Puyo Puyo (Prototype)

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Puyo Puyo
PuyoPuyo Prototype Title.png
Puyo Puyo prototype title screen
Players1-2 players
Release dateJapan 1992?

A Puyo Puyo prototype exists of the Mega Drive version that contains several differences from the final version.


It's unknown when this build of the game was made or what version. No ROMs or screenshots of the build existed, however a video released in 2013 shows the demo in action. Currently the ROM of the prototype has not been dumped, and it's unknown if any builds still exist.



  • The title screen is much more bare, only containing the title against a black background. The title still has the Puyo Puyo logo animated, however unlike the final version where it changes colors, it defaults to blue.
  • Music is played during a demo match. In the final version the music is disable during a demo match.
  • A bug occurs in the prototype that causes music to continue playing. This is most obvious when the demo music continues playing until the title screen.
  • Skeleton-T appears in a demo, but unlike the final version he appears to be an opponent in the Normal course instead of being regulated to the Beginner course. He also rotates his Puyo, unlike in the final and all subsequent games.
  • The prototype contains an unused introduction involving Arle, containing a loose story about Puyo raining from the sky. The sprites for Arle and the Puyo bonking her on the head would later be used in the final verison of the game on the title screen, however all other sprites are unused.
  • There's no demo that teaches players how to play the game like the final version.
  • Best Record defaults all scores between all modes. In the final version each score is unique.
  • Best Record screen keeps a score for a "Mission Mode". Neither the prototype nor the the final versions have a Mission Mode. However, some later ports like the Game Gear version do contain a Mission Mode.
  • The menus are different, notably appearing on the title screen instead of being a separate screen. Interestingly, they are displayed in English, unlike the final version where it's written in Japanese.
  • It's possible to select any stage with a bare menu, between Stage 1 and Stage 13.
  • There's appears to be no Beginner course. It's unknown if Nasu Grave or Mummy are in the prototype.
  • The stage screen lacks the "brick tile" background like in the final version. Previous opponents beaten are also not displayed.
  • Satan's introduction lacks the "DEPTHS OF HELL" song from Madou Monogatari II, but otherwise plays out the same.
  • The fight with Satan uses the generic Puyo sound effects instead of the sound effects recycled from M.U.S.H.A..
  • There's a timer on the player's side that counts up, likely intended to keep track of how fast the player beats a stage for Time Bonus.
  • The handicap menu swaps the curry icons from the top left screen, unlike the final version where it's switched seamlessly.
  • Endless Mode contains the unused teal/grey Puyo, originally from the MSX/Famicom version of Puyo Puyo. This Puyo appears in the final game unused, but it's possible to use the unused Puyo with hacking, albeit with glitched graphics. Interestingly this Puyo does not appear in the Scenario Mode, suggesting it's an Endless Mode exclusive. The sprites for it would later be rescaled and modified to become the purple Puyo in Qwirks.
  • There is no nuisance preview, so nuisance puyo fall onto your field without warning

Best Record

Scenario Mode Endless Mode Mission Mode
Name Score Block Name Score Block Name Score Block
SAT 10000 1000 SAT 10000 1000 SAT 10000 1000
WIT 5000 500 WIT 5000 500 WIT 5000 500
SHE 3000 300 SHE 3000 300 SHE 3000 300
HAR 1000 100 HAR 1000 100 HAR 1000 100
MIN 300 30 MIN 300 30 MIN 300 30
Scenario Mode Endless Mode
Name Score Block Name Score Block
SAT 18594 416 ZON 108382 558
LUL 16976 348 HAP 105375 499
MIN 12382 204 DRA 103476 384
WIT 9260 137 SHE 99873 405
NAS 6650 152 ZOH 97200 367