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This page is intended to outline the purpose, goals, and how to best use this wiki. If you are interested in contributing, please consult the help page to learn how to format articles and use MediaWiki markup.


  • Please do not reproduce the contents of this wiki. Copies of the wiki may quickly become out of date, and information available at one time may be inaccurate or otherwise undesired. Therefore, it is in your best interests to not copy this wiki.
  • Editing is encouraged, but be careful of what you submit. You can't remove what you submitted from the page's edit history - it will always be tied to your account, unless it is legally necessary to omit entries from the edit history.

What PuyoNexus Wiki Is

  • A semi-serious space: This wiki functions as a hub for serious discussions about the history and lore of Puyo Puyo, Madou Monogatari, and related properties.
  • Curated entirely by volunteer efforts: This wiki and its volunteers try to the best of their ability to ensure that the information presented here is reliable and accurate.

What PuyoNexus Wiki Isn't

  • Not a fan content site: Any fandom-related content such as fanfiction, headcanons, memes, meta-analytic essays, and alternate universes are not appropriate for Puyo Nexus Wiki outside of your individual userpage and some approved fan-game pages.
  • Not social media: While communication occurs now and then, this site is primarily for hosting articles and information about Puyo Puyo and Madou Monogatari.
  • Not a personal filehost: Uploading some of your own content to use on your userpage is fine within reason, but please remember that this is an independent wiki and server costs are paid out of pocket by the wiki bureaucrats.
  • A complete encyclopedia: No wiki is truly comprehensive. Although we strive to ensure that only accurate and concise information is served, we do not currently have enough resources to continue ensuring the wiki is completely clean; many pages are out of date or in need of editing. You can consult the Help:To-do page if you're interested in helping out.


  • Although citations are not required, they are encouraged as most Puyo Puyo and Madou Monogatari content is in Japanese and scattered throughout the Internet. Please cite information if you are sourcing someone's translation of an interview, a blog post, or any extra material such as a book or manual.
  • You can find information and guidelines on citations and references in the contents page.