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NOTE: These guides are a work in progress. Please post any fixes or suggestions in the forum topic:

Welcome to our site's Puyo Puyo Guides, written by S2PID. Special thanks to Tangerine, Ash, shoesama, Hernan, and Keiji for providing Puyo terminology, techniques, and videos. Also special thanks to ojama_fr and BLueBLue for providing me with motivation ( ◜◡◝).

Part 1: Familiarizing Yourself with the Game

New to the game? Read these guides to gain a general understanding of the game.

  1. Introduction to Competitive Puyo Puyo
  2. The Blocking Method

Part 2: Learning to Chain

Read these guides to learn how to chain more efficiently.

  1. Patterns 1: Stairs
  2. Transitions 1: The Second Floor
  3. Patterns 2: Sandwich
  4. Transitions 2: Chaining on the Second Floor
  5. Efficiency 1: Color Decisions
  6. Patterns and Transitions 3: GTR & More

Part 3: Advanced Techniques

These techniques require a good understanding of the game before you can execute them.

  1. Efficiency 2: Tailing
  2. Special Maneuvers and Mechanics
  3. Garbage Management: Digging and Counters
  4. Basics of Observation, Harassment, and Strategy
  5. Situational Analysis: Case Studies - Coming Soon

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