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Okay so the character template has gotten pretty contentious, I think it's about time we started discussing who should go where.

Let's talk about 3 characters in particular. Dark Arle, Rei, and Chico.

Dark Arle

Dark Arle is a variant character of Arle Nadja: she is physically the exact same person. In Puyo 7, she is designed to be an alternate costume of Arle, sans her chaining power being different. Every other variant character is listed next to their original, sans Possessed Klug, who is unique due to his status as both an alternate take on Klug and a separate playable character from him.

However, she is also partially Ecolo, as that's him possessing Arle in order to form the attack. Ecolo's personality is the one that shines through, ish, though Dark Arle is not quite Ecolo, and definitely not Arle. Other variant characters, again sans Possessed Klug, have the same alignment as their original, but Dark Arle is also a bad guy.

Should we...

  1. Put her next to Ecolo? Which makes sense, because Ecolo is the reason she exists.
  2. Put her next to Arle? Which makes sense, because she is still Arle at the end of the day.
  3. Put her in her own spot in the Antagonists section? Which makes sense, because it would be identical to how Possessed Klug operates.


Rei is to Yu as Oniko is to Onion Pixie and Otomo is to Ocean Prince, and Popoi is to Accord nowadays, and Carbuncle sometimes is to Arle. He isn't quite a playable character outside of Quest, but even in Quest, he isn't really considered a distinct character from Yu (card wise, every one of Rei's cards except two have Yu in them as the focus, and only one doesn't have her). Even in the games, he hardly says or does anything more than Oniko, dialogue wise or story wise, or gameplay wise.

Should we...

  1. Put him next to Yu (Yu & Rei)? Which is consistent with how the games put him, but inconsistent with Oniko and Otomo?
  2. Put him in Minor/NPC? Which makes sense, because it's consistent with Oniko and Otomo, but inconsistent with how he is usually listed (as an extension of Yu).
  3. Split NPC as a different category from Minor, and move characters who have never been playable outside of Quest into there? Fulfills both issues at once, though maybe there's a flaw I don't see. Whether it should go above or below Minor is up for debate.


Chico only has a significant role in one game, and even compared to Arle's other companions, it's rather limited because she doesn't get much time, only four fights away from endgame, and only two you can use her for. That being said, story-wise she is about as important as the Tetra Crew, who are not in the Minor section, and she still is more important to her game than most others, even getting supplementary material that details her daily life.

Should we...

  1. Put her in Minor? Which makes sense, because she is only important in one game for a bit, but is inconsistent with the Tetra Crew.
  2. Put her in Supporting? Which makes sense, because it's consistent with the Tetra Crew, but you could easily argue she's not as important to her game as they are.

(UPDATE: The Tetra Crew now have TWO story significant appearances! So, Chico is most likely a minor character. Jury's still out on Dark and Rei though.)