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[★6] Moonlight Witch つきよのウィッチ
Img428906 l.png

Image source: Specially drawn
Side Purple PuyoAttackSingle
Cost 48
Lv. 1 Lv. 99 Lv. 120
HP 2730 4200 4478
Attack 1736 2520 2667
Recovery 53 200 226
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calculations unavailable
cannot be
transformed into
[★6] Moonlight Witch
★7 Transform Board (×5 steps)
Power Strawberry
Healing Eggplant
Endurance Asparagus
any one of:
[★6] Moonlight Witch
Yellow Sir Wilde (50)
[★7] Moonlight Witch
Fuse: [3200 + (Level - 1) × 250] EXP Sell: [10,000 + (Level - 1) × 1000] coins
Leader Skill Moonlit Treasure Hunt Lv. 1 (月夜の宝探し Lv.1) [+]
Effect: For OPP Members and yellow cards, Attack increases to 3.5× and HP to 3×, and Puyo Left to Skill -1 for every Prism Ball cleared in only normal attacks
Skill Milky Way (ミルキーウェイ) [+]
Clear Yellow Puyo40

Effect: Deals mass colored attack with (no. of Yellow Puyo ×9)× Attack of self and resets the field. After that transform Red PuyoBlue PuyoGreen PuyoYellow PuyoPurple Puyo (any 6) → Prism Ball
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None
Sp. Training ???
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
02. OPP Member
30. Mushroom
53. Girls
Card Restrictions
Flavor Text
Monologue Lines
「おいッス! 月夜の森の探検も なかなかオツなものだと思いませんこと?」
「もし、暗闇で道を見失ってしまったら 星屑を集めてランプをつくるといいですわ」
「夜にしか採れない、ヒミツの材料がありますの …なので、探すのを手伝ってもらいますわよ♪」
Character Voice
Kaoru Sakura (佐倉薫)
Moonlight Witch
[★6] Moonlight Witch [★7] Moonlight Witch
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