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Hello, and welcome to the Puyo Nexus Wiki!

Here you can find basic information on wiki editing. It's recommended that you also refer to the Media Wiki handbook if you have any questions. The members of the English Puyo Puyo Community Discord Server and Puyo Wiki Central are also here to help if you have any questions.

This guide focuses primarily on the "main series" pages. Questions regarding the Puyo Puyo!! Quest namespace pages should be directed to other users.

Before continuing, be sure to read our rules.

How to use the wiki

If you have never used a wiki before, the best way to learn is to read the MediaWiki Handbook over at MediaWiki. This will give you an extensive guide on how to properly use a wiki, ranging from reading to editing articles. If you still need more help, feel free to join the English Puyo Puyo Community Discord Server or Puyo Wiki Central for wiki help.

Create a page

To create a new page, first search for it using the search box. If no page exists for that name, then click the link in "Create the page "(article name)" on this wiki!" You can also create pages from redlinks.

Edit a page

To edit a page, click the "Edit" button found on the top of the page. After you put in your changes, you should type in a description of the changes that you have done (optional), and then either click "Save page" in order to save the changes, or "Show preview" to see what your changes will look like.

In order to edit pages, you must be logged in. If you are not authorized to edit a page, the link will show "View source" instead.


Before editing any pages on the wiki or creating any pages on the wiki, please read the following guides:

  • Terminology - This guide will help you with using the proper terms on the wiki.
  • Formatting articles - This guide will help you with how to properly format articles.

Formatting text

  • Italicized text (''Italicized text'') is created by surrounding text by 2 apostrophes.
  • Bold text ('''Bold text''') is created by surrounding text by 3 apostrophes.
  • Bold and italicized text ('''''Bold and italicized text''''') is created by surrounding text by 5 apostrophes.


Links to other articles within this wiki are done by surrounding the link by 2 square brackets.

Links to articles within a namespace are done by adding the namespace to the link.

  • [[Special:RecentChanges]] will appear like this: Special:RecentChanges.
  • Adding a pipe to the end of the link ([[Special:RecentChanges|]]) will remove the namespace from appearing within the link. It

will cause the link to appear like this: RecentChanges.

  • Links to articles on Wikipedia can be done by using the wikipedia namespace. [[wikipedia:Puyo Puyo]] will appear like this:

wikipedia:Puyo Puyo.

  • Links to the Category namespace must be done by adding a : before category, like this: [[:Category:Rules]].

Links to other websites are done by using surrounding the link by none or one square set of brackets.

  • will appear like this:
  • [] will appear like this: [1].
  • [ Puyo Nexus] will appear like this: Puyo Nexus.

Only links listed within the spam whitelist can be linked to. Any other links will be considered as spam and rejected. If you are trying to add a legitimate link that is not found on the spam whitelist, you can request an exemption from an admin via acceptable wiki channels or through an admin's talk page.


In order to add an article to a category, all you need to do is link to the category as if you were linking to another page within the wiki.

  • [[Category:Help]] would add this page to the Help category.


Puyo Nexus Wiki highly encourages editors to keep in mind accessibility when contributing to the wiki.

Colour usage

  • Important information should not be communicated solely through color.
  • Hexadecimal (hex) color codes, common names, and RGB values can all be used with the color template.
  • {{color|Hexadecimal colour #618573|#618573}} will create the following: Hexadecimal colour #618573
  • {{color|Common name DarkMagenta|DarkMagenta}} will create the following: Common name DarkMagenta
  • Colors should be high contrast relative to the page's background when using the color template. The table below shows examples of high-contrast colours and their corresponding values with respect to a white background.
  • We highly recommend using the colors listed here for accessibility, but other colors can be seen on the Template:Color usage section.
Puyo Name Colour
Puyo1 gummy quest.png Red Puyo Crimson
Puyo2 gummy quest.png Blue Puyo MediumBlue
Puyo3 gummy quest.png Green Puyo Green
Puyo4 gummy quest.png Yellow Puyo DarkGoldenrod
Puyo5 gummy quest.png Purple Puyo BlueViolet
Garbage gummy quest.png Garbage Puyo DimGray

Alt text

Arle sleeping atop a Puyo
Artwork from the Puyo Puyo Artbook.

Alternative text (alt text) is a description which can be read by screen readers and provides information about an image.

  • Alt text must be kept short.
  • Alt text can be implemented using the |alt= parameter: [[File:Arlenap.jpg|thumb|alt=Arle sleeping atop a Puyo|Artwork from the Puyo Puyo Artbook.]] generates the following image and caption.

  • Some images do not require alt text. If a caption is already descriptive, please avoid implementing alt text for the sake of brevity. The following is an example of an image that does not require alt text due to its descriptive caption.
A plushie of Witch.

Adding Images

  • As stated in the Code of Conduct page, please do not upload sexually explicit text or images, or feature sexually explicit text or images on your userpage.
  • Please try to avoid uploading duplicate files.
  • If you are uploading individual character art sourced from a manual or art book, please crop the art rather than posting the full page.
  • For character gallery pages, the clean, logo-free raw artwork of things like game boxes is preferred. It's no issue when this artwork isn't available, but when it is, please only link the cover art with the logos and such on the respective page for the thing in question (i.e. Compile Club" covers go on the "Compile Club" page, cover to a game goes on the gallery section to the respective game in question)
  • If you intend to upload sprites from the games, it is highly preferred if you use ripped sprites with transparent backgrounds, as opposed to screenshots from games or raw from a sprite sheet.
    • Please add sprites to a character's sprite subpage and not directly to their image gallery.
  • Please make file names descriptive of the image's content. For example, if your image in question contains a group of characters, it is preferred to specify that you specify it is "group" art, rather than referring to just one character in the image.
    • Please also include the name of the source in the filename. For example, if you were to upload art of Arle from Puyo Puyo Tsu, a good filename would be "ArlePuyoPuyoTsu.png".
  • Please do not upload any fanart to the wiki that does not belong to you.
  • Moderators reserve the right to delete and remove any image deemed obscene, offensive, or irrelevant.