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To-Do List
PuyoFever2Item ExorcismCharm.png Let's☆Pyon into the New Year! proofreading implementation
PuyoFever2Item SunBookmark.png Lim. Story 22/23 Error
PuyoFever2Item StarLantern.png Add event FT to event pages
PuyoFever2Item LunarRock.png ...?
PuyoFever2Item OldLithography.png ...?

Onsite Manzai Translations (Puyo Puyo!! Quest manzai stories)
Offsite Translations (Miscellaneous works)
Collection, Once-Per-Day, and other In-Quest Translations
I'm an amateur Puyo Puyo!! Quest translator.
I primarily translate and edit Puyo Puyo!! Quest cards, mainspace pages, and stories. I'm not fluent in Japanese, so I appreciate any and all feedback and corrections. Please contact me via my talk page/via other channels (EPPC or Puyo Wiki Central) to discuss wiki contributions if need be. There's no need to ask before editing my translations.

Puyo Nexus Translation Policies
     Translation guidelines for the Puyo Nexus wiki.
Xin's Reference Guide
     Details information regarding template calls and PPQ-namespace pages created by Pitybreak.
List of Puyo Puyo!! Quest Arcade-Exclusive Characters
     A list of name translations and etymology of PPQAC characters created by Momochi.

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