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A Guild (ギルド) is a in-game group of Puyo Puyo!! Quest players, available to players when they reach User Rank 20 (unless invited by guildmaster). Guilds provide a medium for players to socialize and collaborate in-game, give gameplay advantages over players not in a guild, and houses additional exclusive content.

Guild Overview

Joining a Guild

Guild Tutorial

Selection after Guild tutorial

The Guild tutorial will initiate when a new player returns to the home screen after first reaching User Rank 20. Hosted in a sample guild, Ms. Accord briefly explains the layout of the Guild screen and major mechanics of guilds and the Farm, with a basic hands-on trial on planting and harvesting Farm crops.

After her explanations, the player is given three options to find the first guild:

  • Choose From Recommended Guilds (おすすめのギルドからえらぶ)
    A randomly-generated list of guilds that has openings is provided for the player to choose to join
  • Let Ms. Accord Pick For You (アコール先生にえらんでもらう)
    The player is directly placed into any guild that has openings
  • Create New Guild! (あたらしくギルドを結成!)
    A new guild will be created with the player as the guildmaster and only member. The player will be asked to name the new guild (up to 8 characters).

At this point, the menu bar is greyed out, and the player has to either join or create a guild before being allowed to switch to other screens. This can be overridden by force-quitting the app and restarting.

Guild Search

Outside of the Guild Tutorial, players have additional options to search for a guild to join through the Guild Search (ギルドをさがす) function. Guild Search allows players to search by the guild name if it is known (up to 8 characters, matches from beginning). Players can also apply filters on the guild's recruitment status and playstyle.

Guild Search
Filter Details
Member Recruitment
  • None Set (設定なし)
  • Auto Approval (自動承認)
  • Recruiting (募集中) (includes Auto Approval)
Playstyle (プレイスタイル)
  • None Set (設定なし)
  • Occasional Join (たまに参加)
  • In for a while (ひとまず参加)
  • All-out Conquer (がっつり攻略)
  • None Set (設定なし)
  • My-pace (マイペース)
  • Fair Contribution (そこそこ貢献)
  • Aiming for Top (上位をねらう)
  • None Set (設定なし)
  • Silent also OK (無言でもOK)
  • Occasional Chat (たまに雑談)
  • Talkative (おしゃべり)
Rank Recruited
  • None Set (設定なし)
  • Newbies Welcome (初心者歓迎)
  • Wanna be Stronger (強くなりたい)
  • Veterans Wanted (ベテラン求む)
  • None Set (設定なし)
  • Available (あり)

To access the Guild Search function:

Not belonging to any guild Belonging to a guild
  1. Select Guild Search (ギルドをさがす) on Guild/Farm screen
Screenshot Reference
PPQ guildsearch noguild.png
  1. Swipe right on Guild/Farm screen
  2. Select Guild Management (ギルド管理)
  3. Select Guild Search (ギルドをさがす)
Screenshot Reference
PPQ guildsearch inguild.png

Joining Another Guild

Visiting another guild

When visiting another guild that is open for application, players can apply to join by tapping the "Apply to Join This Guild" (このギルドに加入申請する) button.

Guilds may be set to one of two modes in dealing with incoming join applications:

  • Automatic Approval (自動承認): applying players are automatically admitted until the guild is full
  • Individual Approval (個別承認): applying players are admitted into the guild only if the guildmaster manually accept the join application. Applications that are not accepted within 48 hours will expire.

The "Apply to Join This Guild" button can show three messages depending on the mode of the guild:

Button Note
PPQ guildapplybutton.png Apply to Join This Guild (このギルドに加入申請する)
Tap the button to apply to join the guild
PPQ guildapplying.png Join Application Sent (加入申請中)
Tap the button again to cancel the join application
PPQ guildfull.png This Guild is Currently Full (このギルドは現在定員に達しています)
No join applications can be made at this moment

Players who belong to a guild but are looking to transfer into another guild can apply to join the new guild directly without leaving the original guild beforehand; they will be ejected from the previous guild as they are admitted into the new guild. See also below section on points to note for leaving the previous guild.

Leaving a Guild

To leave the guild currently joined:

  1. Swipe right on Guild/Farm screen
  2. Select Guild Management (ギルド管理)
  3. Select Leave Guild (ギルドをぬける)
Screenshot Reference
PPQ leaveguild.png

Note that when a member leaves a guild, the TP contributed by the member so far will be kept with the guild and not be refunded to the departing player. The "TP contributed" tally in the member list will also be wiped even if the member re-joins in the future.