Mission Puyo

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Mission Puyo
Mission Puyo
Margin timeN/A
Target pointsN/A
All clear bonus N/A

Mission Puyo (Nazo Puyo, なぞぷよ) is a gameplay rule featured in Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary, Puyo Puyo 7, and Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary. It is named after, but is different from, the Nazo Puyo series of games released for the Game Gear, Super Famicom, and Disc Station.


Mission Puyo does not feature direct combat of any sort; instead, players aim to complete several tasks. Completing one of these tasks is worth a single point, and a player wins the round by reaching a point total based on their difficulty level. A new task is assigned when one player finishes the previous task or when 100 seconds have elapsed since the task was assigned.

Tasks can include:

  • Making a certain chain length or longer.
  • Making exactly a certain chain length.
  • Popping two or more color groups at once.
  • Popping more than four Puyo at once.
  • Popping a Puyo on a designated tile.
  • Popping a particular number of a specific Puyo color.

Difficulty levels

Very Easy
The player needs 2 points to win the round.
The player needs 3 points to win the round.
The player needs 4 points to win the round.
The player needs 6 points to win the round.
Very Hard
The player needs 8 points to win the round.