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Img218007 l.png This gameplay article is now up-to-date with the Super PuyoQuest Project major update!

This article explains the main puzzle gameplay mechanics featured in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.


Puyo Puyo!! Quest gameplay, showing the field at the bottom half

During any quest or battle, the puzzle gameplay happens in the field (フィールド) located at the bottom of the screen. The field consists of 48 spaces (in 8 columns by 6 rows) which field pieces like color puyos can fill.

The field also has 8 Next Puyo (ネクストぷよ) at the top which forecasts the upcoming puyos/pieces to drop.

Field Pieces

The following field pieces may appear in the field.

Field Piece Normal Behavior/Effect
Puyo1 gummy quest.png Red Puyo
Pops when 4+ same color puyos connect
Grants attack power to cards of the same (main or side) color when popped
Counts down skill activation for cards of the same main color when popped
Puyo2 gummy quest.png Blue Puyo
Puyo3 gummy quest.png Green Puyo
Puyo4 gummy quest.png Yellow Puyo
Puyo5 gummy quest.png Purple Puyo
Chance1 gummy quest gifgallery.gif Chance2 gummy quest gif20px.gifChance3 gummy quest gif20px.gifChance4 gummy quest gif20px.gifChance5 gummy quest gif20px.gif Same as normal color puyos
+ Initiates Large Chain Chance when popped
Chance Puyo
PlusPuyo Red.png PlusPuyo Blue.pngPlusPuyo Green.pngPlusPuyo Yellow.pngPlusPuyo Purple.png Same as normal color puyos
Counts as two puyos in terms of attack power and skill activation countdown
Plus-state Puyo
Heart gummy quest.png Heart Box
Clears when an adjacent color puyo pops
Recovers HP to all cards when cleared
Prism.png Prism Ball
Clears when an adjacent color puyo pops
Grants attack power to all cards when cleared
Garbage gummy quest.png Garbage Puyo
Cannot be trace-removed
Clears when an adjacent color puyo pops
Hard gummy quest.png Hard Puyo
Cannot be trace-removed
Turns into Garbage Puyo Garbage Puyo when an adjacent color puyo pops

Next Puyo

The following Next Puyo (ネクストぷよ) may appear in the Next Puyo row of the field.

Next Puyo Immediate Next Drop in that Column
Nextpuyo1.png Red Puyo Red Puyo
Nextpuyo2.png Blue Puyo Blue Puyo
Nextpuyo3.png Green Puyo Green Puyo
Nextpuyo4.png Yellow Puyo Yellow Puyo
Nextpuyo5.png Purple Puyo Purple Puyo
Nextpuyo0.png Garbage Puyo Garbage Puyo
Nextpuyox.png Hard Puyo Hard Puyo
Next Puyo Blocker

Certain enemy skills may apply the Hide Next Puyo (ネクストぷよ隠し) effect, in which blockers appear to obstruct the Next Puyo row from view. The blockers also disable any skill effects involving Next Puyos during its active duration, including:

  • Next Puyo Transform
  • Damage Cut by number of (color) Next Puyos


Turn Progression