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  • This wiki is largely unmoderated. Citations are usually not necessary and therefore not encouraged; this wiki is not intended to be of encyclopedic quality.
  • Although we strive to ensure that only accurate and concise information is served, we do not currently have enough resources to continue ensuring the wiki is completely clean; many pages are out of date or in need of editing.
  • Editing is encouraged, but be careful of what you submit. You can't remove what you submitted from the page's edit history - it will always be tied to your account, unless it is legally necessary to omit entries from the edit history.
  • Because Puyo Nexus is most-parts U.S., language and grammar is TYPICALLY expected to conform to U.S. English. In any case, there is no punishment for unintentional mistakes in language & grammar.
  • It is acceptable to insert generally accepted assumptions and view-points into the page, so as long as these view-points actually exist and other view-points are described (all done in a neutral manner.) However, attempts to vandalize the wiki to support certain view-points will not be taken lightly.
  • Please do not reproduce the contents of this wiki. Copies of the wiki may quickly become out of date, and information available at one time may be inaccurate or otherwise undesired. Therefore, it is in your best interests to not copy this wiki.