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Gacha (ガチャ) is one of the major source to obtain cards in Puyo Puyo!! Quest. Players can use in-game currency or items in exchange for a card randomly drawn from a designated lineup.

Gacha Basics

Types of Gacha

Gachas can be categorized into three major types based on the currency/item used:

PPQ magicstonegacha.png Magic Stone Gacha
PPQ ticketgacha201906.png Ticket Gacha
Mix-up Summons
PPQ mixupsummons201908.png PPQ summonspgacha201908.png Summons Point Gacha

Magic Stone Gacha

Magic Stone Gacha (魔導石ガチャ) requires Magic Stones to roll:

  • Cost: Magic Stone Magic Stone ×5 per roll
  • Rarity: ★3~6 (★6 exclusive to pickup characters in normal rolls, or all characters in one card of 10-in-a-row Gacha)
  • Plus Bonus: Guaranteed +1
  • Bonus Gift: PuyoPoint 10 PuyoPoints per roll

Unlike other gachas, Bundle Gacha for 2~9 rolls is not available in Magic Stone Gacha, and only 10-in-a-row Gacha (10連ガチャ) is available (costs Magic Stone Magic Stone ×50 and comes with bonus gift PuyoPoint 100 PuyoPoints). 10-in-a-row Gacha will guarantee at least one card out of the 10 to be at rarity ★5 or up.

In compliance with regulations on gacha games in Japan, the game will list the exact appearance rates for all possible cards in all Magic Stone Gacha banners. This can be checked by tapping the See Appearance Rates (出現確率を見る) button.

Special Campaigns (fixtures)

Gacha Special
PPQ StartDashGacha.png Start Dash Gacha
  • Availability: After tutorial (mandatory)
  • Cost: Magic Stone Magic Stone ×5 (given for free)
  • Rarity: ★4~6
  • Plus Bonus: Guaranteed +1
  • Special: Guarantees at least one Puyo Fest character
PPQ BeginnerGacha.png Beginner Exclusive Gacha
Single rolls
  • Availability: Once per day, within five days after account creation
  • Cost: Magic Stone Magic Stone ×5
  • Rarity: ★5~6
  • Plus Bonus: Guaranteed +1
10-in-a-row Gacha
  • Availability: Up to 3 times, within five days after account creation
  • Cost:
    • 1st: Magic Stone Magic Stone ×10
    • 2nd: Magic Stone Magic Stone ×30
    • 3rd: Magic Stone Magic Stone ×50
  • Rarity:
    • 1st: ★4~6 + guarantees one ★5~6
    • 2nd: ★5~6
    • 3rd: ★5~6 + guarantees one ★6
  • Plus Bonus: Guaranteed +1
  • Special: 3rd 10IAR guarantees one ★6 of select series:
PPQ 1pdFreeGacha.png Once-per-day Free Gacha
  • Availability: Once per day (resets 04:00 (UTC+9))
  • Cost: Free
  • Rarity: ★4~6
  • Plus Bonus: Not guaranteed
PPQ ComebackGacha.png Comeback Gacha
  • Availability: After last log-in of over ??? days
  • Cost: Free
  • Rarity: ★6
  • Plus Bonus: None
  • Special: Guaranteed Card Lv. 99

Special Campaigns (limited)

See the list of limited Magic Stone Gacha campaigns for details. Most campaigns have one or more characters (or series of characters) that has higher appearance rates than normal and/or not available at all in normal Magic Stone Gacha.

The following special mechanics may be available for some (but not all) Magic Stone Gacha campaigns:

  • Guaranteeing Step (確定ステップ): guaranteed to get one card of the designated pickup character(s) when rolling a specified number on 10-in-a-row Gacha
  • Retry Gacha (リトライガチャ): after rolling an initial 10-in-a-row Gacha, players can choose to use additional Magic Stones to re-roll with even higher rates for pickup characters (with limits in time and number of re-rolls)

Ticket Gacha

Ticket Gacha Menu

Ticket Gachas (チケットガチャ) is a collective term of the multiple gacha banners that uses gacha tickets (ガチャチケット) to roll. There are three kinds of permanent gacha tickets, and Limited Tickets that is only usable during a specified campaign time period. Each roll in Ticket Gachas uses one ticket of the specified kind.

Gacha Cost Rarity Plus Bonus
PPQ premiumticketgacha.png Premium Ticket Gacha
Premium Ticket Premium Ticket ×1 ★5 (★6 in certain characters without other rarities) Guaranteed +1
PPQ goldticketgacha.png Gold Ticket Gacha
Gold Ticket Gold Ticket ×1 ★4~5
PPQ silverticketgacha.png Silver Ticket Gacha
Silver Ticket Silver Ticket ×1 ★3~4
(image variable) Limited Ticket Gacha
Limited Ticket (specific) Limited Ticket ×1 See the list of Limited Ticket Gacha campaigns for details.

Summons Point Gacha

Summons Point Gacha (召喚Pガチャ) requires Summons Points to roll. This is the only gacha that has a chance to give out material cards including Power-up Materials up to [★6] Comet Puyos, Special Materials like Grimoires and 100-point Tests, and Puslers.

  • Cost: Summons Point 200 Summons Point per roll
  • Rarity: Character cards: ★3~4 / Material cards: ★3~6
  • Plus Bonus: Character cards: low chance / Material cards: none

Special Campaigns (fixtures)

Gacha Special
Good Morning Gacha
  • Availability: 07:00~09:00 (UTC+9)
  • Plus Bonus: Character cards: low chance → guaranteed +1 / Material cards: none
Lunch Break Gacha
  • Availability: 12:00~13:00 (UTC+9), once only per day
  • Cost: Summons Point 200 Summons Point per roll → Free

Mix-up Summons

Carbuncle mixing a curry pot, as part of the Mix-up Summons cutscene

Mix-up Summons (まぜまぜ召喚) uses cards in the player's inventory instead of currency/items. Carbuncle mixes the cards used together in a curry pot to form a new card of designated specifications. In all Mix-up Summons, The output card:

  • will not be any card used in the input lineup
  • inherits all attached Plus Bonus from input cards (but if Plus Bonus exceeds +100 in any stat, the excess is discarded)
  • will be reverted to Card Lv. 1, Skill Lv. 0, Battle Skill Lv. 0 and no Special Training regardless of levels of the input cards

There are four Mix-up Summons available currently:

Summons Specification
PPQ mixupsummons fest.png Awesome Mix-up Summons
★6 Card Back

cost 48
★6 Card Back

Puyo Fest
PPQ mixupsummons star6.png ★6 Mix-up Summons
★6 Card Back

cost 22~40
★6 Card Back

PPQ mixupsummons star5.png ★5 Mix-up Summons
★5 Card Back

cost 14~22
★5 Card Back

PPQ mixupsummons star4.png ★4 Mix-up Summons
★4 Card Back

cost 10~16
★4 Card Back


Gacha Lineup

This list may be incomplete, due to certain gachas not explicitly showing all possible outputs. You can help by expanding it.
Series/Character Gacha
Magicstone.png Magicstone.png
Premiumticket.png Goldticket.png Silverticket.png Summonspoint.png PPQ mixupsummons pot.png
PPQ mixupsummons pot.png
PPQ mixupsummons pot.png
PPQ mixupsummons pot.png
Suketoudara Fish Series
Kamen Inko Bird Series
Sasori Man Animal Series
Hohow Bird Fever Animal Series
Amitie Magic School Series
Gogotte Fever Recover Series
Rulue Original Puyo Puyo Series
Salamander Spirit Series
Red Kobbit Kobbit
Flame Dragorune Dragorune Series
Baromett Vegetable Series
Kashi of the Fire Gate Guardian Series
Strange Klug Boss!? Series
Oniko L'il Character Series
Kikimora Puyo Puyo SUN Series
Archan Nostalgic Puyo Series
Floré Angel Series
Scylla Mythical Series
Dapper Bones Monster Series
Heartia Wonderland Series
Rosie Flower Girls Series
Strawberrina Cake Series
Rebecca Fairy Tale Series
Red Caballoon Caballoon
Wangurumi Kigurumi Series
Julia Hellspawn Series
Nanao Onizamurai Series
Abalin Goblin Series
Fanwool Ram Butler Series
Pon'emus Koro-pok-guru Series
Ahmar Rabbit Dancer Series
Clioné Friends of the Ocean Series
Nia Cat Girls Series
Osa Fisherboys Series
Albert Warlock Series
Zoltan Spectral Knight Series
Arsil Tropical Merfolk Series
Leit Patissier Series
Fangzhang Dragon Person Series
Momo Fruits Girls Series
Erik Dwarf Series
Zara Stellar Mage Series
Pamutih Tropical Birdman Series
Mio Condiment Series
Nero Sage Series
Mantoheehee Forest Nobility Series
Lugo Heavy Infantry Series
Suzaku Holy Beast Fighter Series
Annie Messenger of Love Series
Helen Adventurer Series
Kaede Kunoichi Series
Clemens Tinplate Marching Band Series
Bodamaru Yokai Series
Meili Xiannu Series
Danielle Thief Dogs Series
Salzazo Vegetable Kingdom Series
Isin Hell Prince Series
Ander Nursery Tale Series
Mrs. Saccharo Micron Series
Harris Pathfinder Series
Goutarou Cheering Squad Series
Grinos Beastsmith Series
Oleg Snow Kingdom Series
Tsubaki Herbal Oil Series
Gensan Scorched Desert Journey Series
Cheo Frozen Land Series
Orange Nyandragon Nyandragon Series
Resta Astrology Girls Series
Dyne Jewel Daemon Series
Pafair Sweets Kingdom Series
Dongdae Extreme Culinarian Series
Flick Mischief Fairy Series
Queenia Cat Pirate Series
Dini Tidal-roar Knight Series
Renka Flower Nobility Series
Hjorm Valkyria Series
Rosalie Assistant Series
Linte Snoozing Lilin Series
Lucian Cleaner Boys Series
Demisurf Demisurf
Succubus Succubus
Comone Comone
Edgar Dark Angel Series
Hilda Accursed Knight Series
Mars Heavenly Knight Series
Miyabi Gagakushi Series
Chetta Artisan Series
Dugtt Trapcrafter Series
Swordfighter Amitie Magic Swordfighter Series
Khan Djinn Series
Tera Magical Wall Series
Aidan Order of the Costumeheads Series
Zenon Dream Courier Series
Traveling Hero Ringo Alt-world Travel Series
Magical Nia Magical Cat Girls Series
Firefighter Suzaku Downtown Holy Beast Fighter Series
[★6] Red Amitie [★6] Red Amitie
[★6] High Priestess Minoa [★6] High Priestess Minoa
[★6] Kitty Ringo [★6] Kitty Ringo
[★6] Gorgeous Rulue [★6] Gorgeous Rulue
[★6] White Feli [★6] White Feli
[★6] Black Kikimora [★6] Black Kikimora
[★6] Heated Hed [★6] Heated Hed
[★6] Alluring Lilim [★6] Alluring Lilim
[★6] Dusklight Doppelganger Arle [★6] Dusklight Doppelganger Arle
[★6] Popping Amitie [★6] Popping Amitie
[★6] Sparkling Rulue [★6] Sparkling Rulue
[★6] Red Witch [★6] Red Witch
[★6] Princess Ringo [★6] Princess Ringo
[★6] Black Sig [★6] Black Sig
[★6] Blue Incubus [★6] Blue Incubus
[★6] Arle & Carbuncle [★6] Arle & Carbuncle
[★6] Valkyrie Dark Arle [★6] Valkyrie Dark Arle
[★6] High Priestess Katya [★6] High Priestess Katya
[★6] Kitty Arle [★6] Kitty Arle
[★6] Kitty Sig [★6] Kitty Sig
[★6] Audacious Stornum [★6] Audacious Stornum
[★6] Otohime Serilly [★6] Otohime Serilly
[★6] Lamp Jarne [★6] Lamp Jarne
[★6] Blue Sky Sig [★6] Blue Sky Sig
[★6] Shizunagi [★6] Shizunagi
[★6] Ecstatic Sig [★6] Ecstatic Sig
[★6] Sage of Verity Isabella [★6] Sage of Verity Isabella
[★6] Vigorous Draco [★6] Vigorous Draco
[★6] Gallant Lidelle [★6] Gallant Lidelle
[★6] Rocker Harpy [★6] Rocker Harpy
[★6] Green Witch [★6] Green Witch
[★6] High Priestess Mischa [★6] High Priestess Mischa
[★6] Sparking Klug [★6] Sparking Klug
[★6] Vivid Costa [★6] Vivid Costa
[★6] Radiant Wynn [★6] Radiant Wynn
[★6] Dazzling Satan [★6] Dazzling Satan
[★6] Samurai Lyude [★6] Samurai Lyude
[★6] Ryatafu [★6] Ryatafu
[★6] Sage of Verity Dalida [★6] Sage of Verity Dalida
[★6] Yellow Satan [★6] Yellow Satan
[★6] Missionary Risukuma [★6] Missionary Risukuma
[★6] Valkyrie Arle [★6] Valkyrie Arle
[★6] Legamünt [★6] Legamünt
[★6] High Priestess Deena [★6] High Priestess Deena
[★6] Kitty Raffina [★6] Kitty Raffina
[★6] Rosatte [★6] Rosatte
[★6] Yellow Strange Klug [★6] Yellow Strange Klug
[★6] Martial Staff Raffina [★6] Martial Staff Raffina
[★6] Eminent Vartebra [★6] Eminent Vartebra
[★6] Chill Lemres [★6] Chill Lemres
[★6] Crescent Schezo [★6] Crescent Schezo
[★6] Satan & Carbuncle [★6] Satan & Carbuncle
[★6] Full-bloom Chiquita [★6] Full-bloom Chiquita
[★6] Unusual Ecolo [★6] Unusual Ecolo
[★6] Rafisol [★6] Rafisol
[★6] Cool Schezo [★6] Cool Schezo
[★6] High Priestess Yana [★6] High Priestess Yana
[★6] Kitty Witch [★6] Kitty Witch
[★6] Great Hero Lagnus [★6] Great Hero Lagnus
[★6] Spirited Peruvis [★6] Spirited Peruvis
[★6] Street Maguro [★6] Street Maguro
[★6] Irresolute Rufus [★6] Irresolute Rufus
[★6] Valiant Fred [★6] Valiant Fred
[★6] Flash Attack Rulue [★6] Flash Attack Rulue
[★6] Big Popoi [★6] Big Popoi
Attack Pusler Attack Pusler
Recovery Pusler Recovery Pusler
HP Pusler HP Pusler
Everything Pusler Everything Pusler
Skill Pusler Skill Pusler
[★5] Moon Puyo [★5] Moon Puyo
[★6] Crown Puyo [★6] Crown Puyo
[★6] Comet Puyo [★6] Comet Puyo
Red Puyo Ice Puyo Ice
Red Puyo Candy Puyo Candy
Red Puyo Jelly Puyo Jelly
Red Puyo Choco Puyo Choco
Red Grimoire Grimoire
100-point Test 100-point Test