Samurai Mole

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Samurai Mole
Img300807 l.png
Samurai Mole, as he appears in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.
RomanizationSamurai Mōru
Personal Info
Notable Appearances
First appearanceMadou Monogatari 3
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo!! Quest
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseTakeshi Aono (Puyo Puyo CD Tsu)
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Samurai Mole

Samurai Mole is a mole dressed in armor and has a katana. He talks in samurai words such as "gozaru" and "itasu".


Madou Monogatari series

Samurai Mole debuted as a random enemy in Madou Monogatari III. He is also a random enemy in Saturn and Tower of the Magician.

Puyo Puyo Tsu

Samurai Mole resides on the third floor. He and Arle politely introduce themselves in a manner similar to Sasori Man's intro in the first Puyo Puyo.

Puyo Puyo Box

In addition to the standard Samurai Mole, Box contains a more powerful version named Tsujigiri Mole.

Seriri's Happy Birthday

In Seriri's Happy Birthday, Samurai Mole is Seriri's swimming teacher.


Puyo Puyo

Madou Monogatari



Puyo Puyo Tsu

All versions
Match Dialogue Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
Appearance 成敗いたす Seibai itasu I'll beat you.
Defeated 降参いたす Kousan itasu Give up.