Bomb Puyo

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Bomb Puyo
Bomb party.png
Margin timeNone
Target pointsNone
All clear bonus None

Bomb Puyo (ばくだんぷよぷよ) is perhaps the most obscure game rule of all Puyo Puyo's history. It only appears in Puyo Puyo~n, and at that, it only appears in the Nintendo 64 version (Puyo Puyo~n Party), being the only console-exclusive rule to date.

This mode is not to be confused with Bomber rule from 15th Anniversary, which has an extremely different structure, and instead of featuring Bomb Puyos only has generic bombs.


In essence, Bomb Puyo mode is the Puyo series' adaptation of the party game "Hot Potato".

At the top of the screen is a Bomb Puyo, the rarest and most dangerous Puyo of all. This bomb is constantly ticking down, and after a set amount of time, will explode. The goal is to not be the person with the bomb when it explodes. The bomb falls into a random player's position to start with, and by clearing Puyo next to it, it can be sent to another player. Anybody who doesn't have the bomb when it goes off is the winner, so there can be up to 3 winners.

Many features typical of Puyo are inaccessible in this mode. For example, you cannot send garbage to your opponent, meaning that there is no Margin Time, no Neutralizing, and nothing else of that sort.

Uniquely, you cannot select a playable character, but unlike 4-players mode of Puyo Puyo Tsu and like normal 4-players mode of the Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 versions of the same game, you aren't Arle, either. You play as nobody but yourself in this mode.


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