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Party PuyoPuyoTetris.jpg
Margin timeN/A
Target points120
OffsettingContinuous (Puyo Puyo)
Classic (Tetris)
All clear bonus Preset 4 chain

Party (パーティ Paati) is a game mode that appears in Puyo Puyo Tetris and Puyo Puyo Tetris 2.


Every player picks either Puyo Puyo or Tetris. The general gameplay is similar to standard Puyo Puyo or Tetris, however the key difference is that, instead of simply knocking out your opponent, you're tasked with getting the highest score within a time limit of 2, 3, or 5 minutes (1 minute in Endurance). A player topping out instead causes their board to reset and distributes score to all other players in the match. Like Fever (rule), dropsets are present, offsetting will prevent garbage from being inflicted, and All Clear provides the player with a preset 4-chain if playing Puyo. Although Quick Drop is enabled by default, Fast Drop can be superior in this mode due to only the latter providing points while dropping a pair of Puyo.

During the match, players are capable of obtaining powers from a special item block distributed randomly on the board, providing benefits to the one that cleared it or hindrances to the opponent. Clearing one requires one to create a chain adjacent to it, and once cleared it will be replaced with a new block. A positive effect causes a player's board to glow blue, while a negative effect causes a player's board to glow red.

When there are only 20 seconds left, a chime will sound. This will happen again at ten seconds, and at five seconds for the final countdown accompanied by five chimes before the final bell goes off to signify the end of the match.

List of Items

Items colored in Red are Sabotaging, while Green ones are Helpful, Blue is Special and Orange ones are Offensive. In PPT1, Pentominos are marked as Sabotaging in-game, but receiving an I-Pentomino can grant the player an opportunity to perform a Tetris Plus, which gives double the score of a Tetris. Meanwhile, in PPT2, depending on which piece is next when the Fixed Minos item is cleared, it can grant the player access to 5 consecutive T-tetriminos or I-tetriminos, which can have their own unique benefits for stacking or attacking. Consequently, these are marked as Blue.

Image Description
Party rotation.png No Rotating (かいてんきんし)
Cause opponents to become unable to rotate their pieces for some time.
Possibly based on how certain AI characters play.
Party speedup.png Drop Speed Up (スピードアップ)
Causes the opponent's speed to dramatically speed up, for placement and chain resolving.
Based on encounters with Satan in most games.
Party searchlight.png Searchlight (サーチライト)
Darkens the opponents' fields illuminated by just a swaying searchlight.
Based on Searchlight mode.
Party atkup.png Attack Up (こうげきりょくアップ)
Increases the number of nuisance sent by the player.
Party clear.png Garbage Cleanup (おじゃまクリア)
Erases all of the player's Garbage Puyos on the field.
Possibly based on some super attacks from Yon.
Party reflect.png Garbage Reflector (リフレクト)
Reflects taken nuisance back to the sender for some time.
Party 1color.png Single Color Puyos (ツモ一色)
The player's dropset becomes all single-color Puyos.
※ Only for Puyo Puyo players
Party 1mino.png Single Minos (シングルミノへんか)
The player's dropset becomes all singlular polyominoes (1-block pieces) for next 7 pieces.
※ Only for Tetris players
Party 5mino.png Pentominos (ペントミノへんか)
Dropsets for Tetris-playing opponents becomes all pentominos (5-block pieces).
If I-Tetriminos are under this effect, Tetris Plus (clearing 5 or more lines at a time) can be performed.
※ Only when there are Tetris opponents in Puyo Puyo Tetris
PPT2 RepeatMinos.png Fixed Minos (ミノ固定)
Dropsets for Tetris playing opponents all consist of the same Tetromino for the next 5 pieces.
※ Only when there are Tetris opponents in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2
Party freeze.png Frozen Puyos (こおりづけ)
Causes all of Puyo-playing opponents' Puyos to freeze over.
Based on Ice Blocks.
※ Only when there are Puyo Puyo opponents
Party vacuum.png Score Vacuum (スコアばきゅ〜む)
Steal points from all opponents.
※ Only for players not in first place.


  • Tetris sends more garbage with combos and T-spins in this mode when battling Puyo, compared to Versus. This is because, when the game was rebalanced in 2015, the changes were never applied to Party.