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Harpy PuyoPuyoChronicles.png
Harpy, as she appears in Puyo Puyo Chronicles
Other NamesDark Elf
Personal Info
BirthdaySeptember 13
Notable Appearances
First appearanceMadou Monogatari 3
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo Chronicles
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseWakana Yamazaki (Puyo Puyo CD)
Satomi Koorogi (Puyo Puyo~n)
Risa Taneda (Puyo Puyo!! Quest)
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Harpy Songstress Harpy Harpy ver. PuyoChron Rocker Harpy

Harpy is a winged humanoid who likes to sing, even when she's talking. She was originally known for being completely absorbed in her singing, to the point that she ignores anyone that talks to her. Later games would instead give her a horrible singing voice.

She is also known for her unique AI pattern: at the start of the match, she will quickly line the left and right walls of her field with Puyo.


Madou Monogatari series

Harpy debuted as a regular enemy in Madou Monogatari 123. Madou Monogatari: Hanamaru Dai Youchienji is the first game to give her a horrible singing voice.

Puyo Puyo

Harpy is the fourth opponent of Scenario mode, and is the first opponent that players who select Difficult will face. As Harpy flies around and sings, Arle tells Harpy to let her pass.

In the English version, she is known as Dark Elf and is slightly different in appearance. Aside from the fact that she no longer flies around, the cutscene is essentially identical.

Puyo Puyo Tsu

Harpy resides on the third floor. Arle attempts to talk to her, but realizes that Harpy is completely focused on singing.

Puyo Puyo Sun

Draco Centauros comes across Harpy, who has collapsed from heat exhaustion. Draco gives Harpy a drink, which causes Harpy to fly into the air. Draco believes that Harpy will sing her a song of gratitude; unfortunately, the resulting melody leaves Draco writhing in pain.

Minna de Puyo Puyo

Harpy appears in the stages Gold Town, Gachinko Dungeon, and Trial Labyrinth. Like in other games, Harpy stacks her Puyo on the sides of her field.

In Trial Labyrinth, however, the Puyo fall too fast for her to stack the Puyo at the top of the walls, leading her to constantly fill up the right side of her field. This creates a pattern similar to Nohoho's but a lot less effective because of the presence of 4 colors.

Puyo Puyo 7

Harpy cameos in Puyo Puyo 7. She appears if the player battles Draco as Amitie.

Puyo Puyo!! Quest

Main article: PPQ:Manzai Demo Theater/Shiver! Songstress' Encore

Puyo Puyo Chronicles

Harpy is available as a Skill Battle-exclusive character, alongside Seriri, Lagnus, Dongurigaeru and Onion Pixy.


In one of the animated Puyo Puyo shorts featured in Disc Station, Harpy tries to teach Seriri how to "sing", thus ruining Seriri's beautiful voice.


  • In Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche, Coconuts and Broom Hatter use her AI strategy.
  • While the English version of the first arcade game changes many of the characters' names, Harpy is the only character whose sprites are edited. She loses her wings and wears a dark-colored dress.
  • Her AI pattern is inherited by Yu.


Puyo Puyo

Madou Monogatari


Character specific mechanics

Super attack

Puyo Puyo~n
Kawaru Wa Yo~: All of the player's Nuisance Puyo change into random colors.
Pocket Puyo Puyo~n
07-Jammer Wall: A 1x2 wall is placed at a random location on the opponent's field; it is capable over overwriting any placed Puyo.
Puyo Puyo Box
Wildcard: All of the player's Nuisance Puyo change into random colors.


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