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Slot PuyoPuyo20thAnniversary.png
Margin time192
Target points240
All clear bonus Preset 4-Chain

Slot (スロット Surotto) is a gameplay mode that appears in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary.


The mode itself is based on Fever rules. This means that dropsets are used, offsetting is continuous, and the dead zone occupies the 3rd and 4th columns. The main gimmick is the titular slot. Every 30 seconds (default), the timer stops and changes the match with a random effect, either benefiting the player, hindering the enemy, or hindering both players. However on the last 10 seconds the timer pauses, being only able to move by offsetting. Offsetting in addition to it's normal properties also speeds up the timer, by reducing it by 4 seconds per offset. Which player offsets last will gain control of the slot, gaining any of its benefits.

Each effect is color coded based on effect.

Pink- Effects the user.

Blue- Effects the opponent.

Green- Effects all players.

List of Effects

Image Description
Slot Speed Up.png Speed Up (スピードアップ)
Causes the opponent's speed to dramatically speed up. This includes the dropping speed and the chain speed. This can benefit or hinder the opponent depending on how they adapt to the speed, since it makes building chains harder but also speeds them up too.
Slot Freeze.png Freeze (こおりづけ)
Causes all of the opponent's Puyos to freeze over, defrosting after 4 intervals.
Slot Ice Puyo.png Nuisance Present (おじゃまプレセント)
Causes opponents to receive two rows of Hard Puyos. This counts as separate from the opponent's Garbage Puyo cache, meaning it will dump on the next interval, and then whatever is in the Garbage Puyo cache on the interval after that.
Slot Reset.png Chain Preset Get (連鎖のタネゲット)
Clears the player's board of everything, and provides them with a preset board. This may hinder or benefit the player depending on the situation.
Slot Erase.png Nuisance Clear (おじゃまクリア)
Erases all of the player's Garbage Puyos on the field.
Slot Swap.png Field Swap (フィールド交換)
Players swap boards with each other. However anything in the Garbage Puyo cache won't carry over. Chains do carry over, so for example if one player has done a 3 chain, another starts an 8 chain, and the boards swap, the first player will end up having an 11 chain.
Slot Spinner.png Field Spinner (フィールド回転)
Flips over all player boards, similar to Spinner.


Very Easy
The player plays with 3 colors plus slightly decreased drop speed.
The player plays with 3 colors.
The player plays with 4 colors.
The player plays with 5 colors.
Very Hard
The player plays with 5 colors plus slightly increased drop speed.