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Fury Fury

  • Usable characters: Rouge Chulap Salamander Minoa Eldur Mio
  • 50% chance of missing attacks and takes 2× damage
    • Previously: Some chance of missing attacks, no damage increase

Fear Fear

  • Usable characters: Cyan Chulap Undine Katya Chelsea
  • Deals 1/2× attack dealt and takes 2× damage

Confusion Confusion

  • Usable characters: Viridian Chulap Sylph Mischa Mappela Paula
  • 100% chance of hitting same side for a designated number of times
    • Confusion in enemy cards counts down only when the inflicted card attacks
    • For enemies only: Confusion in player cards counts down by turn
    • Previously: Some chance of of hitting same side in a designated number of turns
  • Confused player cards cannot use active skills

Paralysis Paralysis

  • Usable characters: Gold Chulap Gnome Deena Hilda Zan
  • Turn number freezed
  • Stunned player cards cannot attack or use active skills
  • Condition is removed when damaged, at which 3× damage is taken
    • Previously: No additional damage multiplier

Poison Poison

  • Usable characters: Violet Chulap Floe Yana Poison Ringo Lyrica
  • 5% of maximum HP taken at the end of each turn
    • For enemies only: 20% of maximum HP taken
  • Poison damage can remove Stun.

Block Block.png

  • Usable characters: Kamen Inko Swan Dachoucho Fukurou Penpenguin Carbuncle Black Popoi Yukimaru
  • Inflicted cannot attack or use active skills.

Attack Up Attack up.png

  • Usable characters: Ringo Maguro Lemres Risukuma Feli Monica Vivienne Remy Una Neura Spirited Draco Carbuncle ver. 1st Anniversary Celebration Arle Black Sig
  • Inflicted has Attack increased.
  • Attack Up is not stackable: the latest used Attack Up replaces any existing one

Attack Down Attack down.png

  • Usable characters: Odorigame-Red Odorigame-Blue Odorigame-Green Odorigame-Yellow Odorigame-Purple Hohow Bird Baldanders Dongurigaeru Zoh Daimaoh Popoi Kikimora Seriri Harpy Minotauros Lagnus
  • Inflicted has Attack reduced.
  • Attack Down is not stackable: the latest used Attack Down replaces any existing one

Recovery Up Recovery up.png

  • Usable characters: Ahmar Azraq Akhdar Asfar Aswad
  • Inflicted has Recovery increased.
  • Recovery Up is not stackable: the latest used Recovery Up replaces any existing one

Counter Counter.png

  • Usable characters: Lilim Lamia Empusa Sphinx Gorgon Lugo Latos Lyude Leo Claes
  • Inflicted deals counter attack when hit.

Auto-recovery Autorcv2.png

  • Usable characters: Relaxed Skeleton T Crowned Sig Hokkorigaeru Santa Amitie Fanwool Timwool Petiwool Frauwool Krimwool
  • Inflicted recovers each turn with its own Recovery.
  • Icon was previously Autorcv (old).png.

Attack Expansion Expand.png

  • Usable characters: Scylla Lycanthrope Orkte Mummy Mamono Furisode Rider
  • Inflicted deals mass attack for only normal attacks.

Spectrum Spectrum.png

  • Usable characters: Julia Claude Bernard Elma Salome Mars Yuri Hartman Emilia Viola
  • Inflicted can attack with any color chains for only normal attacks.

Consecutive attack Consec.png

  • Usable characters: Swordfighter Amitie Seiryuu Genbu Kirin
  • Inflicted deals consecutive attacks for only normal attacks.

Explosive attack Explosive.png

  • Usable characters: Monica Vivienne Remy Una Neura
  • Inflicted deals explosive attacks for only normal attacks.

Undertake Shield.png

  • Usable characters: Kashi of the Fire Gate Sufu of the Water Gate Shimu of the Forest Gate Koru of the Holy Gate Yoki of the Darkness Gate Lugo Latos Lyude Leo Claes
  • Inflicted takes all attacks in place for other teammates, whose damage is reduced by 75%.
  • For enemies: damage reduced by 99%.

Color Mirror Shields Mirror red.pngMirror blue.pngMirror green.pngMirror yellow.pngMirror purple.png

  • Usable characters: Heartia Trump Soldier White Rabbit Alicia Grinning Cat Houjou Eishuu Hourai Taiyo Inkyou
  • Inflicted reflects color attacks matching the rim of the mirror (at a multiplier).

Color Shields Shield red.pngShield blue.pngShield green.pngShield yellow.pngShield purple.png

  • Usable characters: Zoltan Garmr Georg Lumir Perrault
  • Inflicted has same-color damage reduced by 75%.
  • For enemies: same-color damage reduced by 99%.

Color Change Punch red.pngPunch blue.pngPunch green.pngPunch yellow.pngPunch purple.png

  • Usable characters: Pamutih Suri Yogi Lolo Yando
  • Inflicted changes the color of normal attacks to that of the glove.
  • Effect overrides Expansion

Skill Down Skill down.png

  • Usable characters: Yellow Satan
  • Inflicted has Puyo Left to Skill reduced at the end of each turn.

Condition Shields Shield fury.pngShield fear.pngShield confuse.pngShield stun.pngShield poison.pngShield block.png

  • Usable characters: Enemies only
  • Resists Fury/Fear/Confuse/Paralysis/Poison/Block.

Self-destruct Countdown Bomb.pngBomb1.png

  • Usable characters: Enemies only
  • Countdown to deal mass attack by self-destruct.