Samurai Mole

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Samurai Mole
Img300802 l.png
Samurai Mole, as he appears in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.
RomanizationSamurai Mo-ru
Personal Info
Notable Appearances
First appearanceMadou Monogatari 123
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo!! Quest
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseTakeshi Aono (Puyo Puyo CD Tsu)

Samurai Mole is a mole dressed in armor and has a katana. He talks in samurai words such as "gozaru" and "itasu".


Madou Monogatari series

Samurai Mole debuted as a random enemy in Madou Monogatari III.

Puyo Puyo Tsu

Samurai Mole resides on the third floor. He and Arle politely introduce themselves in a manner similar to Sasori Man's intro in the first Puyo Puyo.

Puyo Puyo Box

In addition to the standard Samurai Mole, Box contains a more powerful version named Tsujigiri Mole.

Seriri's Happy Birthday

In Seriri's Happy Birthday, Samurai Mole is Seriri's swimming teacher.


Puyo Puyo

Madou Monogatari