Madou Monogatari Fanbook: Illustration & Others

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Madou Monogatari Fan Book
Madoufunbook cover.jpg
Cover artwork
PublisherASCII (First edition)
Reissue Dot Com (復刊ドットコム) (Reprint)
Release dateJapan March 1, 1999
(First edition)
Japan October 14, 2017
ISBN978-4757202757 (First edition)
978-4835455242 (Reprint)

Madou Monogatari Fan Book ― Illustration & Others ( 魔導物語ファンブック―イラストレーション&アザーズ ) is a compilation of illustrations and concept art by Compile artist Ichi.


This book contains over 90 pages of illustrations and concept artwork by Ichi, one of the most well-known artists for Compile. The book also contains comics and a revised version of the True Madou Monogatari timeline conceived by Kenji Oda.


  • ファンブック (Fan bukku) can be read as "fun book" or "fan book".


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