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Fury Fury

  • Usable characters: Rouge Chulap Salamander Minoa Eldur Mio
  • 50% chance of missing attacks and takes 2× damage
    • Previously: Some chance of missing attacks, no damage increase

Fear Fear

  • Usable characters: Cyan Chulap Undine Katya Wacht Chelsea Oleg Krianna Yakov Maia Ruda
  • Deals 1/2× attack dealt and takes 2× damage

Confusion Confusion

  • Usable characters: Viridian Chulap Sylph Mischa Mappela Paula
  • 100% chance of hitting same side for a designated number of times
    • Confusion in enemy cards counts down only when the inflicted card attacks
    • For enemies only: Confusion in player cards counts down by turn
    • Previously: Some chance of of hitting same side in a designated number of turns
  • Confused player cards cannot use active skills

Paralysis Paralysis

  • Usable characters: Gold Chulap Gnome Deena Hilda Zan Nasos ver. Amy Dr. Eggman
  • Turn number freezed
  • Stunned player cards cannot attack or use active skills
  • Condition is removed when damaged, at which 3× damage is taken
    • Previously: No additional damage multiplier

Poison Poison

  • Usable characters: Violet Chulap Floe Yana Poison Ringo Fried Lyrica
  • 5% of maximum HP taken at the end of each turn
    • For enemies only: 20% of maximum HP taken
  • Poison damage can remove Stun.

Block Block.png

  • Usable characters: Kamen Inko Swan Dachoucho Fukurou Penpenguin Carbuncle Black Popoi Yukimaru
  • Inflicted cannot attack or use active skills.

Attack Up Attack up.png

  • Usable characters: Ringo Maguro Lemres Risukuma Feli Monica Vivienne Remy Una Neura Spirited Draco Carbuncle ver. 1st Anniversary Celebration Arle Red Amitie Black Sig Swordfighter Klug Chamali Dabih Sada Rukbat Shaula Roco ver. Tails
  • Inflicted has Attack increased.
  • Attack Up is not stackable: the latest used Attack Up replaces any existing one

Attack Down Attack down.png

  • Usable characters: Odorigame-Red Odorigame-Blue Odorigame-Green Odorigame-Yellow Odorigame-Purple Hohow Bird Baldanders Dongurigaeru Zoh Daimaoh Popoi Kikimora Seriri Harpy Minotauros Lagnus
  • Inflicted has Attack reduced.
  • Attack Down is not stackable: the latest used Attack Down replaces any existing one

Recovery Up Recovery up.png

  • Usable characters: Ahmar Azraq Akhdar Asfar Aswad Nelful Vita Grania Roco ver. Tails
  • Inflicted has Recovery increased.
  • Recovery Up is not stackable: the latest used Recovery Up replaces any existing one

Counter Counter.png

  • Usable characters: Lilim Lamia Empusa Sphinx Gorgon Lugo Latos Lyude Leo Claes Sago Inoha
  • Inflicted deals counter attack when hit.

Auto-recovery Autorcv2.png

  • Usable characters: Relaxed Skeleton T Crowned Sig Hokkorigaeru Santa Amitie Fanwool Timwool Petiwool Frauwool Krimwool
  • Inflicted recovers each turn with its own Recovery.
  • Icon was previously Autorcv (old).png.

Attack Expansion Expand.png

  • Usable characters: Scylla Lycanthrope Orkte Mummy Mamono Furisode Lidelle
  • Inflicted deals mass attack for only normal attacks.

Spectrum Spectrum.png

  • Usable characters: Julia Claude Bernard Elma Salome Mars Yuri Hartman Emilia Viola Legamünt
  • Inflicted can attack with any color chains for only normal attacks.

Consecutive attack Consec.png

  • Usable characters: Swordfighter Amitie Swordfighter Sig Suzaku Seiryuu Genbu Byakko Kirin
  • Inflicted deals consecutive attacks for only normal attacks.

Explosive attack Explosive.png

  • Usable characters: Monica Vivienne Remy Una Neura
  • Inflicted deals explosive attacks for only normal attacks.

Toughness penetration Hammer.png

  • Usable characters: Amba Somali Mongo Merina Nuba
  • Inflicted deals attacks that penetrates Toughness for only normal attacks.

Undertake Shield.png

  • Usable characters: Kashi of the Fire Gate Sufu of the Water Gate Shimu of the Forest Gate Koru of the Holy Gate Yoki of the Darkness Gate Lugo Latos Lyude Leo Claes Sago Inoha
  • Inflicted takes all attacks in place for other teammates, whose damage is reduced by 75%.
  • For enemies: damage reduced by 99%.

Color Mirror Shields Mirror red.pngMirror blue.pngMirror green.pngMirror yellow.pngMirror purple.png

  • Usable characters: Heartia Trump Soldier White Rabbit Alicia Grinning Cat Fangzhang Yingzhou Penglai Daiyu Yuanjiao
  • Inflicted reflects color attacks matching the rim of the mirror (at a multiplier).

Color Shields Shield red.pngShield blue.pngShield green.pngShield yellow.pngShield purple.png

  • Usable characters: Zoltan Garmr Georg Lumir Perrault
  • Inflicted has same-color damage reduced by 75%.
  • For enemies: same-color damage reduced by 99%.

Color Change Punch red.pngPunch blue.pngPunch green.pngPunch yellow.pngPunch purple.png

  • Usable characters: Pamutih Suri Yogi Lolo Yando
  • Inflicted changes the color of normal attacks to that of the glove.
  • Effect overrides Expansion

Skill Down Skill down.png

  • Usable characters: Yellow Satan Tsubaki Matsuno Olio An Conatsu
  • Inflicted has Puyo Left to Skill reduced at the end of each turn.

Condition Shields Shield fury.pngShield fear.pngShield confuse.pngShield stun.pngShield poison.pngShield block.png

  • Usable characters: Enemies only
  • Resists Fury/Fear/Confuse/Paralysis/Poison/Block.

Self-destruct Countdown Bomb.pngBomb1.png

  • Usable characters: Enemies only
  • Countdown to deal mass attack by self-destruct.