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Hey I play PuyoQuest mainly and edits PPQ-namespace pages mainly. Have fun!

Drafts and Tools


[★4] Sonic +
[★5] Chili Dog×5
[★5] Sonic
[★5] Sonic +
[★5] Chili Dog×4
[★6] Sonic Shoes[★6] Sonic
[★6] Sonic + (
Power Strawberry×10
Healing Eggplant×10
Endurance Asparagus×10
[★6] Sonic)×5 → [★7] Sonic
[★4] Sonic [★5] Chili Dog [★6] Sonic Shoes
PuyoPoint 20 PuyoPoint 10 PuyoPoint 15

Manzai layout sample

[★6] Baldanders ハフハフ pant pant
[★6] Baldanders ハフハフ pant pant
[★6] Baldanders ハフハフ pant pant
[★6] Baldanders ハフハフ pant pant

Cross Ability Heart Box Activation Test

Clear Red Puyo24
Clear Blue Puyo24
Clear Green Puyo24
Clear Yellow Puyo24
Clear Purple Puyo24
Clear Heart Box24
Cross Ability Aithria Lv. 2 (エスリーア Lv.2) [+]
Clear Heart Box1

Effect: Damage taken by all cards reduced by 20% in this turn. Transform Red PuyoBlue PuyoGreen PuyoYellow PuyoPurple PuyoRed Chance PuyoBlue Chance PuyoGreen Chance PuyoYellow Chance PuyoPurple Chance Puyo at 2 specific spots of the field


  • Cross Ability is only applicable in quest decks (i.e. not applicable in multiplayer and Everybody Battles), but includes Autoplay
  • Puyos popped in skill activation also counts to Cross Ability activation requirement
  • Cross Ability is effective until the end of own turn once activated
  • The same Cross Ability can be activated only up to once per turn, even if activation requirement is further satisfied in the same turn

Endless Tower New Format