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The Guild Rush Event, known also as simply Guild Event (ギルドイベント), is a type of event in Puyo Puyo!! Quest, in which players cooperate with guild-mates and take on powerful enemies, and rewards are given by reaching certain numbers of bosses defeated, number of times a player challenged and overall ranking.

How to play


Guild Rush Events are available only if you are part of a guild. You and fellow guild members enter into battle taking on Guild Bosses (ギルドボス). Each battle costs 10 Magic Points for earlier bosses (currently up to 200 as of Sakura Wars Rush), and afterwards cost raises to 15 Magic Points per battle. All Guild Rush boss battles have a time limit of 10 minutes as of now. Even if you cannot defeat a Guild Boss before your deck is completely knocked out or within the time limit, the damage you dealt will be carried over into the next battles of yourself or your guild-mates. Supporters can only be chosen from your own guild.

Most modern Guild Rush events has a hard limit on the number of bosses (e.g. 1600 for Evangelion Rush). Defeating all bosses is commonly referred to as kansou (完走), and can result in guild members unable to rack up challenge numbers even if not all feature rewards are claimed. Starting from ★7 Release Commemoration! Beast Rush 2, there are additional Extra Bosses (エクストラボス) after the last normal boss, that still counts to challenge numbers but does not give defeat reward or contribute to event rankings.


When a guild successfully defeat certain number of Guild Bosses, all members are rewarded with the featured character card, exclusive transformation materials for that character, as well as other materials and items. Rewards obtained from this way will be delivered to the Present Box (プレゼントボックス) as they are rewarded. Guild members joining a guild later do not receove previous rewards that were already given out.

Each individual player also receives Challenge Number Bonus (挑戦回数ボーナス) based on the number of times they battled Guild Bosses, regardless of victory or defeat. Rewards obtained this way will also be delivered to the Present Box as they are rewarded. Some of the exclusive transformation materials must be obtained from Challenge Number Bonus to fully transform the featured character, so it is not possible for idle players to free-ride with the guild.

The total number of bosses defeated will also be ranked among all guilds which have participated in the event, and high rankers will receive additional rewards as the event concludes. In case of multiple guilds having the same number of bosses defeated, those achieving the number earlier will be ranked higher. Rewards obtained from this way will be delivered to the Present Box after ranking tally is completed (normally 00:30 JPT after the last day of the event).

In this wiki, a list of major rewards can be found at section "Rewards" in the respective event page.

Combo Bonus

For each Guild Rush boss, if you enter into battle within 10 minutes of the previous challenger, a combo (コンボ) is maintained. Challengers maintaining the combo receive Combo Bonus (コンボボーナス) of 20% increase in Attack.

Special Skills

Certain characters/cards are given Special Skills (特攻スキル) for the duration of the Guild Rush Event, increasing the stats of all cards in the deck. These characters/cards are referred to as Special Skill Characters/Cards (特攻キャラクター/カード). Support Characters may be newly introduced characters debuting in the event's Support Gacha, or existing characters brought upon with new Special Skills added.

Special Skills are active in all Support Cards you bring to the battle, including back-row cards, knocked-out cards and the recruited supporter. The stat increment also stacks across all cards.

In this wiki, a list of Support Characters for each event can be found at section "Support Skill" in the respective event page. The Special Skills will also be shown in character/card pages for the duration of the event, together with a history of past Special Skills for previous events.

Points to Note

  • Restarting the app or device will terminate the boss battle, and returns you to the main menu with the Magic Point already spent.
  • During Guild Rush events, guildmasters are not allowed to kick members unless they have not logged in for 3 days or longer.
  • During Guild Rush events, there will be no demotions from S League to A League within the Everybody Battles League Battle.