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Bomber PuyoPuyo15thAnniversary.png
Margin time128
Target points60
All clear bonus None

Bomber (ばくだん, Bakudan) is a mode that appears in Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary. It appears as an unlockable mode. This should not be confused with Bomb Puyo from Puyo Puyo~n Party.


This mode uses the offsetting rules used in Fever, but the general gameplay is based on Tsu. However instead of Garbage Puyos, players drop bombs onto the opponent's field. Bombs countdown by each interval, 4 by default. Once the timer hits 0, all surrounding Puyos will transform into Hard Puyos that requires the player to clear twice. However, bombs can be removed by creating chains adjacent to the bomb, similar to a Garbage Puyo.

There are two types of bombs in the player's cache, small bombs and big bombs. Small bombs won't drop onto the opponent's field, instead they serve as material to create big bombs. Once a big bomb is created from chaining, it will drop onto the opponent's field. 6 small bombs will create a big bomb, while any leftovers will be counted as small bombs. If the cache is filled with big bombs, small bombs won't be shown nor will the cache change.


Very Easy

The player plays with 3 colors.


The player plays with 3 colors.


The player plays with 4 colors.


The player plays with 5 colors.

Very Hard

The player plays with 5 colors.


  • A similar concept would be used in the battle modes for Puyo Puyo!! Quest. One of the powers being a bomb that can be cleared away with an adjacent chain, but will turn surrounding Puyos into Garbage Puyos if the timer counts down to 0.