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About Puyo Nexus

Puyo Nexus is an English fansite for the video game series Puyo Puyo. As of the time this page was updated, it is currently the only English Puyo Puyo fansite. In a nutshell, we engage in all kinds of Puyo Puyo related activities.


The sections of Puyo Nexus can be found at the top of the page, and are also listed below:

  • Introduction to Puyo Puyo - An introduction to the Puyo Puyo series and its related games. Learn the history of the Puyo Puyo series.
  • Wiki - It's what you're currently reading. Learn all about the different characters, games, modes, and just about everything else in the Puyo Puyo series.
  • Forum - Discuss Puyo Puyo, view guides that will help you with the games, or just talk about anything. You can also download translation patches here.
  • Chain Simulator - Practice with setting up chains using the Chain Simulator. Also, you can view various pre-made chains to help you get started, or just play around with it.
  • Chat - Talk about whatever you feel like on our IRC channel. Our IRC channel and server information can be found on the front page.


The current administrators of Puyo Nexus are (in alphabetical order):

Other staff includes:


Puyo Nexus goes back to the creation of the Puyopuyo Museum by Erikku somewhere around the year 2000. The Puyopuyo Museum was the only English source for Puyo Puyo, Madou Monogatari and Discstation information. The site moved from server to server for a while and in the end it was situated on an InvisionFree board. Activity slowed down eventually and Erikku and co-admin Zipplet did not update Puyopuyo Museum anymore. Tangerine started a new Puyopuyo Museum on his server and the whole site was renewed. Now, Puyo Nexus is the main source for Puyo Puyo information with new content and increasing activity every day!

Timeline of important events

  • August 10, 2007 - Puyo Nexus (still called Puyopuyo Museum at the time) was created by Tangerine. Administrator at this time included Tangerine, Hernan, and NickW.
  • Late 2007 - Puyopuyo Museum becomes Puyo Nexus.
  • 2009 - Tangerine leaves the Puyo scene. Puyo Nexus is moved to nmn's server.
  • 2011 - Site is shut down, only to be revived a couple of days later under Hernan's leadership.
  • 2012 - nmn leaves the Puyo scene.