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All translation efforts are welcome on Puyo Nexus and there is no skill level requirement. However, please be aware that other users may edit your translations without any warning. Please resolve any issues in a civil manner through the talk/discussion pages or offsite.

Japanese Resources

If you are interested in learning Japanese and contributing to translations for Puyo Puyo or Puyo Puyo!! Quest, here are some learning resources that may be useful:

  • Tofugu - A database with resources to help learn basic reading, writing, and grammar.
  • Jisho - A Japanese-to-English dictionary.
  • Weblio - A Japanese-to-English dictionary and encyclopedia. Intended for Japanese speakers, but can still be used by English speakers.

Crediting Translations

If you are adding someone else's translations to Puyo Nexus and they do not have a wiki account, please obtain written permission from them before uploading and clearly credit them somewhere on the page. Please also include that you are adding someone else's translation in the page update summary. If they requested a link back to their own site where they host the translation, you can link to external sites on Puyo Nexus with the following syntax:

[ external url]

... which will look like this: external url.

More information about citation and page formatting can be found on our disclaimers and contents page.

Machine Translation Policies

Machine translated content using Google Translate, DeepL, and other machine machine translators is permitted on the wiki as long as the following are fulfilled:

  1. There is a visible disclaimer that machine translation was used.
    1. If you are editing in the Puyo Puyo!! Quest namespace, please leave a note in either the edit summary or the notes field.
    2. On other content pages, please just make sure the note is visible near the translation.
  2. You have edited the translation and it is not a raw machine translation.
  3. You have had another party review your edited machine translation.

Although we permit machine translation, please note that your contribution can be removed, edited, or replaced with human translation at any time.