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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Popoi and Accord.Edit dataRefresh

Big Popoi おおきいポポイ
Side Blue PuyoHPSingle

Character Cards

[★6] Big Popoi

Leader Skill Skill Battle Skill Special Skill
Side color Blue Puyo HP 3538~5204
MAX Lv. 99 Attack 1574~2260
Cost 48 Recovery 113~260
Transform --
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
Special Keywords
Puyo Fest
32. Boss!?
41. Many Mysteries
42. Glasses
48. Bearded
54. Girls
Character Restrictions
Character Voice
Miwa Kouzuki (倖月美和)
Acquisition Means
Gacha: Magic Stone Gacha (limited)
Exception Characters of
Popoi ポポイ
Popoi Black Popoi
Big Popoi
Exception Characters of
Ms. Accord アコール先生
Ms. Accord Black Ms. Accord Ms. Accord ver. PuyoChron Tea Gathering Ms. Accord
Big Popoi