Ragnus the Brave

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Ragnus the Brave
Lagnus PPT2.png
Ragnus, as he appears in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2
RomanizationYuusha Ragunasu
Other NamesLagnus Bishasi
Chinese 拉格納斯 (Lāgénàsī)
Hangul 라그나스 (Rageunaseu)
Personal Info
BirthdayApril 1
Age17 (normally), 10 (cursed)
(Saturn Madou)
300 (Shin Madou)
Notable Appearances
First appearancePuyo Puyo Sun
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo Tetris 2
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseSakanayasan (Puyo Puyo Sun)
Tomoko Miura (Puyo Puyo~n)
Akira Miki (Puyo Puyo!! Quest-onwards)
(Puyo Puyo Champions)
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Ragnus Powerful Ragnus Vacation Ragnus Ragnus ver. PuyoChron Ragnus ver. Ichiro Ogami Ragnus ver. Shinsengumi Great Hero Ragnus Steam City Ragnus

Ragnus the Brave, also known as Lagnus Bishasi (ラグナス・ビシャシ), is a "Light Warrior" from the world of Gaia. He wields the Reactor Blade and serves as a counterpart to Schezo Wegey and his dark magic. He is 17, but a curse causes him to revert to a ten-year-old. He regains his maturity by leveling up (which clearing Puyo allows him to do), but the effects seem to be only temporary. He has a strong sense of heroic justice, but to an extreme fault at times. Although he debuted in Puyo Puyo Sun, his character is greatly expanded upon between the Shin Madou Monogatari novels and Madou Monogatari (Saturn), in which he plays a central role.



Ragnus has brown hair, brown eyes, and is clad in gold armor, intentionally bearing strong resemblance to classic JRPG heroes. In earlier games, however, his hair was depicted to be black. He wields the Reactor Blade, a long sword that he swings with two hands. Ragnus' age shifts between 17 and 10, the former being his default age. His armor, however, does not scale down to fit his cursed age, leading to him having movement difficulty with his ill-fitted armor.


He has a heroic disposition, not afraid to vanquish the evils of the world. He means well, and is averse to darkness. This aspect of his personality has later been exaggerated to the point of parody, making his heroic tendencies difficult to take seriously. His spirit is mature, but when he ages down, he is prone to throwing bratty fits when he isn't taken seriously.


As a warrior, he exhibits high proficiency in swordsmanship, including techniques such as Combo Attack/Renzoku Kougeki and Ultimate Blow/Kyuukyoku no Ichigeki. He also has access to a myriad of light magic such as Holy Arrow, Mega Rave, and his most powerful attack, Final Cross. However, most of his abilities are stunted the moment he ages down.

Spell Description
Name Effect (Notable) Appearances Element
Mega Rave
Mega Grave (English Champions)
Holy-based magic that casts a sphere of
light magic to the opponent.
Saturn Madou
Puyo Puyo SUN
Chronicle, Champions
Holy Arrow
Holy-based magic in the form of light arrows.
These bombard the target.
Saturn Madou Holy
Light Slash
A holy-charged sword attack.
Ragnus swings his sword imbued with holy
magic and slashes the opponent.
Saturn Madou
Draconic Slash
A slash from the Dragon Sword carved out
of dragon bone. A shockwave erupts from the attack.
Shin Madou Monogatari 7 Physical
Draconic Buster
An enhanced version of Draconic Slash. Ragnus
launches a draconic wave from his sword.
Shin Madou Monogatari 8 Physical
Final Cross
An extremely powerful technique that can
cut the enemy into a cross. An even more powerful
version of Draconic Buster.
Saturn Madou
Ultimate Strike
An extremely powerful physical attack.
Ragnus puts his all into his sword and strikes.
Puyo Puyo SUN
Sutra Woid
Drains the enemy's attack power. Saturn Madou Status
Gaia Healing
Allows Ragnus to heal himself in battle
for more than what Arle's Healing can do.
Saturn Madou Healing
Allows Ragnus to resurrect his teammates.
In its only appearance, he is unable to perform this
ability on himself, though considering Arle is able
to in other games, he may have this ability as well.
Saturn Madou Healing



Ragnus and Arle have a mostly friendly relationship. In Madou Monogatari Saturn, Arle seems to have quite a bit of respect for Ragnus, understanding his vital role in eliminating the Yogs. Ragnus seems to hold Arle to a high level of maturity, as he’s surprised to find out he’s a year older than her. Their relationship in the Shin Madou Monogatari light novels is greatly expanded upon, having an on-off romantic relationship in these. In Minna de Puyo Puyo, Ragnus’ helpful side is shown by him offering to protect Arle when he encounters her initially, even while in his cursed state. Arle rejects this help due to Ragnus being in his kid form, leaving Ragnus annoyed by her disregard for his willingness to try to be heroic, even when cursed. By the release of Puyo Puyo Chronicle, their relationship seems to have been completely changed, as Ragnus seems to be jealous of Arle’s title of the “True Hero”. Arle in Chronicle is unimpressed with Ragnus’ fixation on being a hero who can never lose.


Ragnus and Schezo have a rather unclear relationship. Ragnus sees Schezo as his rival, however, it is unknown what Schezo thinks back. Ragnus is known to be Schezo's counterpart, for the two seem to have much in common. Then again, Schezo does not hate Ragnus- he just thinks he seems a little annoying. In Madou Monogatari Saturn, Ragnus possesses Schezo’s body during several segments in an effort to help Arle and Rulue defeat the Yogs, due to his own body being trapped in a crystal. At several points Ragnus tries to interact with Schezo while in his non-physical form but to no avail, and takes control of Schezo without permission, later on feeling sorrowful he wasn’t able to ask for permission to borrow his body. Due to the large portion of dark magic present in Schezo’s body, Ragnus can only possess him for limited periods in the story.


Being someone who scorns evil, Satan is naturally an enemy of Ragnus. Satan seems to not be particularly fond of Ragnus either, as according to the Puyo Puyo Sun novelisation, he is the one to cast the Hexing magic that causes Ragnus to switch between his younger and older form. In Madou Monogatari Saturn, Satan grants Ragnus the ability to travel between Arle’s universe and his home universe, likely out of gratitude for helping save the world from the Yogs after Satan’s plan with the Yogs goes out of control. In Puyo Puyo Chronicle, Satan mocks Ragnus for being a sore loser, likely due to it being a rare instance where Satan could claim victory over someone with a heroic alignment.


Madou Monogatari (Saturn)

Ragnus and his backstory play a central role in the game's plot, and is questionably the main character, despite the fact Arle is the one being controlled. His starting armor in the game is 100% Light, meaning Dark attacks have no effect. He also has massive Healing capabilities.

At the beginning of the game, he ventures out to the Grand Sealing Tower to finish off the Yoggus, a dimensional creature that was bent on the destruction of his world. The player controls him for a short time at a rather high level of strength. When he reaches the top, he has no choice but to use all of his power to slay the Yoggus. Having thought he brought an end to the ongoing conflict of his world, a portal opened up making him realize the Yogs also exist in many other dimensions. He is then warped to Arle's world, sealed in a crystal by Satan to prevent him from dying, where his soul follows Schezo possessing him every now and then to help Arle and Rulue destroy the Yogs. Later on, when he is found in Arle's world, the effects of his curse finally take place. Due to expending all of his power during his first fight against the Yoggus at the Grand Sealing Tower, he could no longer resist the curse and was turned into a child. After exchanging stories, learning Arle and Rulue were also fending off the same hostile monsters, they agree to help each other.

Once their journey was over, Ragnus is given two presents from Satan. One of these presents is a pendent named Azorecrack, which lets him travel back and forth from his world to Satan's world. The other present is left unknown to the player, but Ragnus' reaction to it and Satan's words indicate it being of high importance. It is also noted by the ending that he is the one telling Arle of the story that covers the Grand Sealing Tower from the prologue of the game.

Puyo Puyo Sun

In Puyo Puyo Sun, Ragnus was faced in both Arle and Schezo's stories. In Arle's story, Arle finds him killing a Puyo in order to level up. He then, much to Arle's dumb luck, challenges her to Puyo, only to have his pants fall down. In Schezo's story, Ragnus is still a teenager when he arrives (due to Arle's encounter with him earlier). Ragnus, probably knowing that Schezo is a dark warrior/wizard, charges him, but Schezo dodges. The failed attack shrinks Ragnus back into a kid again, and Schezo pokes fun at him. Ragnus then starts to have a fit and challenges Schezo.

Puyo Puyo~n

In Puyo Puyo~n, Ragnus is not part of the plot. However, he's featured in promotional group art, suggesting he was at least considered. He cameos in the Mission Mode (Nazo Puyo), where he appears in the last missions on the Normal difficulty. Winning the last mission turns him into a kid. He has only 1-2 voice clips compared to the others (except for other fellow cameos like Minotauros and Honey Bee).

In the Gameboy Color Pocket Puyo Puyo~n however, Ragnus is playable and can be challenged as a computer opponent in one of the single player modes, using a prototype design for his fighting pixel art (also only appearing in his kid form). He reuses his Puyo Puyo SUN voice clips.

Puyo Puyo Box

Ragnus, in the Quest mode, appears as the hint-giving service in the second town, directing Arle as to what to do next for the next medal. He can be challenged after defeating Harpy for some equipment. In Rally mode, two versions of him exist: one that fights with SUN rules, and one that fights with Yon rules.

Minna de Puyo Puyo

Here, Arle crosses paths with Ragnus again. Ragnus offers to protect Arle from the Dangers of Satan's castle. However, Ragnus is in his kid form, and Arle mistakes him for a child playing pretend. This angers Ragnus, so they fight another Puyo match.

Later on, he appears in the Trial Labrynth, explaining that the place is for those who wish to level up. He also explains that everyone Arle faces in the Labrynth is a illusion. He too, is an illusion. This leaves Arle in a confused state, and their 3rd and final story Puyo match together ensues.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle

In Puyo Puyo Chronicle, Ragnus is first found at Purplune Aqueduct, claiming he is a hero, in spite of Arle being the prophesied hero. He does not take the news well, challenging Arle and her group to prove himself, only to be defeated. He is later found in the final dungeon of the game, where he finds Arle and battles her again. After losing the first battle, he runs off further up the tower, to be found and battled again later, after the second battle, Ragnus will join your party. He is the last main game party member you get, and as such, joins with the highest level.

Ragnus can only be played in story mode and Skill Battle, and cannot be chosen in any other game mode.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Ragnus was released as a playable character on the March 4th, 2021 update alongside Harpy, Legamünt, and Rozatte.


  • Ragnus is the first character in the Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo franchise to hail from a parallel universe to that of Arle.
  • Ragnus is one of the few Puyo characters to appear in a Madou game after his Puyo debut.
  • Ragnus' Birthday is April 1st, which is also April Fools day.
    • This may coincide with Ragnus' running gag of being mistaken for a child or being humiliated during his cutscenes.
  • Ragnus has appeared in two games where he was only depicted in his kid form. However, both of them were on Game Boy family handhelds, and both of them featured reused SUN voice clips.
  • In the Waku Waku Puyo Dungeon manga, it is revealed that Ragnus has some form of dissociative identity disorder.
    • He has 3 alters in total, the original Ragnus, a child Ragnus, and a childish, fun loving and rude Ragnus
  • Ragnus is one of the few characters in Quest with more than one set of voice clips, the others being Niji Iruka and Gnome.
    • This is because he is depicted in both his kid form (original ☆3) and adult form (all other rarities) in this game.
    • Ragnus is the only character that is not a Quest-original character to do so.
  • Despite being a Light Warrior and opposite counterpart to Schezo, he is assigned the Purple color in Quest and Quest Arcade, typically associating with darkness and the same color as Schezo.
  • Quest's Great Hero Ragnus card may be a reference to the title he bore in Shin Madou Monogatari Gaiden, as its kanji spelling almost completely matches that of the novels.
  • Between Madou Monogatari Saturn and Puyo Puyo Box, it is shown that Ragnus has an affinity for drawing pictures. In Saturn, there are storyboards of his backstory drawn by him, and Box features him running a help desk with a crudely hand-drawn sign.
  • Alternate voice notes:
    • In Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 he speaks in a more villainous tone, slightly resembling Satan's voice. Akira Miki, Ragnus's voice actor, explained on Twitter that it was requested in that way because "Ragnus is a light warrior".
      • In the English dub, he adopts an Australian accent.


Puyo Puyo


Madou Monogatari

Character profiles

Img270803 l.png See the respective PPQ-namespace card pages of Lagnus for the character's in-game description in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.
Game Description
Puyo Puyo Champions "An otherworldly hero who's been turned into a child. Upright, valiant,
and reliable, but acts like a kid in crucial moments."
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 "A hero from another dimension who mysteriously took on a child's form.
He's reliable and has a strong sense of justice."

Character-specific mechanics

Puyo Puyo/Tetris

Game Mode
PPT2 English Logo.png PPT2 Tet.png


Pieces Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Dropset 2.png Dropset 3.png Dropset B.png Dropset 4.png Puyo
Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset L.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 4.png Dropset 2.png Dropset J.png Dropset 2.png Dropset B.png Dropset 2.png Dropset L.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 4.png Dropset 2.png 10 3 1 2 41

Identical to that of Schezo, however, he shares his attack power with Maguro.


Puyo Pieces Tetrimino
1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 SP
Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset L.png Dropset 2.png Dropset J.png Dropset B.png Dropset TX.png Dropset TX.png Dropset TJ.png or Dropset T1.png or Dropset T2.png

Super attack

Pocket Puyo Puyo~n
13-Hard Drop: The opponent receives 6 Hard Puyo.
Puyo Puyo Box
Slice: Erase every odd row of the player's Puyo, with the bottom-most row counting as Row 1.


Puyo Puyo SUN/Pocket Yo~n/Minna

Everything spoken in his adult voice for these games will be marked in purple.

Player Chain
Chain Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
1 たぁ! Taa! Hyah!
2 このぉー Kono! This...!
3 連続攻撃 Renzoku Kougeki Combo Attack
4 レベルアップ Reberu Appu Level Up
5 食らえ Kurae! Take this!
6 メガレイブ Mega Reibu Mega Rave
7 究極の一撃! Kyuukyoku-no Ichigeki! Ultimate Blow!
Enemy Attack
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
Light あつっ! Atsu! Ow!
Heavy なんだと!! Nan-da to!! How!?
Character Select/Match Result
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
Character Select 勇者に敗北はない! Yuusha-ni, haiboku wa nai! Defeat means nothing to a hero!
Win 後はまかせろ! Ato-wa makasero! Leave the rest to me!
Lose まだ、負けるわけには… Mada, makeru wake-ni-wa... No, I can't possibly afford to lose yet...


Mission Mode
Mission Mode Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
Appearance いざ、参る! Iza, mairu! Have at you!
Mission Failure 後はまかせろ! Ato-wa makasero! Leave the rest to me!

Chronicle (Skill Battle-exclusive) / Tetris 2

Player Chain
Chain Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Chain 1 たぁ Taa! Yah!
Yeah! (Alt. voice)
Chain 2 とりゃ Torya! Hyah!
Yah! (Alt. voice)
Chain 3 この Kono... This... Come here!
Chain 4 えいっと Ei-tto. Alright!
Repeater アタック! Atakku! Attack!
Counter 反撃! Hangeki! Counterattack!
Spell 1 スラッシュ Surasshu Slash
Spell 2 連続攻撃 Renzoku Kougeki Combo Attack
Spell 3 食らえ Kurae! Take this!
Spell 4 メガレイブ Mega Reibu Mega Rave
Spell 5 究極の一撃! Kyuukyoku-no Ichigeki! Ultimate Blow!
Tetris Line Clear テトリス! Tetris!
Enemy Attack
Damage Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Light あつっ! Atsu! Ow! Oof!
Ow! (Alt. voice)
Heavy なんだと!! Nan-da to!! How!? What!?
Crikey! (Alt. Voice)
Fever Mode/Big Bang
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Entered これでもくらえ! Kore-demo kurae! Eat this!
Success よし! Yoshi! Alright!
Failed しまった! Shimatta! Darn it! What?
Big Bang 熱い、熱いぞ! Atsui, atsui zo! Here comes the heat! I feel it! I feel the heat!
Light attack てやっ Teya! Hah!
Severe attack 大ダメージ! Dai dameeji! Great damage! Take that!
Win これでどうだ! Kore-de dou da! How's that! How was that!?
Light damage うわぁ! Uwaa! Gah! Oh!
Severe damage 負けるものか... Makeru mono ka... I will not lose...!
Lose 卑怯だぞ! Hikyou-da zo! No fair! Coward!
Match Start and Result
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Character Select 勇者に敗北はない! Yuusha-ni, haiboku wa nai! Defeat means nothing to a hero! A hero ALWAYS prevails!
Win 後はまかせろ! Ato-wa makasero! Leave the rest to me! You may trust in my power.
Lose まだ、負けるわけには… Mada, makeru wake-ni-wa... No, I can't possibly afford to lose yet... I can’t… lose…
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Match Start ぷよぷよで行く
Puyo Puyo deiku
Tetorisu deiku
Here I go, Puyo Puyo / Tetris. I choose Puyo Puyo!
I choose Tetris!
Swap 変化する Henka suru. Time to change.
Swap while in disadvantage 屈するものか... Kussuru mono ka... Never surrender...! I will not yield!
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Power-up item 回復アイテム! Kaifuku aitemu! Recovery item!
Offensive item 攻撃アイテム! Kougeki aitemu! Offensive item!
Getting multiple items at once アイテム全開! Aitemu zenkai! Item full force! Use all items!
Topped out 戻ったぞ! Modotta zo! I'm back!
Win これが勇者だ! Kore-ga yuusha da! This is how a hero should be! I'm the hero!
Be a runner-up まあまあってところか Maamaa-tte tokoro ka. I guess that'll do. Mediocre...
Lose (う、) 嘘だろ!? (U,) uso daro!? N-no way! Oh, you're kidding!
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Mix Chain ミックス連鎖! Mikkusu Rensa! Mix Chain!
Tetris Plus テトリスプラス! Tetorisu Purasu! Tetris Plus!
Chaining by a Tetrimino crushing Puyo ツイてるようだな Tsuiteru you da na. How lucky. Luck is with me!
Skill Battle (Tetris 2)
Activated skill Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Tetromino Change これを受け取れ! Kore-o uketore! (Here,) take this!
Heal 勇者の加護だ! Yuusha-no kago da! Providence of the hero! Hero's protection!
Unused 共に戦う Tomo-ni tatakau. I'll join the fray. I'll fight by your side!
Assemble! 味方をするぞ Mikata-o suru zo. I'll help. We do this as allies!
System Startup
Result Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation
Boot Up - Sega, unused セガ! Sega!
Boot Up - Tetris テトリス! Tetorisu! Tetris!
Title Screen ぷよぷよテトリス 2! Puyo Puyo Tetorisu Tsu! Puyo Puyo Tetris 2!

eSports (Champions)

Player Chain
Combo Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
20+ Chain A 覚悟しろ! Kakugo shiro! Prepare yourself!
20+ Chain B とどめだ! Todome da! It's over! I'm ending this!
Counter これで終わりだ! Kore-de owari da! This is the end!
Chain 1 勇者は負けない! Yuusha-wa makenai! A hero never loses!
Chain 2 ライトスラッシュ Raito Surasshu Light Slash
Chain 3 ファイナルクロス Fainaru Kurosu Final Cross
Spell 4 メガレイブ Mega Reibu Mega Rave Mega Grave
Spell 5 究極の一撃! Kyuukyoku-no Ichigeki! Ultimate Blow! My ultimate strike!
Enemy Attack
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Light あつっ! Atsu! Ow! Ugh...
Heavy なんだと!! Nan-da to!! How!? What the...!?
Character Select/Match Result
Results Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Character Select 勇者に敗北はない! Yuusha-ni, haiboku wa nai! Defeat means nothing to a hero! A hero ALWAYS prevails!
All Clear これでもくらえ! Kore-demo kurae! Eat this!
Win 後はまかせろ! Ato-wa makasero! Leave the rest to me! You may trust in my power!
Lose まだ、負けるわけには… Mada, makeru wake-ni-wa... No, I can't possibly afford to lose yet... I can't... lose...!
Fever Mode
Combo Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Entered いざ、参る! Iza, mairu! Have at you! The time has come!
Succeed よし! Yoshi! Alright!
Failed なんだと… Nan-da to... What...?


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