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The Treasure Event (トレジャーイベント), also known as the running title of Treasure Hunters' Brigade (トレジャー見つけ隊), is a type of event in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.

How to play

Event-exclusive Items

Treasure Events use the following types of special items exclusive to the event type. These items are reset after each Treasure Event and will not be carried over to the next.

Item Source Uses
PPQ Treasuremap.png Map
Map Search Quest Cost to attempt Puzzle Shield Quest
T gold s.png Gold Treasurecoin
Puzzle Shield Quest Exchange Rewards in Rewards Exchange
T silver s.png Silver Treasurecoin
Map Search Quest
Puzzle Shield Quest
Exchange Rewards in Rewards Exchange

Map Search Quest

Map Search Quest (地図あつめクエスト) is the place for players to obtain Maps. A small amount of Silver Treasurecoins are also granted on completion.

Map Search Quest button on event menu

Stamina is used to play Map Search Quest. Players can choose one out of three levels of stamina cost when playing, which also varies the rewards granted at completion.

Stamina level select on quest preparation screen

Puzzle Shield Quest

Puzzle Shield Quest difficulty select

Puzzle Shield Quest (ナゾ盾クエスト) is the main quest type for the event, with a heavy focus on the puzzle element instead of card stats and skills.

Maps are used to play Puzzle Shield Quest. Players can choose one out of three levels of map use when playing, which also varies the rewards granted at completion.

Stamina level select on quest preparation screen
Puzzle Shield Quest

The signature feature of the Puzzle Shield Quest is the Puzzle Shield (ナゾ盾) on every stage, which blocks all attacks (including from Extra Attack leader skills and conditions) from player cards by reducing the damage to enemies to 1. Players are required to complete the goals specified on the Puzzle Shield to destroy it and actually deal damage to the enemies. Note that attacks from leader skills (e.g. Extra Attack) cannot be used to satisfy Puzzle Shield goals.

Enemies in Puzzle Shield Quests give ample time for the player to clear the Puzzle Shield goals with their longer turn count (typically 4~6). If the goals are not cleared before the turn count reaches zero, enemies deal very strong attacks that likely take out one or more of the player's cards. If the quest is failed or forfeited, some of the Maps used will be refunded to the player.

Stage Details Screen

Each difficulty of Puzzle Shield Quest has various Stage Effects (ステージ効果) applied. All difficulties do not allow card skills to be used, with additional effects for some difficulties that can either ease or harden the quest. Some difficulties also specify Deck Rules (デッキルール) that the deck (including supporter) players bring into the quest must follow, often to make sure that all goals can be cleared. All Puzzle Shield goals, Stage Effects and Deck Rules can be viewed in the Stage Details (ステージ詳細) window accessed through one of these buttons:

Encountering Treasurerisu in Puzzle Shield Quest

In certain stages, a Treasurerisu (おたからリス) might appear instead of the normal enemies. Clearing quests with a Treasurerisu appearance will grant more Gold Treasurecoins as Lucky Bonus (ラッキーボーナス).

Lucky Bonus in the quest results screen

In some openings of Treasure Event, certain difficulties would have their quest contents (including enemy lineup, Puzzle Shield goals, Stage Effects and Deck Rules) changed after being cleared. The new contents are randomly chosen from a pool of multiple possible sets. After failing or forfeiting such a quest, players can manually change the quest contents by tapping the Change Stage Contents (ステージの内容変更する) button in the Stage Details window.

Rewards Exchange

Rewards Exchange (報酬交換所) lets players exchange the Gold and Silver Treasurecoins gathered into various rewards, including feature characters, Sir Wildes, Wilde Stone for specific characters, gacha tickets and other materials.

Special Skills

Special Skill effect during end-quest tally

Certain characters/cards are given Special Skills (特攻スキル) for the duration of the Treasure Event, increasing the number of Gold and Silver Treasurecoins received from Map Search Quests and/or Puzzle Shield Quests. These characters/cards are referred to as Special Skill Characters/Cards (特攻キャラクター/カード). Support Characters may be newly introduced characters debuting in the event's Support Gacha, or existing characters brought upon with new Special Skills added.

Special Skills are active in all Support Cards you bring to the battle, including back-row cards, knocked-out cards, and the recruited supporter. The item drop increment also stacks across all cards. However, if the supporter is not in the same guild as you, the item drop increment is halved.

In this wiki, a list of Support Characters for each event can be found at section "Support Skill" in the respective event page. The Special Skills will also be shown in character/card pages for the duration of the event, together with a history of past Special Skills for previous events.