Skill Battle

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Skill Battle
Margin timeNone (presumably)
Target points70 (presumably)
All clear bonus A preset 4-chain

Skill Battle is the name of the primary mode in Puyo Puyo Chronicle, and the one used in the majority of the story mode. This mode is unlike standard Puyo Puyo rules, because it is generally not made around multiplayer. It is the only mode to not be available in the Single Player Arcade, and one of three rules to be a part of the Puzzle League of Chronicle, with Fever (rule) and Tsu (rule) being the others.

This is the only mode in Chronicle that allows the use of the enemy recruits, Harpy, Seriri, Lagnus, Donguri Gaeru, and Onion Pixie.

Basic rules

The goal of Skill Battle is to reduce the opponent's HP to 0, and to have your own HP not reduced to 0. Instead of being instantly lethal as usual, having a Puyo on the X spot will take a massive chunk of your HP. This mode is always played with four colors, however each character can guarantee a particular color will show up; the same one depicted in the background of their portrait.

Three characters fight together at once. Their voice clips alternate with each other, and use the character's designated voice pattern (which is the same one in Tsu mode). Characters have individual statistics, and their own Passive and Active Skills, however dropsets and chaining powers are ignored (as the above mentioned characters have no dropsets). Equipment, which also augment these stats, is also featured. The stats are as follows: HP, MP, Attack, Defense, and Recovery. MP is used to cast Active Skills, which are used with the X button. Active Skills are noted on the character's page.

Characters online have identical stats and equipment to progress in the RPG Mode.

RPG Mode Differences

In the RPG Mode, a few differences are made.

  • The camera depicts all characters participating in the battle.
  • It also depicts a unique background, matching the character's color, when any of them are casting a spell.
  • The Y button changes the current active target, if there is more than one target.
  • At the start of the match, if the RPG Mode Assist option is on, a preset 3 chain will appear.
  • If Arle attacks the overworld enemy from behind, the player gets a preset 3 or 5 chain, depending on if the option is toggled on.
  • If she is back attacked herself, garbage will fall either immediately or after the preset chain. HP damage is also immediately taken.


  • Seriri's spell chain may be intended to reference Puyo Puyo~n. However, she does not have Arle's voice pattern, which breaks the reference.