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Img101107 l.png
Gogotte as he appears in in Puyo Puyo!! Quest
Personal Info
BirthdayOctober 1
Blood typeAB
Notable Appearances
First appearancePuyo Puyo Fever 2
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo!! Quest
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseHisayoshi Suganuma
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Gogotte Steam City Gogotte

Gogotte is a chef living in the Nahe Woods. He was previously a giant, but shrunk himself after drinking a defective concoction.



Gogotte has brown freckled skin, pointed ears, and red hair which sticks out from his uniquely designed hat with a bag attached to it that's typically filled with mushrooms. He does not wear a shirt but has a blue cloth tied in a ribbon around his neck. He wears brown gloves and a brown apron tied around his waist and is barefoot. He typically carries around an iron pot with him as well.


In the short appearances he has, Gogotte seems to have a carefree personality. He seems to only care about offering people such as Raffina and Sig his various concoctions.


  • Files for Gogotte were found in Puyo Puyo ABC, an early prototype for Puyo Puyo!! 15th Anniversary.[1]
  • Gogotte, along with Dark Arle, are the only characters since Puyo Puyo Fever to not re-appear after their debut games.
  • Gogotte speaks with a distinct Chinese accent and his spells are also in Chinese.
  • In the Puyo Puyo Fever 2 official website, it says that Gogotte was actually a giant, but somehow became smaller. The website also says that Gogotte likes honey.


Character specific mechanics


Pieces Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Dropset 2.png Dropset 3.png Dropset B.png Dropset 4.png Puyo
Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset L.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 4.png Dropset 2.png Dropset B.png Dropset 2.png Dropset B.png Dropset 2.png Dropset B.png Dropset 2.png Dropset L.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 4.png 9 2 3 2 44


Puyo Puyo Fever 2

Player Chain
Combo Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
Chain 1 はい、どうぞ! Hai, douzo! Here it is!
Chain 2 苦いかな Nigai kana? Is it bitter?
Chain 3 渋いかな Shibui kana? Is it astringent?
Chain 4 酸っぱいかな Suppai kana? Is it sour?
Chain 5 マオー Maou Ephedra/麻黄 (Chinese)
Repeater トウチュウカソウ Touchuukasou Caterpillar Fungus/冬虫夏草 (Chinese)
Spell 1 ローレル Rooreru Laurel
Spell 2 レイシ Reishi Lingzhi/霊芝 (Chinese)
Spell 3 トリカブート Torikabuto Aconite/鳥兜 (Chinese)
Spell 4 フェンネル Fenneru Fennel
Spell 5 バクモントー Bakumontou 麦門冬 (Chinese)
Enemy Attack
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
Light わっ Wa! Wow!
Heavy うわっ Uwaa! Ahhh!
Character Select/Match Result
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
Character Select 1日3回 食後に1つ! Ichinichi sankai, shokugo-ni hitotsu! Three times a day, after meals!
Win からだにいいよ! Karada-ni ii yo! Good for your health!
Lose 調合失敗… Chougou shippai... Concoction failed...
Fever Mode
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
Entered こうかてきめん! Kouka tekimen! It works immediately!
Succeed のめのめー Nome nome! Drink it up!
Failed ま、まずい… Ma, mazui... Not good...
Japanese Romanization Translation
マッターケー Mattake! Matsutake/松茸 (Chinese)


Puyo Puyo Fever 2

Puyo Puyo!! Quest

Other media


  1. Puyo Puyo ABC YouTube video by ModMamono with Saetta06, retrieved December 4th, 2023