Nazo Puyo (PC-98)

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Nazo Puyo
Players1 player
Release dateJapan November 11, 1994

Nazo Puyo is a Puyo Puyo spinoff for the NEC PC-9801. It is an expanded version of the Nazo Puyo mode featured in the PC-98 port of Puyo Puyo (1992).


Nazo Puyo consists entirely of single-player puzzles, akin to Nazo Puyo (Game Gear). The game contains Nazo Puyo, Seme Puyo, and Editor. Nazo Puyo is a collection of puzzles with a loose story and short character interactions attached, Seme Puyo is a separate list of puzzles with no story content, and Editor allows the player to create their own Nazo Puyo puzzles. Nazo Puyo and Seme Puyo have 100 puzzles each, resulting in 200 puzzles total.


Nazo Puyo mode stars Arle Nadja, who must clear puzzles in order to graduate from Magic Junior High. The player chooses from one of three difficulty levels; with 3-4 characters being exclusive to each level. A short cutscene plays, and then Arle must clear ten puzzles in order to move to the next character.