Miscellaneous Chains

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Some of the chains on this page are more of a "proof of concept", rather than a real form.


A reversible chain has two trigger points, each at a different end of the chain.

Chain Chain


Kamaitachi (かまいたち) is a special type of base that doubles as a Hellfire and can potentially be reversible.

Chain Chain Chain


A derivative of Kamaitachi invented by Kame, Kameitachi (かめいたち) functions in the same way. For reference, watch this video.

Chain Chain

Rising Dragon

(昇竜連鎖) A chain that climbs upwards. This makes sandwich an incredibly useful form to know.


Two-on-Two Stacking

Two-on-Two Stacking (ニコニコ積み) refers to this style of chaining:


Same-Color Chaining

A Same-Color Chain (同色連鎖) has two separate, same-colored groups pop consecutively.

Chain Chain

Kenny Formula

Kenny Formula refers to the most popular 19 Chain.


Ghost Chain

A group of Puyo in the hidden 13th row won't pop unless it drops down to Row 12 or lower. A Ghost Chain (幽霊連鎖) takes advantage of this mechanic.