Transitions 2: Chaining on the Second Floor

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Now that you know both Stairs and Sandwich, it's finally time to make some really big chains.

Stairs and Sandwich

Have you tried extending a Stairs chain on the second floor by using more Stair-type forms? Well, as you've probably already experienced for yourself, it doesn't work out too well.



I didn't mention it before, but that's because the Key Puyo in Stairs connect not only to the sides, but also below. That's why on the second floor, a lot of people choose to do Sandwich instead. The Puyo involved in Sandwich are more "self-contained," so you don't have to worry about any color conflicts.


The difficult part is modifying your transition. It's always possible to do a "short" transition like this:


But if you want to squeeze more out of your chain, it's better to do something that uses up more of Column 1, like this:


The critical part is making sure you have all the necessary Puyo. I hope you noticed that compared to the "short" Transition I presented earlier, I needed an extra Red and Green in the previous chain in order for it to work.


Sandwich Transition

The Sandwhich Transition is actually easier to build than the Stairs Transition. Just like with Stairs, you need a column that goes straight up. But thanks to Sandwich's structure, you don't have to do any crazy color counting. It's much more straightforward.


There is still one thing you need to watch out for. For one, the transition and the Sandwich in Column 2 can NOT be the same color.


"What is this??"

... Unless you do this:


If you want to chain on the second floor, you should keep using Sandwich.


Once you've mastered making Sandwich on the second floor, you should be able to consistently construct an 8-10 chain every single match. Once you can, you should move on to the next guide.

Patterns in Action

A good way to learn patterns is to watch pro-play videos and hope the forms get burned into your brain. So here you go, watch these videos! (Kame spamming Stairs on the first floor and Sandwich on the second floor. (Four videos)) (Shoe complaining about H1N1.) (S2PID losing a lot.)

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