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Drafts and Tools


{{PPQ skillnotes/shieldbreak|rate=3.5}}

  • AS fails to activate when there are no enemies holding Red Shield
  • Shield effects before and after AS Shield Break:
Red Shield 50% 75% 80% 90% 99%
Red Shield Break 0% 12.5% 30% 65% 96.5%
  • AS Shield Break effect does not nullify the effect of Red Shield
  • AS Shield Break effect applies to all red attacks from front-line cards (including both main and side colors)

Sailor Moon Collab Skills

Demon Repel! (悪霊退散ですわ!)
Attack of red cards increases to 2.5× for 1 turn, after that deals single colored attack with 3× Attack of self inflicting Seal2 to the target (Attack Up1)
Raffina's Policy (ラフィーナのポリシー)
Attack and HP of red cards increases to 2× and deals Toughness Penetrating Attacks at a further 1.6× Attack with any 2+ chains
  • LS Attack overall increases to 3.2× with any 2+ chain

Progress Tracker

PPQ:Chocolate Festival 6

Current Time (JPT): 2019/03/23 04:40:36 • Refresh

(assuming flat rate)
Reward Number
[★6] Lovestruck Ally S [★6] Lovestruck Ally S 62071/10K
[★6] Lovestruck Elma S [★6] Lovestruck Elma S 155177/25K
Purple Sir Wilde (30) Purple Sir Wilde (30) 248282/40K
Blue Sir Wilde (40) Blue Sir Wilde (40) 434494/70K
Blue Sir Wilde (50) Blue Sir Wilde (50) 1241410/200K
Resources Number
Stamina Herb (50) Stamina Herb (50) 298/48