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For the various skins you can make Puyo, see List of Puyo skins.

This is a list of all the Puyo types that appear throughout the Puyo Puyo series.

Colored Puyos

Puyos (Puyo Chron.).png

Colored Puyos are the Puyos that you play with. Under standard rules, you connect 4 Puyos of the same color to clear them and make a chain. Matches generally use 3, 4, or 5 different colors of Puyo (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Violet or Purple), with 4 being the standard for competitive matches. In the Famicom and MSX2 Puyo Puyo, it is possible to play with a total of six colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Gray, Light Green, and Blue), however the sixth color would be scrapped once the series reached arcades, with five becoming the maximum.

Garbage Types

Garbage Puyo

Big Nuisance Puyo (ver. 20th).png

A Garbage Puyo serves no purpose except to clog up your field and mess up your chains, hence the name Garbage Puyo. Garbage Puyos can be cleared by clearing a colored Puyo that touches the Garbage Puyo (either horizontally or vertically, not diagonally).

Point Puyo

Puyo point.png

A Point Puyo is a Garbage Puyo except clearing it will produce a point bonus for the chain. This bonus is 50 points in most games. In Puyo Puyo~n, the bonus varies and ranges from 50 to 500,000 (500K). In Puyo Puyo~n, the bonus that the Point Puyo produces is indicated on the Puyo. Point Puyos are usually colored differently to distinguish them from Garbage Puyos or any of the other garbage types. In Puyo Puyo Tsu, they are perfectly spherical and blue in color, with a violet-colored core. In Puyo Puyo~n they remain their original circular shape, but are now tinted yellow.

Hard Puyo

Hard Nuisance Puyo (ver. 20th).png

A Hard Puyo is a stronger version of a Garbage Puyo. Clearing a Hard Puyo will turn it into a Garbage Puyo which can then be cleared normally. In Puyo Puyo~n, there are varying strengths of Hard Puyo, which range from Hard-1 (Puyos must be cleared once before it turns into a Garbage Puyo) to Hard-9 (Puyos must be cleared 9 times before it turns into a Garbage Puyo). In Puyo Puyo~n, the strength of the Hard Puyo, when it needs to be cleared more than once, is indicated on the Puyo. Hard Puyos are also created when bombs explode in Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary. Hard Puyos are square or rectangular in order to make them distinguishable from Garbage Puyos or any of the other garbage types.

Clearing two or more normal Puyos adjacent to a Hard Puyo counts as multiple clears, and could remove it immediately skipping the Garbage Puyo state. In most games a crack sound effect is given, and the Hard Puyo's eyes seen floating up out of the field.

Garbage Chu Puyo


A Garbage Chu Puyo is a variant of Garbage Puyo that was introduced in Puyo Puyo Fever 2. It has the same functionality as a regular Garbage Puyo.

Iron Puyo

Puyo iron.png

An Iron Puyo is a Garbage Puyo that can't be cleared by normal means. It was introduced in Super Nazo Puyo Tsu and can also be summoned by three super attacks in Pocket Puyo Puyo~n. In the former game, they can't be cleared by any means; in the latter, all Iron Puyos are erased by clearing six Puyos simultaneously.

Miscellaneous Types

Sun Puyo

Sun Puyo (ver. 20th).png

A Sun Puyo is a type of Puyo that plays a major role in Puyo Puyo Sun. Clearing a Sun Puyo increases the amount of Garbage Puyos sent to your opponent, but provides no point bonus to your chain. They are tied to games using the Sun rule (Puyo Puyo Sun, Pocket Puyo Puyo~n, Puyo Puyo Box, Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, Puyo Puyo Chronicle), but the "Solar Ray" super attack in Puyo Puyo Box's "Yon" style allows the player to summon a single Sun Puyo.

Block Puyo

Puyo wall.png

A Block Puyo is just that; it's a block. Block Puyos always stay in the position they are placed at and don't fall when there is space below it. They are preset in the Nazo Puyo games and Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary's Block mode, but can be summoned by three super attacks in Pocket Puyo Puyo~n; in the case of super attack #17 (Wall Bomb), they drop like Garbage Puyos and only obtain their gravity-defying properties upon being placed. They are unclearable in every game except Pocket Puyo Puyo~n, where every Block Puyo is erased when the player matches six Puyos simultaneously.

Bomb Puyo

Bomb Puyo (ver. 15th).png

A Bomb Puyo appeared first at Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary's Bomber mode. They always at a timer in 4 times, if you drop colored puyos, it will low down into 3 times, example: 1. Dropped 1 time - 3 times 2. Dropped 2 times - 2 times,...etc. If the timer sets to 0 times, it will explode and make the colored puyos around it into Hard Puyos. Bomb Puyos have a circular shape shaped like a bomb, have the fire on its rope. In Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary, if they pop 4 puyos or more to a player, a small bomb puyo have created. But if they send 5 small bomb puyos in player 2, or 2 players (P2, P3)...etc., it will transform into a big bomb puyo. Big Bomb Puyo have 5 Small Bomb Puyos in it. If the player drops colored puyos, the bomb will go to the player's field. So you can make the chain to get rid of them like Garbage Puyos.