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The Co-op Boss Challenge Event (協力ボスチャレンジイベント) is a type of event in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.

How to play

Summoning Event Bosses

The event bosses must be first summoned for battle. Players can summon event bosses for battle by either using a Summoning Tome (召喚の書) or a Magic Stone (up to 10 times per day, resetting at 04:00 (UTC+9))

Summoning Tomes come in three varieties:

The basic Summoning Tomes can summon bosses at either Medium, Hot or Spicy difficulty. Mysterious and Wonderful Summoning Tomes, and using Magic Stones guarantees to summon bosses at Spicy difficulty.

One Summoning Tome (either basic or Mysterious) will be added every 90 minutes. Summoning Tomes can also be obtained by appraising one Unknown Tome (???の書) (from assisting with others' event bosses or otherwise) to be either basic or Mysterious Summoning Tome. Wonderful Summoning Tomes are only obtained as event or campaign rewards.

Stock Queue of Summoning Tomes, with the remaining time to receive the next free Tome, and the plus (+) button to appraise Unknown Tomes

Players can only keep a stock of five (5) basic or Mysterious Summoning Tome in a queue, and they must be used in order of obtaining. There are no capacity limit to Wonderful Summoning Tomes and Unknown Tomes. All unused Summoning Tomes obtained from one Co-op Boss Battle event do not carry to any subsequent events.

Event Boss Battle

To take on an event boss, players can choose to battle the boss using 10 stamina or 30 stamina (deprecated names: Normal Challenge (ふつうにいどむ) and Full-force Challenge (全力でいどむ) respectively). A 30-stamina battle starts with some cards having their skills immediately available (only Normal Skills for Full Power cards), and gives more User Experience (1.3×) and Challenge Point (about 3×) than a 10-stamina battle for the same level, difficulty and damage dealt.

Each battle with the event bosses only allows a designated number of turns, after which the battle is stopped with a Turn Ended (ターンエンド) prompt. The damage dealt to the event boss will be carried over into the next battles of yourself or assisting players. The boss will escape after a certain period of time after being summoned.

An event boss may have one (1) to five (5) lives, the total number indicated by PPQ CBC life.png heart marks under current HP gauge. When the HP gauge is completely drained, one heart mark will be changed into a PPQ CBC lost.png empty heart mark, and the HP gauge is fully refilled if there are still lives left. Damage dealt to the event boss that exceeds the remaining HP will not be carried into the next life.

The boss is defeated when all lives are lost, and the summoning player receives Boss Defeat Rewards (ボス撃破報酬). Unlike other events, only the cards (character/material) obtained will be delivered to the Present Box (プレゼントボックス); rewards that are not cards will be directly credited to the player's inventory/balance.

Achieving a 3+ chain in the normal turn activates Chaining Combo (れんさコンボ), adding 0.2× to the Attack multiplier hereafter. Chains happening from skills cannot activate Chaining Combo.

Note that certain rules may feature different rules than above. Refer to the individual event pages for details.

Assist Request

If the summoning player of an event boss cannot defeat the boss after one battle, they may choose to request Assist (アシスト) from other players to help defeat the boss. Assist cannot be requested if the summoning player have not battled the event boss yet.

The summoning player can choose to Send request to only guild members (ギルドメンバーだけに依頼) or Send request to everyone (みんなに依頼) (i.e. not limited to only guild members, but not literally all players). If request for Assist is only sent to guild members before, the summoning player can choose to Send additional request (アシスト追加依頼) to all players. However, if request for Assist is already sent to outside players, it cannot be reverted to limiting only to guild members.

Assisting with Others' Bosses

Unknown Tome

Assist requests available to be fulfilled can be found by tapping the Assist (アシストする) button. Battling an event boss as Assist is largely the same with battling your own summoned bosses, except that the defeat rewards are given to the summoner instead of assisting players, and that it doesn't raises the upcoming boss level for assisting players.

Entries in the list of event bosses comes in either green (from guild membets) or blue (from other players). Players can sort the list by the following keys for easier navigation:

  • Guild Member (ギルドメンバー) - assist requests from guild members first, then those from other players
  • HP, Descending (たいりょく↑) - bosses with more remaining lives and HP (by percentage) first
  • HP, Ascending (たいりょく↓) - bosses with less remaining lives and HP (by percentage) first
  • Boss Level (ボスLv) - higher level bosses first
  • Boss Type (ボスのしゅるい) - higher difficulty bosses first

Tome Fragments (本の切れはし) are granted for every Assist battle done to other players' bosses - one for 10-stamina battles and three for 30-stamina battles. Every five Tome Fragments are automatically combined into one Unknown Tome (???の書), which can be appraised to be usable Summoning Tomes. Tome Fragments currently collected are shown as orange notches on the Assist button.

Assist button (with one Tome Fragment)

Challenge Point and Gacha

Players receive Challenge Points (チャレンジP) when battling against event bosses. The points awarded for each battle is correlated with the following factors:

  • Boss level: higher level bosses gives more Challenge Points for the same difficulty and percentage of HP drained
  • Boss difficulty: compared with Medium bosses at the same level, Hot bosses give 2× Challenge Points, and Spicy bosses give 4× Challenge Points for the same percentage of HP drained
  • Percentage of HP drained: in general, more Points are awarded for greater damage is dealt with respect to the total maximum HP of the boss. Notably, the Challenge Points when at least 1% of max HP is drained can be 3× to 4× than when less than 1% is drained
  • Defeat bonus (撃破ボーナス): the player that deals the final damage to defeat the boss receives additional Challenge Points (equal to the minimum Challenge Points per battle for that boss, i.e. when less than 1% of max HP is drained)
Challenge Point Gacha box

Challenge Points can be used to roll in the Challenge Point Gacha (チャレンジPガチャ) at 100 Challenge Points per roll, or up to 10 roll at once if the player has more Points. Challenge Point Gacha contains a set lineup of rewards in the gacha box, where all rewards can be given out eventually. The current lineup may be checked by tapping the Reward Details (報酬詳細) button. Unlike other events, only the cards (character/material) obtained will be delivered to the Present Box (プレゼントボックス); rewards that are not cards will be directly credited to the player's inventory/balance.

When the gacha box is empty, players can use the Proceed to Next Box (次の箱にする) button to reset the gacha box and get a fresh lineup of rewards to roll for. Gacha box resets cannot be undone, and the lineup for each reset may not be identical. Players can choose to reset the gacha box early if they think all desired rewards have been obtained, but all undispensed rewards in the box would be considered discarded. Wrongly resetting the gacha box may lead to some rewards not obtainable again.

Challenge Points obtained from one Co-op Boss Battle event do not carry to any subsequent events.

In this wiki, a list of major rewards can be found at section "Rewards" in the respective event page.

Flipside Challenge

Flipside Challenge (裏チャレンジ) is an additional mode first introduced in Grape Havilah Challenge. It is available after reaching a designated level in the normal Challenge mode.

The mechanics of battling the Flipside Challenge Boss (裏チャレンジボス) is generally the same as the normal Challenge mode. However, the player is only allowed a limited number of plays against each Flipside Challenge Boss. Assist requests are also not applicable in this mode.

In addition to a set base-amount for each play, the player gains large amounts of Challenge Points for every life deducted from the Flipside Challenge Boss. Defeating the Flipside Boss nets the player even more Challenge Points as well as other bonus rewards.

Up to one Flipside Challenge Boss can be defeated per day. The status of the Flipside Challenge Boss and the number of plays allowed is reset at 04:00 (UTC+9).