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Puyo Nexus will not sell your contact information. Puyo Nexus uses Google Analytics in order to analyze it's demographic, which may collect statistics about browsing behavior; you may exclude yourself from these statistics for any reason by blocking GA on your computer. Most modern operating systems are capable of this. For more information, see Blocking Google Analytics. We'd prefer it if you didn't block GA for our purposes, however if you feel the need, it will not affect your ability to use Puyo Nexus and the services it provides.

Our policy can be summarized in a few simple statements. The following is true:

  • Any information in your profile that is not publicly displayed SHALL remain private.
  • Your contact information will only be used by staff.
  • Your IP address will remain private for all actions performed under an account.

With these exceptions:

  • If you use services provided by Puyo Nexus to violate U.S. laws or laws in the state of Utah, we may be required to reveal information we have about you to authorities.
  • If you attempt to abuse or exploit Puyo Nexus, related sites or the server it's hosted on, you immediately forfeit any promises to privacy we may make.
  • We will reserve the right to use data submitted to and received from as we see fit, in any case where it might be necessary to do so.

While we'd like to promise that we would NEVER violate privacy expectations, legal complications and those who attempt to locate loop holes make it impossible to make such a claim. As long as you don't abuse the service, you should be treated favorably in most situations.