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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Draco Centauros.Edit dataRefresh

[★4] Spirited Draco ノリノリのドラコ
Img303604 l.png

Image source: Specially drawn
Cost 14
Lv. 1 Lv. 70
HP 585 1413
Attack 157 502
Recovery 20 227
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calculations unavailable
cannot be
transformed into
[★4] Spirited Draco cannot further
Fuse: [800 + (Level - 1) × 100] EXP Sell: [5000 + (Level - 1) × 150] coins
Leader Skill Combination Enhancement Lv. 1 (コンビネーション強化 Lv.1) [+]
Effect: Effects of combination bonus increases by 150%
Skill Great Tambourine♪ (グレートタンバリン♪) [+]
Clear Green Puyo40

Effect: Attack of green cards increases to 2× in 1 round (Attack Up1)
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None
Sp. Training Not Supported
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
02. OPP Member
39. Wingbeat
42. Horned
53. Girls
Card Restrictions
Flavor Text
美少女コンテストに情熱を燃やす 人間とドラゴンのハーフ。 前向きで明るい性格。 ときどきカラ回るのがタマにキズ。
A half-dragon, half-human girl who has a burning passion for beauty contests. She's always looking ahead optimistically, but sometimes her lack of thought proves to be a shortcoming.
Monologue Lines
「まだまだテンション、あげてくよー! 最強の美少女は、盛り上げ上手なのさ♪」
"The mood's gonna rise n' rise~! As the strongest beauty, I'm great at driving excitement up♪"
「がおーーっ! 炎ブレスでヒートアップだ!」
"Raaawr~! I'ma heat it up with my fire blaze!"
「ノリノリでさわいでたら、お腹すいたよぉ ちょっと休憩~っ!」
"When I'm all fired up, I get hungry... Lemme take a break for a bit!"
Translation Credits
Translators Aruru
Editors --
Character Voice
Kaori Nazuka (名塚佳織)
Spirited Draco
[★4] Spirited Draco
Equivalent Characters of
Draco Centauros ドラコケンタウロス
Draco Centauros Spirited Draco Teahouse Draco Midsummer Draco Draco ver. PuyoChron Santa Draco Draco ver. PuyoEVA
Vigorous Draco
Steam City Draco