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Hi, I'm Xin! I'm an artist, and I really like the Heavenly Knights! You can find my art on Twitter on the same username, @pitybreak.

My favorite character (and the one that got me into the Puyo series) is Hartmann. Please give him an alt!!

User Pages

Fun Corner

you know what's up!!! (Top Tier Faves)

[★7] Mars [★7] Yuri [★7] Hartmann [★7] Emilia [★7] Viola [★7] Legamünt

they :) (Moral Obligation Tier)

[★7] Hilda [★7] Eldur [★7] Fried [★7] Wacht [★7] Mappela

Other Faves

[★6] Ringo [★6] Strange Klug [★6] Red Amitie [★6] Sig [★6] Ally [★6] Maurice [★6] Traveling Bard Lemres [★6] Schezo