Mission Puyo

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Mission Puyo
Mission Puyo
Margin timeN/A
Target pointsN/A
All clear bonus N/A

Mission Puyo (Nazo Puyo, なぞぷよ) is a gameplay rule featured in Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary, Puyo Puyo 7, and Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary. It is loosely based on the Compile-era games' "Nazo Puyo" gameplay mode, reimagining its objective-based gameplay into a competitive mode.


Mission Puyo does not feature direct combat of any sort; instead, players aim to complete several tasks. Completing one of these tasks is worth a single point, and a player wins the round by reaching a point total based on their difficulty level. A new task is assigned when one player finishes the previous task or when 100 seconds have elapsed since the task was assigned.

Tasks can include:

  • Making a certain chain length or longer.
  • Making exactly a certain chain length.
  • Popping two or more color groups at once.
  • Popping more than four Puyo at once.
  • Popping a Puyo on a designated tile.
  • Popping a particular number of a specific Puyo color.

Difficulty levels

Very Easy
The player needs 2 points to win the round.
The player needs 3 points to win the round.
The player needs 4 points to win the round.
The player needs 6 points to win the round.
Very Hard
The player needs 8 points to win the round.