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Img500903 l.png
Popoi, as he appears in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary.
Other NamesBlack Popoi (Evil Popoi, direct translation from Puyo Puyo!! Quest name)
Spanish Popoi Maligno (Evil Popoi)
Personal Info
BirthdayFebruary 22
Notable Appearances
First appearancePuyo Puyo Fever
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo Tetris 2
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseMiwa Kouzuki
EnglishKyle Hebert (Puyo Puyo Tetris)
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Popoi Black Popoi Big Popoi

Popoi is a male black cat who is usually being held by Accord. Accord claims that he is a talking puppet.


Evil Popoi (Aka the "Prince of Darkness")

Puyo Puyo Fever

He is the final boss of the game, claiming to be the "Prince of Darkness." This, however, may be just an act set up by Accord, as he is "not ready yet" by the time Raffina shows up at the castle. Amitie regards him with seriousness, not accusing him of being a puppet, while Raffina believes that he is totally false and set up by Accord. After his defeat, he mysteriously appears with Accord, no worse for wear, in the endings.

Puyo Puyo Fever 2, 15th Anniversary, Tetris, Chronicle, Tetris 2

Popoi only appears as a cameo character with occasional lines in cutscenes involving Accord. He also appears as her fourth spell in every game starting here, where he's thrown at the screen.

Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary

In Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, he runs the shop, where the player can exchange points for Puyo skins, alternate costumes, voices, and trivia. More information about the trivia can be found at the article below.

Main article: Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary/Trivia

If you continuously purchase his trivia, he will randomly give away Unusual Ecolo or one of the hidden modes ported from 15th Anniversary. On the PSP, Wii, and 3DS versions of the game, you can get 4 extra BGM from Puyo Puyo 7, listed as BGM 15-18.


  • His birthday of February 22nd is Cat Day in Japan (not to be confused with National Cat Day), the same day as George Washington's, to relate to Accord's birthday, who is the same day as Abraham Lincoln's. It is also double of Akuma's birthday of January 11th, perhaps to signify that Akuma and Popoi rank first and second among whatever species they are.
  • To date, Popoi is the only character to get a vocal track while not being playable in 20th. While he is present in that game, it is only as a shop vendor and NPC for Accord's cutscenes and animations.


Puyo Puyo


Character specific mechanics


Pieces Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Dropset 2.png Dropset 3.png Dropset B.png Dropset 4.png Puyo
Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 3.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 3.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 3.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset B.png Dropset 2.png Dropset B.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 4.png 10 0 2 1 32


Puyo Pop Fever

Player Chain (Popoi Type)
Chain Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Chain 1 にゃっ Nya. Meow.
Chain 2 よいしょ Yoisho. Good. Meow!
Chain 3 いくにゃりよ Iku nyari yo! (Here I) Go meow!
Chain 4 にゃんつー Nyan, tsu...! One, two...! Go, go, meow!
Chain 5 ジャンプにゃ Janpu, nya! Jump/ing, meow!
Repeater パワーにゃっぷ Pawaa Nyappu Power Up, meow!
Spell 1 ウィップにゃ Wippu, nya! Whip, meow!
Spell 2 シューティングスター Shuutin Sutaa Shooting Star
Spell 3 ギャラクシーだにゃ Gyarakushii, da nya! Galaxy, meow!
Spell 4 スターダストウィップ Sutaadasto Wippu Stardust Whip
Spell 5 ブラックホール Burakku Hōru Black Hole
Enemy Attack
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Light んにゃ Nnya... Meow!
Heavy にゃにゃぁ~!? Nya nya!? Meow meow!
Fever Mode
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Entered/All Clear 決まったにゃり Kimatta nyari! This will end it, meow. Rocking, meow!
Succeed にゃりん~♪ Nyarin~! Meow wow!
Failed はにゃん… Hanyan... Meow... Oh, meow wow!
Match Start and Result
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Character Select うにゃにゃん Nya nya! Meow meow!
Win 我輩の勝ちにゃりね Wagahai-no kachi nyari ne! Victory for the great meow! Beat you, meow!
Lose んにゃ~~ Nnya~... Meowow... Oh, not meow!

20th Anniversary

Puyo Skin Store
Alt Voice Store
Alt Costume Store
Trivia Store
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