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Margin time128
Target points90
All clear bonus None

Underwater (すいちゅう, Suichuu) is a mode that appears in Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary. It appears as an unlockable mode.


The board is somewhat inverted. Instead of dropping Puyos to the bottom, they are dipped into water. The buoyancy of the Puyos causes the properties to be change, for example Puyos will push any other Puyos in the way down, and depending on how it's rotated will either push a single column twice down or push two columns down once. Because of the difficulty of creating chains, the properties of Garbage Puyos are different, only dropping when a proper row is created. Any leftovers won't be dropped unless it creates another row of Puyos. Said Garbage Puyos are dropped from the top and will push everything down. If the player's Puyos touches the bottom, they are knocked out.

Because of the water properties, the game is generally much slower then a normal Puyo Puyo match. No character-specific backgrounds are used either.


Very Easy

The player plays with 3 colors.


The player plays with 3 colors.


The player plays with 4 colors.


The player plays with 5 colors.

Very Hard

The player plays with 5 colors.