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Swap PuyoPuyoTetris.jpg
Margin time96
Target points70
All clear bonus +30 Nuisance Puyo sent on your next chain

Swap (スワップ Suwappu) is a mode that appears in Puyo Puyo Tetris and Puyo Puyo Tetris 2.


A swap combo in progress.

The playfield changes at a set interval between Puyo Puyo and Tetris. Before the match begins, which playstyle is used to start the match is selected randomly. After the match begins, a timer at the top of the screen begins counting down, and once it reaches 0, the boards swap, and the timer is reset.

If a Puyo pair or Tetrimino isn't dropped into place before the board swaps, it will continue to fall on the inactive board without the player's input. If it clears a line or chain this way, and the player clears a line or chain on the active board sometime close to this occurring, a swap combo will occur, increases the damage of the attack. Performing further attacks after, such as by a chain or combo, will add to the swap combo, further increasing the damage of each individual attack. After beginning a swap combo, there is just enough time for 5 Puyo chain links, or 8 Tetris line clears, to be performed.

The swap timer's initial value decreases by two seconds once every four swaps.


3 colors used (Puyo Puyo), lower gravity
4 colors used (Puyo Puyo), normal gravity
5 colors used (Puyo Puyo), higher gravity