List of Puyo Puyo Box Enemies

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This is a list of characters whose only appearance in a Puyo Puyo game is in Puyo Puyo Box's Puyo Puyo Quest mode.

Burning Soul

Burning Soul is a red wisp with a permanent smile on its face. It is a more powerful version of Will-o-Wisp. It can also appear as an enemy in Madou Monogatari (Saturn).

Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf, as the name implies, is a gray wolf. He wears a gray jacket and blue pants. He can appear in Quest Mode as a random encounter. Gray Wolf is a more powerful version of Lycanthrope.

Tsujigiri Mole

Tsujigiri Mole (also known as Sleeping Samurai or ULTRA Samurai Mole) is a mole in silver samurai armor with permanently closed eyes, seeming asleep even when playing Puyo.

Wood Hunter

Wood Hunter is an alternate version of Archan with blue hair and a white dress.

Yaki Nasu Grave

Yaki Nasu Grave is a slightly purple variation of Nasu Grave.