Trap (rule)

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Ppf showcase trap.png
Margin time128
Target points120
All clear bonus

Outside of fever mode:

  • Preset 4 chain
  • +5 time bonus

Entering fever mode:

  • +2 chain bonus
  • +5 time bonus

In fever mode:

  • +2 chain bonus
  • +5 time bonus

Trap (also known as トラップ, Torappu) is a game mode in Puyo Puyo Fever and Puyo Puyo Fever 2. In the console (and PC) versions of the former, it is exclusive to two player mode. This is one of the few game modes that has not returned for Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary and onwards.


The mode plays identically to Fever mode, but with one key difference. Every character has a drastically lowered chaining power in Fever, meaning they are not only not sending as much garbage, but also not offsetting as much. This mode turns the Fever mode into a trap, as they will not be able to handle larger chains from outside of Fever.

This mode can be "played" in later games, and even the Fever games, by reducing the Fever Power to its lowest value. However, the actual Trap mode sets all character chain powers to their minimum in Fever while the Fever Power has a noticeably less powerful impact. For example, a two chain would only remove/send two nuisance in Trap mode while even with the lowest possible Fever Power, it would still send at least an entire row's worth of garbage.


Very Easy
The player starts with 3 fever points, and plays with 3 colors. Attack powers are much more powerful.
The player starts with 1 fever point, and plays with 3 colors. Attack powers are more powerful.
The player plays with 4 colors. Starting here, they start with 0 fever points.
Attack powers are weaker. Aside from that, identical to Normal.
Very Hard
The player plays with 5 colors. Attack powers are much weaker.