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Current Gacha Menu layout
Gacha (ガチャ) is one of the major source to obtain cards in Puyo Puyo!! Quest. Players can use in-game currency or items in exchange for a card randomly drawn from a designated lineup.

Types of Gacha

Gachas can be categorized into three major types based on the currency/item used:

Gacha Currency/item used
PPQ magicstonegacha.png Magic Stone Gacha
Magic Stone Magic Stone
PPQ ticketgacha201906.png Ticket Gacha
Silver Ticket Gold Ticket Premium Ticket Limited Ticket Gacha Ticket
PPQ summonspgacha201906.png Summons Point Gacha
Summons Point Summons Point

Magic Stone Gacha

Magic Stone Gacha (魔導石ガチャ) requires Magic Stones to roll:

  • Cost: Magic Stone Magic Stone ×5 per roll
  • Rarity: ★3~6 (★6 exclusive to pickup characters in normal rolls, or all characters in one card of 10-in-a-row Gacha)
  • Plus Bonus: Guaranteed +1

Each roll in Magic Stone Gacha comes with a bonus gift PuyoPoint 10 PuyoPoints.

Unlike other gachas, Bundle Gacha for 2~9 rolls is not available in Magic Stone Gacha, and only 10-in-a-row Gacha (10連ガチャ) is available (costs Magic Stone Magic Stone ×50 and comes with bonus gift PuyoPoint 100 PuyoPoints). 10-in-a-row Gacha will guarantee at least one card out of the 10 to be at rarity ★5 or up.

In compliance with regulations on gacha games in Japan, the game will list the exact appearance rates for all possible cards in all Magic Stone Gacha banners. This can be checked by tapping the See Appearance Rates (出現確率を見る) button.

Special Campaigns (fixtures)

  • Start Dash Gacha (スタートダッシュガチャ) is a mandatory gacha available once for each new player after the puzzle gameplay tutorial. Players are asked to claim a Magic Stone Magic Stone ×5 gift from the Present Box, and then to immediately to use them to roll for 10 character cards of rarities ★4~6. At least one Puyo Fest card is guaranteed to appear.
  • Beginner Exclusive Gacha (初心者限定ガチャ) is a gacha only available to new players on the first five days after their account creation, with special specifications:
  • Once-per-day Free Gacha (1日1回無料ガチャ) lets player roll for one character card of rarity ★4~6 for free once per day, resetting daily at 04:00 (UTC+9). Players who have an active subscription of the RunRun Pack can roll for two cards per day. Plus Bonus is not guaranteed for this gacha.
  • Comeback Gacha (カムバックガチャ)
Banner for the Once-per-day Free Gacha

Special Campaigns (limited)

See the list of limited Magic Stone Gacha campaigns for details. Most campaigns have one or more Pickup Characters (ピックアップキャラクター), which are characters (or series of characters) that has higher appearance rates than normal and/or not available at all in normal Magic Stone Gacha.

The following special mechanics may be available for some (but not all) Magic Stone Gacha campaigns:

  • Guaranteeing Step (確定ステップ): guaranteed to get one card of the designated pickup character(s) when rolling a specified number on 10-in-a-row Gacha
  • Retry Gacha (リトライガチャ): after rolling an initial 10-in-a-row Gacha, players can choose to use additional Magic Stones to re-roll with even higher rates for pickup characters (with limits in time and number of re-rolls)

Ticket Gacha

Summons Point Gacha

Gacha Lineup