The Puyo Nexus Forums are closing February 24, 2018

As many of you noticed, the forums have fallen into significant decline recently. Part of it is just general internet trends, since message boards are no longer the dominant form of social media in 2018, and another part is just a lack of willpower on the part of the Puyo Nexus staff to continuously monitor the forums. So we're shutting it all down in two weeks.

What does this mean for me?
Effective immediately, regular users are no longer able to create new threads on the forums, and new user registration has been disabled. In two weeks, around February 24, users will also no longer be able to make new replies to threads, and the forums will be placed into read-only mode.

Are the forums going to be deleted?
There are no plans to erase the forums at the moment, and all boards and topics will continue to be readable after the shutdown. However, I would recommend backing up any files for things like translation projects and PPVS mods hosted on the forums.

Is Puyo Nexus shutting down?
The wiki will continue to be freely editable, and nothing is happening to the chainsim. Only the forums are closing.

What does this mean for Puyo Quest news and Puyo Nexus tournament announcements?
These will continue to be posted by me and hisashiyarouin for the foreseeable future until a better home for these announcements can be found. I may consider allowing extremely limited reply permissions for regular users in the News and Announcements subforum if enough people believe that it is necessary.

Where do I go now?
The Puyo community is still active across the internet in a variety of places. Depending on what your favorite website is, I would recommend:
- joining the English Puyo Puyo Community discord, which is as vibrant or even more vibrant than Puyo Nexus was at its peak
- joining the Puyo community on Tumblr (idk how Tumblr actually works so I don't have a link for you sorry)
- following Puyo Nexus on Twitter, which will continue to be active
- following if you're a Frenchie
- following any of the various community leaders on social media or whatever

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