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Swap PuyoPuyoTetris.jpg
Margin timeN/A
Target pointsN/A
All clear bonus Yes

Swap is a mode that appears in Puyo Puyo Tetris.


Player creates a combo.

Both players utilize Puyo Puyo and Tetris. Before the start of a match, which playstyle is used to start with is determined with a roulette that randomly picks Tetris or Puyo Puyo, then the players start the match. 30 seconds are on the top center of the screen, and during this time the player controls Puyo Puyo or Tetris. Once the timer is over, the boards are swapped over to the other playstyle.

Puyo or Tetrimino will still fall when in the back, and if it manages to create a chain it will create a combo, which will stack on top of chains. However if the player doesn't create a chain due to the fallen piece, the Puyo or Tetrimino will disappear. In the scenario that the player is knocked out at the same time the board switches, the player won't be knocked out until it swaps back to the filled board.

Cosmetically, the backgrounds and music are always defaulted between Puyo Puyo and Tetris. Puyo Puyo uses the standard Puyo Puyo field and "Theme of Puyo Puyo" song, while Tetris uses the default Tetris field and "Korobeiniki/Tetris Type-A" song. During matches characters will sound exhausted or upset when either of their boards is filled during a swap, and the board in the background may begin to sweat and shake when filled.


3 colors used (Puyo Puyo)
4 colors used (Puyo Puyo)
5 colors used (Puyo Puyo)