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This is a list of to-dos and wiki projects.

Please mark which task you started by putting "WIP" (work in progress) in the "Status" field along with your username to "User" field. When completed, please mark the task from the list as "Done". Feel free to add tasks you think should be done to this list. If you're adding yourself to a cell where users have already signed up, please separate names with bullet points.

You can also consult the Incomplete Articles Category for other pages in need of filling out.

Mainspace Content Pages

To-Do Status Users
Standardize game titles across pages, misc. terminology fixes WIP
Reorganize the List of Madou Monogatari Characters Page WIP
Categorize the Gameplay guides pages WIP
Move some recurring characters from the List of Madou Monogatari Characters to their own pages WIP
Update music/albums on the other media page. WIP

Puyo Puyo Quest Pages

To-Do Status Users
Fill out the Puyo Puyo!! Quest Story WIP


To-Do Status Users
Fill out images for Compile Club WIP
Categorizing Images by artist WIP
Spritesheet and animation pages WIP


To-Do Status Users
Clean up Unused Files by using them or deleting them
Clean up double redirects Done