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Gacha (ガチャ) in Puyo Puyo!! Quest lets players spend in-game currency or items to obtain cards that are randomly drawn from a designated lineup. There are three types of Gacha depending on the currency/item used:

All the above types of Gacha can be found in the Gacha (ガチャ) screen, together with Mix-up Summons and PuyoPoint Exchange.

Magic Stone Gacha

Magic Stone Gacha section

Magic Stone Gacha (魔導石ガチャ) in general uses Magic Stones to roll.

Ticket Gacha

Ticket Gacha menu

Ticket Gacha (チケットガチャ) uses Gacha Tickets (ガチャチケット) to roll.

Summons Point Gacha

Summons Point Gacha menu

Summons Point Gacha (召喚Pガチャ) uses Summons Point (召喚P/召喚ポイント) to roll.

Each roll in Summons Point Gacha costs 200 Summons Points. Players can choose to either Roll Once (1回ガチャる), or up to 100 rolls at once using Batch Roll (まとめてガチャ).

Points to Note

  • Players are allowed to roll all types of gacha even if their character card inventory exceeds capacity, until it is more than 100 cards over. Note that other contents will be blocked until the inventory returns to under capacity.