacha
Alt: Santa Satan (limited from gacha)
Schezo Purple Alt: Nekomimi Schezo (event reward)
Scylla Red
Seriri Blue
Sig Blue Alt: Yukata Sig (event reward)
Samurai Mole Green
Sasori Man Red Alt: Midsummer Sasori Man (special grant)
Skeleton T Blue Alt: Relaxed Skeleton T (special grant)
Strange Klug Red Not as an alt of Klug
Limited from gacha
Suketoudara Red Alt: Flame Suketoudara (special grant)
Tarutaru Blue
Unusual Ecolo Purple and Blue
Will-o-Wisp Purple
Witch Yellow
Yellow Satan Yellow and Green
Yu & Rei Purple
Zoh Daimaoh Yellow Alt: Ornate Zoh Daimaoh (limited from gacha)