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Drafts and Tools



Snow Miku 2019 Collab Skills

Fortune Song (フォーチュン・ソング)
The "Love" I Wanted to Transmit (伝えたい"アイ")
Transforms Red PuyoBlue PuyoGreen PuyoYellow PuyoPurple PuyoHeart Box (any 6) → Prism Ball, and then all Red PuyoGreen PuyoYellow PuyoPurple PuyoBlue Puyo
Miku's Harmony (ミクのハーモニー)
Attack of blue cards increases to 3× and HP to 2.8×, and damage dealt increases to 1.3× with a 70% chance

Progress Tracker

PPQ:Chocolate Festival 6

Current Time (JPT): 2019/02/16 16:29:11 • Refresh

(assuming flat rate)
Reward Number
[★6] Lovestruck Ally S [★6] Lovestruck Ally S 7941/10K
[★6] Lovestruck Elma S [★6] Lovestruck Elma S 19851/25K
Purple Sir Wilde (30) Purple Sir Wilde (30) 31762/40K
Blue Sir Wilde (40) Blue Sir Wilde (40) 55583/70K
Blue Sir Wilde (50) Blue Sir Wilde (50) 158807/200K
Resources Number
Stamina Herb (50) Stamina Herb (50) 39/48