#PlayPuyo Casual Monthlies - August 11, 2018


#PlayPuyo tournaments occur every month, typically on the first or second Saturday.

Game: 1-on-1 Tsu (FT6 for Beginner matches, FT10 for all other players)
Format: Swiss Rounds / Round Robin (if a pool is too small to accommodate Swiss pairings)
Tournament Organizers: rockrain (@zanverse)
When: 11 August 2018 @1700 UTC (Check your time zone here)
Where: Puyo Puyo VS2, ds-net.jp
  • #PlayPuyo Beg/Int
  • #PlayPuyo Adv/Exp
Length: 2-3 hours
Twitch Community: #playpuyo

Players able to stream their matches to the #PlayPuyo community are encouraged to do so!


Random Participation Raffle: $10 digital gift card PER POOL (raffle entry offered to all participants who remain in the tourney for all Swiss rounds)
Any digital gift card that I can easily purchase are available as rewards! Common redemption options include (winner chooses from one):
  • Steam (All regions)
  • Nintendo eShop / Playstation Network / Xbox Live (North America region)
  • Amazon (US)
  • Paypal
  • All up to $10 USD equivalent redemption options here
In cases where the exact gift card value is not redeemable, I will give you the nearest equivalent value, if available.

Beginner Pool Signups
You should register for this pool if:
  • You don't really know how to play Puyo
  • You can create chains intentionally, but have difficulty planning chains out in advance
  • You have never built a chain higher than 7 on purpose
  • Estimated rating: 2000 (PPT), 1600 (Chronicles)
Intermediate Pool Signups
You should register for this pool if:
  • You can plan simple chains out in advance, but often struggle with what to do with pieces you don't need
  • You don't know what to do if you misplace a piece, receive garbage, or have trouble working with the board after you set off your first chain
  • Estimated rating: 6000 (PPT), 1800 (Chronicles)
Advanced Pool Signups
You should register for this pool if:
  • You can easily make a 10 chain solo, but not quickly or consistently in a live setting
  • You can purposefully create chains that don't repeat in a pattern
  • Estimated rating: 10000 (PPT), 2000 (Chronicles)
Expert Pool Signups
You should register for this pool if:
  • You can consistently build 10+ chains in less than 30 seconds
  • You can evaluate board state at a glance
  • Estimated rating: 18000 (PPT), 2400 (Chronicles)
Pick the pool that most closely corresponds to your self-determined playing ability. Please sign up for only one pool. If you are unable to sign up on Challonge, please enter one of the PuyoVS tournament chatrooms 15 minutes or earlier before the start time and ask a tournament organizer to be added to the tournament.

Advent League 2018


Game: Puyo Puyo VS2
Bracket: Double Elimination
Wincount: FT7, with Winner's Finals, Loser's Finals, and Grand Finals at FT10
Duration: 2-3 hours

The official start time for every tournament is 1PM US Eastern. Please check your local time to ensure accuracy.
#1 - April 21
#2 - May 19
#3 - June 23
#4 - July 21
#5 - August 25

Championships - September 22, 1PM EDT / 1700 UTC

The winner of each Advent League receives a $20 digital gift card to the store of their choosing (or Paypal). In addition, the winner of each of the tournaments earns one point towards seeding in the championships!

The prize pool for the championships is as follows:
1st place - $100
2nd place - $40
3rd place - $20

Standard rules apply to this tournament.
Check-in starts two hours prior to the start of the tournament.
Please notify the tournament organizer if you cannot locate your opponent at the start of a round.
If you do not show up for a match within 6 minutes of the start of the round, you automatically forfeit the match. If you are in losers' bracket, you will automatically be eliminated from the tournament.

PuyoQuest News to be moved to PuyoNexus wiki

Following the closure of the Puyo Nexus Forums, the legacy-posting of PuyoQuest News on the Puyo Nexus Forums will terminate as well. Information and news updates regarding Puyo Puyo!! Quest will continue to be documented on the Puyo Nexus wiki instead. The temporary transitional period has ended as of April 2 2018, and the posting of PuyoQuest News on the forums has terminated.

After the transition, please continue to check the Event Timetable on the PuyoQuest Portal and the monthly bulletins for events, campaigns and other noteworthy notices. Readers are also welcome (and encouraged) to contribute to updates.

Related announcement: The Puyo Nexus Forums are closing February 24, 2018

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