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Starting the Game

While outdated, this page should help you get started. The most notable change is that you're asked if you'd like to skip the tutorial.
After confirming your name and starter card, the prompt appears following some dialogue:


Start Dash Gacha

To see all cards available, visit here: PPQ:Gacha#Start Dash Gacha
PPQ StartDashGacha.png

After the tutorial, the game forces you to roll on this gacha. It disappears immediately after.
It guarantees one Puyo Fest character from a select pool:

Red Puyo Blue Puyo Green Puyo Yellow Puyo Purple Puyo
[★6] Red Amitie

Red Amitie

[★6] Black Sig

Black Sig

[★6] Vigorous Draco

Vigorous Draco

[★6] Yellow Satan

Yellow Satan

[★6] Unusual Ecolo

Unusual Ecolo

[★6] Gorgeous Rulue

Gorgeous Rulue

[★6] Blue Incubus

Blue Incubus

[★6] Gallant Lidelle

Gallant Lidelle

[★6] Missionary Risukuma

Missionary Risukuma

[★6] Rafisol


[★6] White Feli

White Feli

[★6] Valkyrie Dark Arle

Valkyrie Dark Arle

[★6] Green Witch

Green Witch

[★6] Valkyrie Arle

Valkyrie Arle

[★6] Cool Schezo

Cool Schezo

[★6] Black Kikimora

Black Kikimora

[★6] Otohime Serilly

Otohime Serilly

[★6] Sparking Klug

Sparking Klug

[★6] Yellow Strange Klug

Yellow Strange Klug

[★6] Street Maguro

Street Maguro


Don't overdo rerolling, as SEGA may issue a temporary ban or terminate your accounts.

If you plan to play casually, it is not recommended to reroll unless you really like a card/character.
There are plenty of opportunities to get Fests through tickets (handed out regularly from events) and Choice Mix-up (sacrificing 5 Puyo Fests for a card of your choice).

Below is a "tier list" categorizing the best starter Fest cards in terms of Leader Skill (LS).
While all starter cards are viable, some may be better suited for monocolor decks or are used for niche purposes late-game.

Best [★6] Rafisol Rafisol is the best rainbow lead. To make the most of her LS, you'll need all colors, but side colors will count as well.

She also has a very powerful nuke AS that spawns prisms.

[★6] Street Maguro SMaguro is the best universal lead, meaning his LS affects all cards regardless of color.

His AS, however, is best when your team has all colors.

OK [★6] Red Amitie [★6] White Feli [★6] Black Sig [★6] Gallant Lidelle [★6] Sparking Klug [★6] Unusual Ecolo
Not Recommended [★6] Gorgeous Rulue [★6] Black Kikimora [★6] Blue Incubus [★6] Valkyrie Dark Arle [★6] Otohime Serilly [★6] Vigorous Draco

[★6] Green Witch [★6] Yellow Satan [★6] Missionary Risukuma [★6] Valkyrie Arle [★6] Yellow Strange Klug [★6] Cool Schezo


Progression (WIP)

This outline shows what to prioritize if you intend to play the game long-term.

Early Game:

  • Obtain rewards from time-limited events. Event cards are easy to acquire and don't rerun often, and rewards like Limited Ticket Puyo Fest tickets grant powerful and rare cards.
    • The event featured on the home screen is usually a Collection, Guild Rush, Co-op Boss Challenge, or Treasure event.
    • Co-op Boss Challenges are the easiest event to clear without specific cards. At minimum, try to obtain and evolve the event card to ★7. If there's enough time, try to obtain all boss defeat rewards.
    • Collection and Treasure will be easier with event supports, but they're still doable with limited supports. While it's recommended to get all the major rewards, your stopping point will depend on your patience.
      • For Collection, stop at 20k items for the event card or 120k for the Fest tickets. To maximize items collected, see Tetsu's Collection Strategy.
      • For Treasure, prioritize the Fest tickets and event card. If there's enough time, pick up the 50 Wildes.
    • Guild Rushes are "late game" events, and you'll most likely be joining battles and immediately quitting. See this section (pending) on how to farm participations in Guild Rush.
  • Play Adventure Map quests for stones. The Beginner Exclusive Gacha is recommended for new players because of its discounted price. Ideally, you should save enough stones to do all 3 tenrolls (90 stones) for the guaranteed Fest. Note that the gacha disappears 30 days after account creation.
Beginner Exclusive Gacha
  • Intrusions
  • Endless Towers

Mid Game:

  • Collecting 50 Wildes from events
  • Building SaD teams
  • Reaching 50F in Endless Towers

Pre-Late Game:

  • Raising niche cards for Guild Rush
  • Increasing card index level


Notable Cards


The following are commonly used terms in the Puyo Puyo!! Quest community.
Some may appear throughout this guide.

  • Active Skill (AS): a card's Skill that can be activated after popping a certain amount of Puyo. Shown as Skill (スキル) in-game.
  • All Star: cards with the All Star Special Training Board (selectable Ailment shield on 16th Training Tier). These cards usually require Sir Wilde (40)'s and/or have a side color. Generally considered on par or a tier below Fests.
  • ASE: acronym for Attack Source Expansion Attack Source Expansion.
  • CA: acronym for Cross Ability. An effect that is activated automatically after popping a certain amount of Puyo. Shown as Ability (アビリティ) in-game.
  • Fest: abbreviation of Puyo Fest (ぷよフェス). These cards have a Card Cost of 48 or higher at ★6. Generally very powerful or versatile.
  • Fisher: refers to Skills that turn next Puyo Red Next PuyoBlue Next PuyoGreen Next PuyoYellow Next PuyoPurple Next PuyoGarbage Next PuyoHard Next Puyo into a specific color. Named after the Img307107.png Fisherboys Series.
  • FP: acronym for Full Power (フルパワー). Full Power cards can pop additional Puyos to "power up" their Active Skill and are typically considered the strongest cards in the game. Can also refer to the Active Skill itself.
  • Lead: the 1st card in your deck.
  • Lore Fest: Fest cards tied to a non-Puyo Fest series through lore. Typically not a part of the series keyword (aside from Crowlas).
  • LS: acronym for Leader Skill. The Leader Skill is active as long as the card is in the 1st deck slot. Shown as Leader (リーダー) in-game.
  • Monocolor: decks that are only 1 main color.
  • Nuke: a Skill that deals heavy damage, typically through a field change or field reset. [★7] Arle [★7] Arle is an example of the former, while [★7] Charmy Draco [★7] Charmy Draco is an example of the latter.
  • Prism: short for Prism Ball prism balls.
  • Rainbow: refers to Skills that are most effective when all colors (including side colors) are present.
  • SaD: acronym for Tower of Steam and Darkness. An event that is considered "late game" due to its difficulty.
  • Stew: fan nickname for Mix-up Summons.
  • Tenroll/10IAR: summoning 10 cards at once in a gacha. Shown as 10連ガチャ (10-in-a-row Gacha) in-game.
  • Universal: refers to Skills that effects all cards, regardless of color.
  • Wilde: abbreviation of Sir Wilde. Can refer to both the item or raising a character's level cap.