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A Guild (ギルド) is a in-game group for Puyo Puyo!! Quest players to socialize and collaborate, with special gameplay advantages and exclusive content not available to players not belonging to a guild.

Guild Overview

SPPQ-guild main.png

The Guild function is accessible through the Guild (ギルド) button on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. The function is unlocked when the player reaches User Rank 20.

As of the Version 10.3.0 update on 2022/04/13, the Guild is presented as a secluded field in the woods with the following features:

  • Training Grounds (訓練所)
  • Mega Thief (メガどろぼう)
  • My Farm (マイ農園)
  • PuyoVeggies (ぷよ野菜)
  • Special Boss (SPボス)