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The Gacha (ガチャ) lets players spend in-game currency or items to obtain randomly drawn character cards.

Types of Gacha

Type Cost per Roll Rarities Plus Bonus Notes
Summons Point Gacha
Summons Point 200 ★1~4 Rare
  • Good Morning Gacha (おはようガチャ) (07:00~09:00 daily)
    Puyo materials can appear
  • Lunch Break Gacha (ひるやすみガチャ) (12:00~13:00 daily)
    One free roll
Magic Stone Gacha
Magic Stone ×5 ★3~5 Guaranteed
Premium Ticket Gacha
Premium Ticket ×1 ★5 Guaranteed
Gold Ticket Gacha
Gold Ticket ×1 ★4~5 Guaranteed
Silver Ticket Gacha
Silver Ticket ×1 ★3~4 Medium
  • [deprecated] ★2 cards guarantees at Lv. 15
  • All ★2 cards reportedly removed at 2017/03/15 12:00~ update
Arcade Gacha
Linkage Point 200 ★3~5 Medium
  • Was Arcade Linkage Gacha (アーケード連動ガチャ) before 2017/04/01 (Puyo Puyo!! Quest Arcade service termination)

Gacha Appearance Summary

See PPQ:List of Card Acquisition Means.