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Img222906 l.png
Ai, as he appears in Puyo Puyo Tetris.
Other NamesI
Notable Appearances
First appearancePuyo Puyo Tetris
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo!! Quest
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseYuuki Tai
EnglishJoe J Thomas
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information

Ai is a character in Puyo Puyo Tetris. He is the chief engineer on the Starship Tetra. Normally a knowledgeable gentleman, he breaks into tears and a dog-like whimper when panicking.

Like the other Tetris-based characters, he is named after a Tetrimino. The namesake Tetrimino motif is visible on his boots.

His dropset is identical to Donguri Gaeru's.



Ai takes the appearance of a tall, humanoid dog. His skin color is a very pale color of beige, and he also has cyan-colored irises. He wears tight blue clothes similar to Tee's, with button-imbued clothes with cyan linings. The two notable parts of these clothes are the ones covering his shoulders and back legs. He wears gloves on his hands, coupled with boots on his feet.


Ai is very intelligent. As the engineer of the Spaceship Tetra, he is in charge of maintaining it in good condition and repairing it when it becomes broken. He also speaks in a very calm and refined matter. However, he is prone to being startled by others, especially Jay and Elle. In this panicking persona, he exhibits a dog-like behavior and barking at others when confronted. A battle with him usually calms him down and he then returns to his usual self.


Ai's spells include Beautiful, Gorgeous, Magnificent, Exquisite, and Dazzling, all of which are synonyms relating to prettiness or beauty. In the Japanese version, he says Beautiful in different languages. He also carries a plumb bob in the shape of a small gray cone attached to a string. Although he uses it during his chain animations, he is not shown to be using it outside of battle.


Jay and Elle

The duo like to pull pranks on Ai, such as lacing his dog food with spice, tying a bow on his tail, or just outright making fun on him, much to his dismay.


Ai seems to get along with Risukuma, probably due to their scientific prowess and love for science. The two worked together to repair the Spaceship Tetra and get it to work again.


Character specific mechanics


Pieces Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Dropset 2.png Dropset 3.png Dropset B.png Dropset 4.png Puyo
Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset L.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 4.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset B.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 4.png 12 1 1 2 39


Puyo Pieces Tetrimino
1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 SP
Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset L.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset B.png Dropset TX.png Dropset TX.png Dropset TI.png or Dropset T1.png or Dropset T2.png


  • Like Risukuma, his spell clips consist of a phrase in different languages—in his case, "Beautiful".
    • In the English version, these are changed to synonyms for "Beautiful".



Player Chain
Enemy Attack
Character Select/Match Result
Big Bang/Endless Fever


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